OMG Higby looks at the VS MAX stats and admits to them!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by treeHamster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. SinerAthin

    What's so OP about ZOE?

    I beat them all the time when I play my Scatmax, it's redicilous how fast they go down xD
  2. ManualReplica

    And fun things are fun, and people die when they are killed.
  3. Eclipson

    Wheres my Lancer equivalent?
  4. rickampf

    At least he admits that ZOE is blatant OP. I remember the huge exodus of VS players after the first Magrider nerf... Higby tells the truth.
  5. DasHenne

    I quite dislike how he jumps to the conclusion that VS have not been using the Max only because he didn't seem OP before ZOE. There have been numerous reasons why people dislike using the VS maxes before ZOE.
  6. Canaris

    also undo the Mercy Max nerf and we got a deal ;)
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  7. IronWarrior

    Oh you played in Beta, you must know everything!!!

    Yet again, you share no stats or data to back anything you say and expect everyone to believe your wild and silly speculation that the VS only used a Max for AA. You further try to strengthen your argument by resorting to personal attacks that again has been reported.

    If you can't defend your specualtions without resulting to childist insults then you have no place here.
  8. Stingrayl

    **** I just bought the second AA gun for my MAX.... dawn it.
  9. DasHenne

    Well... to be fair I imagine it would be quite hard to get that data and so he pretty much has to rely on experience and the overall experiences of people he knows.
    Personally I would agree with him and say that SOE has misinterpreted data here. Before the ZOE upgrade I have very very rarely ever seen a number of VS Maxes fighting infantery that would have been comparable to what the TR or the NC have been fielding.
  10. chrisbeebops

    I think most VS would rather have a lockon launcher with an extremely short lockon time, can hit aircraft and armor from 500m away, and fires 5 missiles capable of following their targets forever and traveling around and through terrain. :p

    Seriously now though, the Lancer is pretty good in its current state. I like it. It definitely has a place on the battlefield as a long-range AV launcher. Most of the people complaining about it are using it as a replacement for a short-range dumbfire like the Decimator, which is definitely not its intended role. I wouldn't be surprised that it is the least used launcher since it is situational and I only equip it myself when it is needed.

    The Vortex by comparison is a piece of junk. In exchange for pulling my MAX, I would hope dual Vortex would at least be more effective than a HA with the Lancer. But its not. Instead I get something that does much less damage, has far lower projectile speed, and I can't look ADS with iron sights in a MAX so it has a much lower effective range than Lancer. And forbid I ever have to shoot at infantry to defend myself using the Vortex the damage is so pathetic, I'm better off running right at them to MAX Punch.

    The Lasher is the worst of all. The only thing it is good at is getting weapons lock.
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  11. IronWarrior

    And this is the point, player experience.

    I see VS pulling Maxes before Zoe and in large numbers.
  12. Dvine

    I play since the beta and actually been here all the way, I dont know "everything" I have experience.. There is a difference you know!

    Oh dear jesus at least pelase pretend like youre arguing with my points instead of pulling ad hominem chickenouts and reportng me for "personal attacks" multiple times. I thought I saw all the lowest forms of forum arguing techniques through the last 10+ years of MMO history, but man you stick out with the "I report you if I dont agree with you" shenigans.

    If you try to convince anyone who played this game pre-GU9, that VS had a comparable non-AA max experience like TR/NC then be my guest! I'll be here waiting!!!!
  13. Jadith

    I like how he insults a third of the playerbase.

    I really try to stay positive about this game, but every patch makes me wonder wtf is wrong with Higby. When, exactly, did he stop giving a ****? Every patch just seems to be moving the game sideways, any 'improvement' they make in this game is sideways at best. Oh, well, plenty of other **** out there to play, I guess.
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  14. TeknoBug

    Wasn't that around the same time the warpgate rotation started? VS got the SE corner.
  15. Oneth

    Before the upgrades to blue shifts, I feel most of the VS max pulls were indeed Dual Burster maxes. I know that's all I pulled mine for and my outfit on Waterson, XoO, spent many hours farming aircraft on cliff tops, thus giving me a great KDR as a max. Once blueshift (among others) and all 3 armors got buffed our KDR as all MAX types probably went up. I have ZoE level 5 and once had a nice string of 17 kills before finally goi g down, but that was with auto repair, blueshifts, and NOT activating zoe while shooting at enemies (take too much damage for my tastes).
  16. PS2Freak

    Ah, the illgot, because of 10.000 certs cap and your hording illness, you refuse to play more then 1-2 clases - now on the war path against devs

    Now you got really the vision for balance.

    "or he is just an idiot who refuses to look at the whole picture."

    or you yourself are idiot who refuse to look at the whole picture. (feels fine to be called names? enjoy your own medicine)
  17. IronWarrior

    I don't care that you played in Beta personally, many of us did, but you throw it around like it gives you weight.

    The second part is full of bad English, so no offense but I skipped that part. The second part. You don't have the right to throw insults at people like they are public service workers, to be honest, the moment you did you lost all credibility and respect, through I never give respect to anyone unless they do something to earn it, but that's a other thing...

    The fact is still on the table. Higby has said the K/D for VS Maxes was 2.6 which jumped to 3.5 on top of that fact that the usage of VS Maxes doubled. Why did it double? Because the ZOE Max was OP'ed to hell with ZOE even through it was very strong before, you can deny this all you want, but the stats are there.

    Unless you or someone else can share some stats then, you haven't a leg to stand on.
  18. Oneth

    I have to agree with you on this one. I find it rather disheartening and disappointing to see how he views the faction I chose to play. I'm glad its a development team and not one person. I mean this is the same person that tested out the magrider nerf complaints and said it seemed fine to him. He saw no reason the magrider should be able to go places his vanguard couldn't. Nevermind the mag description itself states the mag goes places the others can't. And before anyone says the original mag version was OP please note its basicaly back to its original version, it seems more balanced because the UP vanguard and prowler got the buffs they needed to be viable.
  19. Spookydodger

    One statement is not independent of the other.

    There are two reasons the KDR of the VS MAX could be higher than the other MAXes **besides** being simply better (because I used them, and they were generally only useful as shields for others, so I can't imagine them being better).

    • Either because they were so hard to do well with, compared to TR chain-type cannons or NC shotgun maxes, that they were only piloted by the few people who were gods in them.


    • They were generally only used for bursters, which have a pretty high KD ratio, especially since the AA changes of 3+ months ago.
    Because the only really decent weapon at anything beyond 20 meters is the Comet, and that has only been for half the time. The nebulae was ok for a while and then got to pretty good, but only for very close targets and paled in comparison to the NC MAX shotguns in raw killing power. Better sustained firepower, but that usually isn't as important because MAXes rarely don't have engineer support.
    My bet is on the predominance of burster use pulling up the KD ratio. In a typical biolab fight before ZOE I would usually see 2 MAX users out of about 30 players, where as on TR and NC I would see perhaps 8 and up to 15 out of 30 using MAXes.
  20. Vixxing

    Amazed that you got it! (and in only 4 tryes or so...)
    Also amazed that you are stunned about anyone else's stupidity...
    Less amazed when people with awesome lock-on-launcher-of-death, whines about not being able to hit infantery-speed moving giant purple glowing robots with dumbfire weapons...