OMFG P2 and Graphics settings

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  1. Gheeta

    Uhm we were able to get rid of it in the past by modifying singe line of text, as far as i know adding the same functionality to to options or even to .ini file would be extremely quick task to do.
  2. Nocturnal7x

    Lets be clear here, technically this game has no AA. Well maybe super sampling but few could use it. This game needs an MSAA option.

    You can say it all you want but FXAA is not AA. Especially in this game, if FXAA is automatically turned on it does nothing. This game has the worst aliasing ive ever seen, probably because I usually use 4-8x msaa which this game lacks.

    If they disabled FXAA maybe your radeon 9800 or some garbage will get an extra FPS but no real gains will be made if you use a modern GPU.
  3. Hicksimus

    The game runs passably on my 8800GTS 320Mb(less than min spec) whenever I see somebody asking for the ability to disable more graphics options I'm not sure if they're just trying to hit 1000fps or if their parents are just refusing to replace their mid range system from 2004.
  4. Aisar

    Great post, I didn't know these were existing issues.
  5. Zotamedu

    That must have been beta and they have probably changed quite a lot since then. It was the explaination they have given many times before but it's possible that they change the render pipeline again. Until then, you can mess with render quality if you really like jagged edges.
  6. Gheeta

    Nope, we were able to do it post release as well if i recall correctly. It's not about liking jagged edges, i feel like it just makes everything blurry which is something i dislike.
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  7. z1967

    Good post. I would definitely want all of these things.
  8. Piestro Community Relations

    Good job on this. While I'm not familiar enough with the coding on PS2 to determine if these are or are not viable I'll certainly forward it on.
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  9. Nate

    Great post!

    The above has been frequently discussed/requested in the past. For myself, playing at high resolutions, I don't need AA and would rather have the higher framerate. From what I remember some people REALLY don't like using this shader to provide AA.
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  10. Erendil

    Excellent suggestions. I play on Medium gfx specifcally because the bloom and glare on High is too annoying for me. When it's night it makes me feel like my contacts are all smeared and in constant need of cleaning.. There needs to be some way to turn off these unneeded (and IMO overdone in PS2) effects.
  11. Furrydaus

    Agree totally to this. We should be given more freedom to actually tweak our settings. The forge light engine should be able to allow this right? currently its just preety graphics that don't get optimised and low frames. Please don't make ps2 a test arena for the ps4 version ;)
  12. Gheeta

    Glad to hear that :)
  13. Luperza Community Manager

    The Dev Team got back to me in regards to this. They stated that they'd like to expose a lot of these settings to users at some point. :)
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  14. Nate

    In another thread, someone requested the ability to adjust the flora pop-up range. To be able to make flora appear at longer distances. High end PCs and such.
  15. Camycamera


    any chance of being able to ramp up the FOV though, to say, 90 in the future? ;)
  16. Prudentia

    also simple addition:
    changing the value for FPS smoothing ingame, be it a slider or a number field.
    I remember Totalbiscuit tweeting about a locked framerate after OMFG P1 as he had ne clue that smothing locks the frame rate and that you can change the cap.
  17. FrontTowardEnemy

    +1 for Bloom on/off at the top of the list please! :)
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  18. Daimond

    A lot of what you ask for specially disabling the AA or in other words FXAA has been asked for since early beta, what they said then just about the FXAA was its part of the system, which is bull, but still. We will never see most of these if ever, specifically the FXAA one.
    This is also one of the reasons people started using SweetFX in beta, then shortly after release was a ban able thing to use, even though there reasons are totally bull as well. was only way to change look of things.
    everything set to ultra - FXAA off, bloom and a few other things tweaked (in beta)
    everything set to ultra - FXAA on, everything else normal (in beta)

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  19. Gav7x

    Do you know any way in which we can disable FXAA now ? i really need to that i dont care how hard it is
  20. Daimond

    There is no way as its all server side set to on, in beta we could turn it off by ajusting the file he listed, but thats hidded and encoded and banable to change. Plus was shown it accualy dones nothing since late beta as stated they mad alot of that stuff server side based.