OMFG: Phase 1 to Test!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by codeForge, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. soeguud

    Right so how many months until this is dropped on the main game? I'm sick and tired of delays, and MWO fail hasn't helped it one bit.
  2. libbmaster

    Not months.

    november 6th.

    It's incoming, keep calm and carry on.
  3. Chipay

    6th of November?

    Don't you Remember,
    The Sixth of November,
    'Twas OMFG Patch Day,
    I anticipated the fun,
    And made the client run.
    And All fps issues went away.

    The sixth of November, since I can remember,
    Was SOE's OMFG, The results could no one deny,
    FPS increased by a whole lot, no longer would lag make us die.
    We thought they took a brake, for PS4's launch sake,
    And this is only part one, They're working on number two,
    The game runs better for me, and also for you,
    No one knows how far the optimization shall go.
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  4. R3dBeaver

    so we're sure SURE it's going to be on the 6th?
  5. libbmaster

    I'm pretty sure I saw a dev say it. Check the test server forums?
  6. Kahn

    I'm getting OP fps improvements. Needs nerfing.
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  7. TheBloodEagle

    Things I don't like about the new version:

    Playing as Medic - Everyone has these neon green health bars over them that look pasted on and out of place. Very ugly.
    Stealth is Gone - You can see enemy name tags from far away; so much for sneaking around.
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  8. maxkeiser

    I'm presuming this is only if you've been spotted, otherwise this would be absurd.
  9. TheBloodEagle

    Even so, I think it would be best just to see a dorito. Now you see the clear new larger shiny name tags.
  10. RobotNinja

    Testing is great. Speaking of testing, maybe you could test other things before going live with giving NC Infiltrators baby blue assless chaps and bras. I don't know if you actually play this game but yeah...apparently the art department thought the thing that NC Infs needed to set them apart was baby blue assless chaps and bras. Seriously.
  11. RobotNinja

    I don't care if his name is Sally. I don't want player names obscuring my field of vision. I just want to see their heads.
  12. TheBloodEagle

    Me either. I'm just telling you that the dorito seemed to be gone and replaced with big clear shiny name tags on PTS.
  13. iNvalidRequiem

    Has this patch already landed? I don't see anything about it in the "Latest News" section of the launcher, and I haven't experienced any FPS increase or received a major patch. Am I missing something?
  14. Corezer


    until tomorrow, when they tell us tomorrow

    tomorrow, tomorrow, they'll update, tomorrow, it's only a day away!
  15. senondo

    So, any news on the patch?
    It was "supposed" to go on live today right?

    I also checked Twitter and Reddit...not a single word about the patch or any relevant news...
  16. Fabien

    Last Official mention I know of is Tuesday the 12th - what time? not sure. Fingers crossed to get favored results + influx of peeps to shoot at errr., play with.
  17. JacDoom

  18. vulcan78

    4 AM tomorrow or 4 PM this afternoon? Typo? Confusing.
  19. codeForge

    4AM tomorrow PST.
  20. EmperorPenguin5

    The longer it takes you to patch the OMFG. The longer we have before you blatantly Nerf our harassers across the board without any regard to the people who dumped tons of money ******* them out.