OMFG:P1 - Some Early Testing Results

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by codeForge, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. codeForge

    Since it's launch a few days ago, IT'S OVER 9000! people have logged into the Test server to check out OMFG P1. This is impressive because we haven't really advertised it outside the forums, so thanks you guys!

    If stability is better after tonight's patch, we're going to start pushing more people over to check it out and get some bigger stress tests going.

    Thus far, the data has been better than our expectations. Roughly 90% of players on PTS so far have had frame rate increases, with the average increase in 100+ player battles around 40% (the numbers vary day to day depending on how many big fights go on). As we fix stability issues, we're getting crashes down to where they are equivalent to Live.

    Main issues we're working on are:
    * Stability (with this next patch, we should be as stable or more stable than Live, but we want better!)
    * Hitching (some people are reporting more hitching than on live, we are investigating)
    * Outlier frame rates (roughly 6% of players are having lower frame rates, we're working on why)
    * Misc issues ( some SLI issues, alt-tab crashes, that sort of thing)

    Now at the very beginning we said that we wanted to release OMFG when it was ready. While a lot of you cannot wait to have this on Live (just like we can't wait to put it out!), I think most of you would agree it needs a bit more polish.

    Therefore, we're wanting to hold it on PTS for one more week. The new expected date is Wed, 11/6. We will continue to evaluate the state of PTS as we go, and your feedback is essential.

    Again, thanks for jumping on the Test server and helping us out. You are making a difference.

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  2. Phyr

    That's awesome and everything, but, could we get an SOE thread for the PTS bio lab?
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  3. Lazaruz

    A week makes little difference at this point, so if it takes some pressure of your shoulders, I'm sure the community understands.

    Although... to appease the angry horde of gamers, a double-XP weekend would probably prove effective :D
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  4. Wargrim

    I approve of delaying this as long as needed in order to get better stability. From my visits, stability does not yet seem better than it is on life servers.

    Question: What are the chances we will see a fix for periodic crashing happening on 32 bit OSes as part of this first optimization patch, or the one following it? Because more than 6 month have passed since some patches in April increased my crash frequency to absurd levels ( every 10 - 20 minutes, instead of maybe once an hour before ), and quite frankly i am tired of it and want at least the level of stability and playability back that this game had in march.
  5. FIN Faravid

    Another week toget 40% more fps is definetly worth waiting, especially since it is first patch!
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  6. daniel696

    We call this community superiority, strengh in union.
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  7. NC_agent00kevin

    Heck, i was tempted to just play on the PTS server until it went live. :)
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  8. BurntDevil

    Shame it didnt help me much if any, I still cant get above 15 fps in any real fight (more typically 5-8 fps) and the weapon switch lag still kills me.
  9. Regpuppy

    I think a lot of it has to do with a few active forumsiders/lurkers posting about it in their outfit/community forums and social media groups. People are just anxious for the update to hit.

    For me it isn't even the frame rate increase that has me giddy. It's the frame stability I get with certain settings. Less jumping and spiking on my end.
  10. R3dBeaver

    Delaying it........ for a WEEK?

    FOR ONE WEEK??????????????

    Jeezus, guys, with all the improvements I've seen first hand, I got no issue waiting for a MONTH to get things polished!

    Great job all around.
  11. gnometheft

    Thanks for being so consistent and letting us know the progress throughout this whole optimization bit. Really nice for the playerbase to know the devs are trying to keep them updated..
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  12. Zeblasky

    Feels like a good work. Thank you for that and keep it up!
  13. ArmedGoose

    ...on the official forums.
    And not as some footnotes buried deep down on some obscure external social media sites.
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  14. Hoki

    Holy ******* ****..

    Someone said to turn off crossfire so I assumed my performance wouldn't be as good.

    Getting MASSIVE frame increase on test...
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  15. deggy

    We totally understand the delay, anything to make the game run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

    Thanks for your often-thankless hours on PS2 :)
  16. VSDerp

    give us a double xp weekend.
  17. Camycamera

    not a double xp weekEND...... a double xp WEEK.
  18. NC_agent00kevin

    I would like to take this opportunity to throw this thread and SOE's work in the face of all those who said 'lolol get a better PC n00b' when I said it wasnt my PC, but the game itself.

    Also, thanks SOE. My interest was waning in PS2; mostly due to bad performance ruining the overall experience.
  19. ScrapyardBob

    Please pull my other leg, that's funny.

    This is the PS2 where it crashes 100% on exit using the live client for the last 10 straight months. The only time it *doesn't* crash-on-exit is when I don't do anything other then login and collect my daily certs. Any time that I play for more then 10-15 minutes, PS2 will always crash-on-exit.
  20. Tibodeau

    I understand that optimization is a priority for most people but it's not mainly the OMFG that people are taking time to break from, it's the lack of content and meta-game... If we need to endure another OMFGp2 wait similar to OMFGp1 before you even START to work on content you will see a lot more people disappear around the holidays than those that have for the beginning of the school year. OMFGp1 is just fine to start with but content really needs to be focused on now so you can add to/retain players. It's absolutely ludicrous that we haven't seen any content for months aside from player studio stuff.
    I'm just an average Joe looking for some new content to assuage my boredom that is becoming more and more of a problem outside of ops nights.