OMG Higby looks at the VS MAX stats and admits to them!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by treeHamster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. freeze

    it has a maximum range of 700, is pretty much pinpoint accurate and has a a varying projectile speed of 600-800 m/s
  2. Get2dachoppa

    Las0m: PVP gamers are funny
    Las0m: they don't use stuff unless it's obviously OP

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  3. TestyVenom

    Give this person a round of applause for identifying what the Magrider is better at than the other tanks! The Magrider is meant to be at a damage and projectile speed disadvantage (compared to the Vanguard), but is itself more maneuverable, stable, and accurate. For instance, if you take a Magrider up close against a Vanguard, you should lose; far away and you should win if you are a moderately decent shot. In the right hands, a Magrider can be the most effective anti-armor tank and the second best anti-infantry tank (Prowler is the best anti-infantry). However, I'm not saying the Magrider should be changed in any way. The handling of the tanks and the primary weapons should stay as they are. Now they just need to balance the secondaries a bit more.
  4. TestyVenom

    Wrong type of MMO. Original statement was very accurate.
  5. TestyVenom

    I like how that guy is using pre-nerf footage as an argument. What a joke! LOL
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  6. Ronin Oni

    No, ALL pvp gamers of all genres always flock to whatever is OP.

    This is a hard fact that is ever present since the dawn of online gaming.
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  7. treeHamster

    You're kidding right? The terribly slow bullet speed combined with the fact it's a bright blue ball means if you're getting hit by it, it's either because it's not rendering (in which case you should be moving anyway) or you're asleep at the wheel. People only field Mag's because they have more health than Lightnings. Heck at least the shield on the Vanguard is useful. The Magburn is only useful for an extra boost here and there during long range travel.

    The Saron got squashed to where it's a crappy long range option which means the primary and secondaries don't even match up in their purposed engagement zones. I've been trying to Saron gun for the Mag since the change and I can say while it's easier to shoot infantry and ESF's, it's terrible at what it was suppose to be for originally, a long range AP option which is exactly what the Magrider is suppose to be for, a long range AV platform.
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  8. Caydn

    From what Ive seen the vanu whine the most in the forums , the vanu max did need a buff I agree on that not sure if its to op as some people say now I just wish the devs would get things right when they introduce things the first time instead of all these nerf and need a buff threads all the freaking time.
  9. IronWarrior

    Did you read the first post and did you click the link and read what Higby said? If so.. there.
  10. Spookydodger

    No, I mean like faction wide stats for different things. I saw what Higby said, and he contradicted himself within the same conversation. Said that they KDR was high before for VS MAXes, and now was only slightly higher, and then later said that the VS MAX was now 3.5 and before it was like 2.8.

    I was specifically looking for like how to see the combined KDR of a particular weapon, faction wide, for example.
  11. Badname0192

    Wait you're hearing fictional members of a fictional government/faction/group? Someone needs meds.
  12. TestyVenom

    Wrong argument, bro. Get your head in the game!
  13. Purg

    I would say that along with the feedback when the Magriders were nerfed. I have the Lancer and the Vortex, by far the best ESRL and MAX AV weapons IMO. Just need to squash the few bugs they have that can make them irritating to use.

    What's funny to me is the people who are up in arms about a frivolous comment.
  14. Bastid721

    what's even funnier..ppl complaining period.
    just quit if you dont like ****...easiest and most effective way of letting a company know your stance.
  15. d3adline

    yeah, lets give the max an ability to move like regular infantry,
    but give it just to VS, and now 30% of their army consists out of 10k hp units who dodge decimators like quake 3 arena pros...
    what could possibly go wrong?
  16. Bastid721

    nothing wrong here, i kill vs max just as easily as before.
  17. Bastid721

    the glow actually makes it a ton easier vs their OP standard infantry uniform....since when did vs infantry colors turn BLACK?
  18. Goretzu

    Try being an NC pilot. :eek:
  19. Bastid721

    or how bout lets give strikers to OHK us VS MAX.
  20. Xasapis

    You're on Miller, did you see any change in the VS population? And 4th factioners moved to VS due to zoe?

    I don't think people in general consider zoe as good as you do.