OMG Higby looks at the VS MAX stats and admits to them!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by treeHamster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. i4PLAY

    Wait, let me see if I got this right. So this Las0m person is Higby, the creative director of this game? And he makes such statements in public?
    Talk about being unprofessional.
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  2. Cryptek

    Possibly because THEY ******* DON'T.

    The walk faster sure.. But adrenal pump makes your sprint faster and guess what, ZOE MAX sprints exactly at the same speed as a normal infantryman, therefor being slower than adrenal pump.
  3. Revanmug

    And that got nerf too and pretty hard. I guess you agree ZOE has to be nerf as well.
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  4. HeadshotVictim

    they strafe faster than infantry.
    And they run "only" as fast as infantry... ever tried to c4 running infantry? nevermind.

    A few things I want to point out here:
    1) this happened all in a BioLab in hugging distance and people actually ran into a shotgun (where Shotguns excel)
    2) the vid is 7 mins long not 30 mins, so it not clear if this kill streak keeps on going

    I know that this will all be dismissed by: Hacksaws are imba
    but please look at the video I posted earlier and look at how the ZOE max took out two NC maxes with shotguns single handedly at the same time just strafing ADAD at the doorway...
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  5. S0LAR15

    That strafing speed is still not faster than infantry sprinting, plus ADAD is just strafing with the ZOE, not warping like people like to claim.
  6. HeadshotVictim

    I remain silent and await the nerf if you don't mind.
    I am sure it will come and I hope it will be belancing things. (emphasis on BALANCE! I don't want anything nerfed to uselessness. But a MAX without any drawbacks is just a bit too much. The "additionally taken dmg" doesn't seem to do anything as far as I can say from my experience.)
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  7. S0LAR15

    If you can't hit running infantry, well you got problems and ZOE isn't one of them.
  8. treeHamster

    With the strafe speed clipped the MAX feels really sluggish when you strafe and yet I'm sure JUST as many TR and NC will die and they will STILL whine about it.

    They added momentum for a problem that nobody could manage to come up with any video evidence even existed.
  9. HeadshotVictim

    with C4.
    I thought that would be clear...
  10. chrisbeebops

    They still are whining, check the general discussion forum. :p
  11. S0LAR15

    You shouldn't be trying to use C4, when it dies to bullets so much easier as to be viably killed with plain old guns, that everyone carries.
  12. HeadshotVictim

    oh what fun it would be if every faction would get this lovely ZOE feature... the hate on the forums would be incredible I guess...
    But as a VS you don't have to fight ZOE maxes... sdo I take it that you never actually tried it...

    (FFS: I said I wouldn't reply here any more... I will stop now... insult me as much as you want. I won't come back here to respond. Promised!)
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  13. treeHamster

    Oh I know. I'm tired of flying in my Scythe and getting ***** by mediocre Reaver pilots with an Airhammer when my PPA can't even hit an ESF without a lot of luck and I can easily pod an ESF to death in a dog fight.

    Or the other countless problems with the Scythe that make it third place in every category except for ramming infantry (and AB nose diving apparently as though that has any usefulness in this game with the 1000m flight ceiling and a ground level that averages 300m). I have asked for the Scythe to simply be fixed in the places it's suppose to excel but tons of TR and NC saying it's just fine when there is video evidence that it's broken. And clearly last place in every category (which is why you don't find any dedicated pilots flying the Scythe but you see plenty in Reavers and Mossies).

    The TR and NC whined like little brats without ever getting any actual evidence (because there wasn't a problem in the game mechanics) and get their way.
  14. illgot

    I can be an idiot, I am not a developer who insults 1/3rd of his playerbase by saying "they don't use stuff unless it is obviously OP".

    I am a player and allowed to be as much of an *** an idiot as I want. I am not a developer who should try and maintain being objective and smart enough to look at more than just the k/d ratio.
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  15. Separatists

    vs maxes were always good, especially with the messed up stats for the cosmos pre-ZOE :rolleyes:
  16. Posse

    Just a few things.

