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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by codeForge, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. codeForge

    Once again, I invite everyone to jump on the Public Test Server and check out the changes we've been working on. In the last couple of weeks on PTS, we've fixed many issues that were found in the newly optimized game.

    We're really very close to releasing it, but I think you would agree that what is there could use a little bit more polish. While we know we won't be able to make such a radical change to the game without some issues, we want to put out our first update only when the quality level is undeniably high.

    Check it out yourself. Listen to other players who have as well. There are some issues that we really must address before this goes live, and that is exactly what we're doing.

    So hopefully you didn't take a day off work/school tomorrow, because sadly it won't be released. We are on a day-to-day watch for the few issues left to be resolved, so stay on the forums and in game for the latest news.

    Once OMFG-PU01 is out, we expect it to, for the most part, be very clean and the kind of play experience you've been hoping for. We will continue to work on performance, as stated before, until the game is where we all want it to be.

    Thanks for your continued patience and all your help getting this done.

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  2. KAHR-Alpha

    Anything in particular you need data on?
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  3. codeForge

    Thanks for asking KAHR-Alpha. Just being on the Test Server gets us tons of data, but if you're experiencing something on Test that you don't think is on Live, we want to know about it. Look through the posts in the Test Server Discussion forum and chime in there if something strikes you. Feedback is always appreciated, even negative feedback. =)
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  4. FrontTowardEnemy

    115mb patch. o.0

    Patch notes?
  5. Exploding Fist

    Take your time. It is better you delay the release and make sure it is right then to push an unfinished update in just to make deadlines.

    Thanks for not doing that.
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  6. Torok

    Meh we bite this bitter delay
  7. Brusilov

    The only thing I have on test and not on live is lag but that's more a matter of location i guess :p Apart from that I'm getting a nice and smooth experience.

    FPS wise I get the same numbers as on live but they seem much more stable and less jumpy.

    The test on 11-5 presented me with lower sound volumes though. not sure how that happened.
  8. dirtYbird

    Sure hope this brings back the thousands of lost players otherwise the whole point of the optimization is kind of moot.
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  9. SlipreeGypsy

    I wish I could be surprised by this, but I'm really not.

    I think SOE's caught the Dean Hall bug.
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  10. NyaR

  11. Crowbar Sr

    We were fools to expect SOE to stick to their deadline.
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  12. treeHamster

    Come on, Rocket isn't working with an ENTIRE staff of people, nor is he funded out of anyone's pocket but his own. Therefore you can't put him in the same group as SOE.

    Plus, would you rather Rocket release DayZ SA early on like Garry did with Rust? I bought it but only after waiting almost 2 months so I could get it for under $15. Up until a week ago, it was filled with hackers, glitchers, and dupers. Heck all the servers were even getting shut down because of some kiddie decided to DDoS all the servers just because Garry wasn't doing what HE wanted. Now it's just filled with dupers, glitchers, and tons of little kids that run around killing every new guy that spawns into the game without a clue of how the game works.

    I'd rather SOE and Rocket take their time to get it right rather than just push out micro updates every other week (which infact wipe the Rust servers causing you to start over...servers were wiped 3 times in the past week).
  13. Lazaruz

    It's going to be Monday (hopefully). Called it :)
  14. NucNuc

    Absolutely good decision. It´s nice to see that SOE recognizes the need to bring out a crucial update with as few problems as can be. In our outfit all think the same: Stability must be achieved prior release.

    And then after that: Give us content, Hossin, continent lattice, supply lines etc.
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  15. faykid

    I will play one hour on PTS tonight. This is a sacrifice, but I will do it. For the greater good.
  16. SlipreeGypsy

    Pretty sure Rocket was employed (and funded) by Bohemia interactive to make DayZ SA.
  17. Roll Fizzlebeef

    It's very good that the community is being kept up to date on delays and changes.

    Believe it or not we can be very patient and understanding.

    That being said, please give us more information. We are not idiots, and there is a large number of players that wants to know more technical details about bugs and other things that are causing hang-ups.

    Give the community more information, and we will give you more feedback.

    The community will stress test everything and even pin-point exactly how to re-create a glitch/bug/exploit and possibly know how to fix it.


    Do not let us sit on the edge of our seats wondering what reasons you guys have to not release the update. We have the test server, and everyone on it is extremely willing to help.
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  18. BatouSection9

    I know they are dedicated to making sure the patch is flawless before live, but its like their tricking us with a Dollar bill tied to a string repeatedly yanking away at it from us everytime the deadline gets near.

    I was absolutely right to think it would not be met but please guys...

    No More deadlines

    Just post the patch, plus info on the day at the very last minute so it would at-least come as a surprise.

    I like you guys and the game alot, but there's only enough people who can take these constant abusive delays, every single time.
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  19. MaCritz

    Dude, if you really can't handle this small setback, then just do something else apart from visiting this forum every half an hour... Do something else for crying out loud...

    Delays are delays, but at least it is coming.. Stay off the forum (or this game) for a day or two, it will do you no harm..
  20. Skizzik_NZ

    This is fine. But please when you do release it dont stick it on during Briggs Prime time like every other Dev does.

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