OMFG: Phase 1 to Test!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by codeForge, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. noobindo

    So you optimazie game for high-end pc?
    Great work.
  2. Messy

    1) It's been known since all the optimization started that Devs aim to PS4 Specs. Because it's less then a Month and they can't release beta-test on PS4 owners too like with us PC users.
    2) IT's almost 2014 if your PC is lower than stated it's not gaming pc so that's not dev's fault you are trying to play highly demanding game with kitchen toaster.
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  3. Liquid23

    a quad-core is high spec? ... lol no... that's minimum now a days for even a low end out-of-the-box premade desktops...

    hey now I rock this game and these are my specs

    Cuisinart CPT-180
    stainless housing with polished chrome and black accents
    Two 6-setting browning dials
    dual reheat
    defrost and bagel buttons
    LED indicators
    4 Wide toasting slots
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  4. MykeMichail

    I will be especially interested to see how the game runs on my old PC. Its currently sitting in my room doing nothing. Its an i7-3820 with a GTX560 Superoverclock (basically a GTX560 with a massive heatsink so its overclocked out of the box) and 16 GB DDR 1600 MHz RAM. Perhaps now I can get my friends to try the game out at my place long enough to get them hooked so they'll bother with the 9 GB download.
  5. Hrafnagaldr

    A quadcore with 4GB memory and medium spec GPU is not highend... they even say medium to highend GPU.
    I got 8 cores, 16GB RAM and a GPU capable of running the game in 2560x1440 Ultra, yet I don't even consider my rig highend...
  6. Goretzu

    This is what I hope you've got a handle on, the random crashes (mainly when opening the map or being in a big explosion - but also just randomly when doing nothing).

    There are times when I can play for hours without a crash, then for no apparent reason times when I'm crashing every 2-3 mins.
  7. Goretzu

    I've no idea how that can't run PS2 ok now? :confused:
  8. MykeMichail

    Depends on what you consider OK.

    Anything below 60 FPS is unacceptable IMO.
  9. Kaale

    Does anyone know if you can edit an ini file to switch from SOE to Pro7 rather than doing yet another download as I already have PTS but I dad to use a SOE account to get it to work as my PS7 wouldn't play nice. (apparently that's all fixed now).
    I cant be bothered with a full download for 3 days XP boost but a couple of files I could manage.
  10. Goretzu

    People add some strange qualifications to PCs. :)

    If cars were judged by the same standards we'd all be driving cars capably of doing 0-60 mph in 3.0 seconds and yet still giving over 100 mile per gallon fuel efficency with the precision handling of an F1 car yet the ride comfort of a Rolls Royce!
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  11. Kaale

    Fixed in Launchpad.ini :)
  12. IamDH

    Shouldn't this be stickied?
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  13. Chipay

    exactly what i was gonna type
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  14. CupBoy

    Thanks for sharing.
  15. Redzy

    Another server clash would be awesome. Remember how badly the server broke when the actual thing was to happen? They said they improved the machine, so we could honestly try and gather up some people for this again.

    It was great fun last time (on the "test" event), so it'd be awesome to repeat it.
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  16. uhlan

    Thanks for the keeping us in-the-know.

    Looking forward to testing this out.

    Although, I've never seen more than 10 people on the test server since day one.
  17. Chipay

    You're welcome.
  18. Hunterion

    Hey Ryan, thanks for the great news! Please tell us if we're gonna get the patch notes once it hits the PTS detailing all the aspects you stated in the original OMFG post and will be present in this phase (I know most of them are pretty obvious because you are mentioning here):
    1. Physics
    2. Overhead Manager
    3. Player Updates
    4. Animation Updates
    5. User Interface
    6. Occlusion/Visibility
    7. Multithreaded Renderer
    8. More Instrumentation
  19. Posse

    Lol, we're in 2013, quad cores are no longer high-end, a lot of people have Phenoms and they're struggling with FPS, not every quad core is a i5 2500 / 3570 / 4670K overclocked at above 4 ghz
  20. libbmaster

    Ask and you shall receive!

    Fourmsiders! TO THE TEST SERVER!