    The statement that the VS MAX had better K/D than the TR and NC MAX pre-GU09 doesn't imply it was better or even equal to them. Prior to the ScatMAX nerf, the VS MAX was clearly worse than the NC MAX and slightly worse than the TR MAX, after all those MAX weapons rebalances, at least in my opinion, the NC MAX was still slightly better than TR MAX which was still slightly better than the VS MAX because the ScatMAX was still effective, and both TR and NC had a much better new AV weapon than the VS. Now, why did the VS MAX have a better K/D?

    1) The perception that the VS MAX was a complete crap, this affected in 2 ways:

    -Lower skilled players didn't bother with them (which is compatible with the fact that it was the least used MAX as Higby said), the skilled players, even when recognizing it was the worst MAX, still saw it as a useful MAX which could net you a ton of kills if used correctly (and it was indeed effective). Less lower skilled players using it = Better K/D, the logic there is not that hard.

    -The reaction of the enemy when facing a VS MAX: While everytime we run into a ScatMAX our reaction is either to **** or try to go around and C4 him or something like that (probably the same reaction when running into the TR MAX). But what happened when TR/NC ran into the suppossedly crappy VS MAX in a 1v1? They thought they could defeat him, so they stayed to fight and die, which contributes to a better K/D for the VS MAX.

    2) AA/AI proportions: I think everyone agrees bursters are damn good, this argument holds based on the following assumptions (I don't really have proof it's that way so it's just speculation):

    -AA MAX has a better K/D in average than AI MAX for all 3 factions.
    -The ratio of "time as AA MAX / time as AI MAX" was way higher for VS than for TR and NC.

    If both these assumptions are correct, then the VS MAX would have a better K/D thanks to a bigger weight of the AA MAX in the average.

    Now you may ask, why did the K/D boost for the VS MAX if now everyone (including noobs) is using it. There are a few reasons:

    1) ZOE is a really good skill, no doubt about it, probably everyone using it has a better K/D than pre-ZOE, no point denying it, that doesn't make it gamebreaking though.

    2) It's way easier to use than before because of the movement speed.

    3) The number of engineers supporting VS MAXes after GU09 grew A LOT.

    4) It's way more effective as AV and AA MAX now, this is the same for the lockdown MAX though.

    My perception is that the 3rd reason has a lot more to do with it than the first 2 for the AI scenario, I got the same huge kill streaks pre-ZOE that I get now when I have a good engineer supporting me. Since a lot of people play in unorganized platoons or soloing, the fact that they now have an engineer supporting them most of the time is by itself a HUGE boost to their K/D.

    P.S.: I'd like to see the TR/NC K/D ratios before/after GU09, too bad Higby didn't mention that.
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  17. PS2Freak

    higby clearly knows and look more into then you think..

    and who are you tell how one SHOULD think or say ?

    and if what he says is not true then there is no need to be "insulted" longer then 15 seconds.

    but i am sure you go on with this "insult one third" .. because you are pis*ed of your private reasons.
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  18. Sebastien

    That's because they learned their lesson when it comes to making changes.
    "Should" is the operative word.
    This is turning into a Vanu circle-jerk over Higby

    Are you saying it doesn't have unlimited range, pinpoint accuracy, and an instant projectile?
  19. TestyVenom

    You have to be really bad to not think that the Magrider is a great tank. Same with the ZOE MAX. VS easily have some of the best weapons in the game right now.
  20. treeHamster

    I've played with the Vanny, Prowler, and Magrider. While the Maggy is easier to shoot at long range when moving, the sluggish turning, fixed barrel, slow physical movement speed, terrible bullet speed, limited vertical pitch on the main barrel, and crap damage on the main barrel make me like playing the Vanny or Prowler more. The only good part about playing the Magrider is the fact that it's easier to shoot while on the move but that one good thing doesn't outweight all the downside it faces vs the other two tanks.