OMG Higby looks at the VS MAX stats and admits to them!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by treeHamster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. treeHamster

    He admits he sees the stats and drew the same conclusion as most of the VS about the VS MAX's! (~1/4 of the way down)

    Now lets see if they're fair with the change to ZOE or if he bows to the whiny brats that fill the ranks of the NC and TR, nerfing ZOE into oblivion as they did with the Maggy.
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  2. Tommyp2006

    Las0m: VS players are funny
    Las0m: they don't use stuff unless it's obviously OP

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  3. mooman1080

    I'm pretty sure that was a jab at the lancer complaints.
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  4. Kevorkian

    VS max use doubled, and average kd went from 2.8 to 3.5 during the release of ZOE. Yup didn't need a nerf. :rolleyes:

    Here's hoping they don't nerf it into the ground. All factions deserve a viable max.
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  5. Badname6587

    VS players dont use things unless they are obviously OP...

    Tell us something we already didnt know.
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  6. bodmans

    lol, what were NC maxes KDR prenerf?
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  7. treeHamster

    I definitely think it was a jab at the Vortex's and Lancer's because nobody would buy those at release (Vortex's are still quite rare and Lancers are not common).

    The reality is that the VS (at least on Mattherson) don't really ever provide support to each other unless they're in a squad/platoon/outfit together. Otherwise, more than 2/3 of the players simply won't help you. It's why TR and NC vehicles roam freely throughout VS territory without ever dying. It's why I have to yell everyday multiple times a day, to "SHOOT THE MOSSIE/REAVER", because they refuse to play a support role that may require them to help someone else out.

    So you never really saw VS MAX's before because you couldn't ever count on an engy resupplying/repairing you or a medic reviving you if you went down (unless you were doing squad play that is). The TR and NC don't seem to face the same issue so they pull them all the time. Try playing a MAX without support 90% of the time and you'll quit playing it too. ZOE just made it possible to solo a few kills before going down which you normally couldn't do without support (in a normal MAX).
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  8. Kevorkian

    They went from 2.8 pre-ZOE to 3.5 average. So pro players I'm sure were rocking out redonkulous kds.
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  9. PurpleOtter

    Tell you what, give the NC back their pre nerf ScatMAX's, the VS get to keep the ZO(E)idberg MAX's and the TR get all the buffs of lock down without having to actually lock down! Deal?
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  10. NightFallz998

    LOL higby accidentally forgets to mention
    -KDR of NC maxes
    -there's less VS maxes before max abilities, so only good players used VS maxes at all, therefore the high KDR
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  11. theholeyone

    as opposed to hack maxes, when NC players just went 'no, no it would be unfair for us to spam those' :eek:
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  12. bodmans

    dude, did you lose your glasses? i said NC maxes, what were NC MAXES KDR pre-nerf?
  13. Sian

    He also implied that most of that difference was due to the warping of un-fixed MAX momentum, which will hopefully be patched tonight.
    Look, I understand how the thing might appear, but the movement (and unintentional ADADADADAD warping) is the real buff with the ZOE and the reason for the bumped K/D, along with an entire faction suddenly using the thing when it was all but ignored before.
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  14. Bavieca

    are these stats he quoted visable? he said that the VS maxes were already the highest KDR before ZOE came out. He probably wasn't talking about before the NC maxes got nerfed.
  15. Kevorkian


    Higby didn't give NC numbers, but he said VS max actually had the highest kd pre-ZOE, even though it was used the least. I'm guessing NC maxes kill the most, but also die the most, just by sheer usage. The more noobs you have pulling a max, the lower the average kd goes.
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  16. treeHamster

    I only really strafe when fighting other MAX's. Otherwise I normally charge straight at the infantry and my KDR pre ZOE was like 2 now when I'm not going after vehicles it's easily 4.5 with every 3rd or 4th pull having a kill streak of 10-15.

    P.S. I run the Quasar on the left and Nebula on the right, neither have extended mags.
  17. EnviousCipher

    Why don't you ask Higby himself?
  18. Sian

    Maybe they're frightened of your sparkles.
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  19. Bavieca

    yeah, this is why they shouldn't screw with anything else until after they fix that warping. Funny how now that people know it causes warping you see people running that macro all the damned time. However, he seemed to be implying the 2.8 was already high, so maybe they never nerfed it because not enough players were using it at the time? I would love to see the stats over time. NC max pre and post nerf, tr max over time, vs max over time.
  20. Badname6587

    NC maxes post nerf are not that great unless you are stupid enough to engage them face to face within 8 meters. With the addition of the abilities, they are really bad in comparison to the ZoE. Even before the ZoE addition it has been documented that the VS maxes were the best in KDR ratio. They did not need an uber buff.
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