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  1. vsae

    I'm happy that people can now enjoy the game on slow-medium rigs rather being tortured by stuttering and hitching. Thought the fact that game become that more smooth and fps increase is more than 10% means that the game was horribly put together and now they are basically rebuilding it from the scratch. The hindu code guys, PS2 has ****loads of it as it seems.
  2. Ketadine

    3 months ? More like one year :) Still, better late than never and great of the devs to finally do this massive patch.
  3. LaRZy

    Well done to the SOE Team for what seems to be an awesome upgrade to the game for me in terms of performance, on both my rigs.

    Awesome work!
  4. Dalt Wisney

    Totally agree. Pls do that after deleting the ugly scythe. ;)
  5. Aegie

    Thanks, performance for me is quite a bit better- certainly more consistent with fewer fps spikes, especially when transitioning to ADS.
  6. hostilechild

    Games was amazing last night. Never dropped below 60fps even in 45+ vs 45+ fights at amp/biolab/techplants (40-45fps before). So smooth and didn't find graphics watered down at all. I run high settings with fog/shadow off and few other tweaks.

    My sons friend has a 4yr old core2 3.2ghz with a gtx460 he can now play the game, before anything over 24vs24 and explosions lagged him. Now they don't and he can maintain a playable 25-35fps in larger fights. He was avoiding amp/biolab/techs but will see tonight if those are ok now too. really tweaked config.

    Way better than i ever thought they could pull off.
  7. Posse

    I had strangely low FPS (compared to the performance of every other base after OMFG) in one particular base. On East River Sky Station (Esamir) in a 25-48 vs 25-48 fight my FPS were around 40-45. While in every other base, I never went below 55 FPS (including 150+ people fights in BioLabs). I don't know if it's a particular problem with that base or it happened for some other reason, but I thought I should inform you about that.

    Specs just in case

    i5 2500k @ 4.2 ghz
    GTX 670
    8GB RAM
  8. Ash87

    Unoptimized continent maybe?
  9. Posse

    I don't think that's the case, every other base on Esamir/Amerish had a flawless performance, in fights of a similar size
  10. Ash87

    Fair enough. Just guessing, strange that.
  11. tralalog

    i did some tank play last night with A LOT of other players and all was smooth. ill try some cqc tonite to see how that goes
  12. codeForge

    Yeah that's one of the most "fun" things about MMOG development, that it is often impractical to come up with a 'standard' for performance, particularly in an open world environment with huge vista views. There are lots of places on Amerish and Hossin that still need a good performance pass, plus a few spotty places on Esamir.

    The world building team are working on it though and I expect over the next couple months or s you should see much better performance in those areas.
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  13. Posse

    I see, good to know that it's a specific problem with that base, keep up with the good work with the optimizations then, this patch definitely surpassed my expectations in that aspect :D (though I'm a bit mad over the squad deploy change, I'll miss it, though I admit it was a bit broken :p).
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  14. Gladiator

    Amazing update really. My FPS has doubled to the point where I have to re-learn some of my aim since i'm so used to lower fps-rates :D
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  15. Gammit

    Phew. While testing OMFG1, I went to Hossin and my fps just died.
  16. nArc

    I was one that didn't struggle with performance prior to the patch, but the patch has made a noticeable improvement for me. With smoothing off, I hover consistently in the 80 range and with smoothing on, I'm pegged at 60 and doesn't move. It feels very solid for me.

    Now fix my bull bar trim on I bought for my Sundy ;)
  17. Zombekas

  18. MineRollZ

    omg cant download is currently 98%
  19. SidCom

    My first impressions after about 6 hours playtime with OMFG live patch:

    - i get a stabil 60 Frames all over the place now (smooting on), even in 50+ fights in the AMP station or biolab fps only decreases sometimes to around 55 FPS. (before 37-40 in battle/65 in the open) CPU load now at all four CPU's about 50-70%, depending on char movement and how many object and detonations in the view. Before the patch mostly only one CPU used.

    - on fast moves (more then 100 degree) i can see some kind of ghost pictures. The movement looks blurred/fuzzy. The effect is very annoying (bloom, amb.occ and vsync is always disabled in my game setups) After i turned off smoothing in the config file it looks much better. But now occasionly i have short hitches x < 1 Seconds.
    Framerate with Smoothing=O in big fights in AMP station or Biolab are around 55-70, abt 80-90 in openfield, 110 in the airplane (which is good!) and picture look very sharp now on fast turns do to the higher FPS rate,120 Hertz monitor and some obvious graphic adjustments in the patch.

    - client still crashes after some time, but not more (until now) compared to post patch. First day after patching i had network issues. Client constantly disconneted after a few minutes. (Miller only, my altchar on Connery was fine) Yesterday evening everything was ok. (miller). Only one client crash after 1 1/2 hours.

    - loading times decreased, but they where also ok before the OMFG patch thanks to an SSD.

    - there is something strange with character rendering. I think they are not so detailed anymore when they more then 10-15 meters away from me. I have sometimes problems to recognize which class the target is at this range. But chars looks cleaner in close range now. I would prefer a more detailed distance view rather than close range graphic improvments. But i doubt that new "feature" in OMFG brings a lot performance improvment to the patch and cannot be reverted. But maybe some adjustments can made for that issue.

    - My NS15M (which i bought with station cash!) seems to be nerfed. My burstfire timings not working properly anymore. I need at least 3-5 bullets (headshot 2-3) plus safety bullets more for TTK at close and medium range (burst depending on the enemy class and Nanowave (the safety bullets). I get more often defeated in a PvP fight now. But the loadout shows still the same damage values of NS15. I also experienced that on the PST with OMFG patch (abt. 7 hours playtime) Anyone else can confirm that? Any other infantry weapons nerfed?

    I think i can live with the occasional short hitches and the char rendering adjustments for now, but i am really upset about the nerf of my NS15.

    As i read former posts here i think the enhancement and stability is strongly depending on hardware configuration and prob a clean Operating System setup (Antivrus, to old device driver, OS patches etc.). On my rig the OMFG patch improves FPS massivly. Despite the points i mentioned above it works out for me so far. THANKS SOE..

    My rig:
    MB: Z77 Pro4
    CPU: Intel 3570K OC 4500 MHZ (4 CPU cores) certain Bios tweaks: Turbo Boost Power Limit = 500 Watt, Long duration = 1 sec., Power Saving Mode = off, add. turbo voltage = +0,75 Volt, Loadline Calibration = turbo, TDP limit=off and more
    GPU: AMD 7950 OC 1100MHZ (default 850), Memory @1450MHZ (default 1250), over voltage = 1,18 V
    HD: OCZ SSD 256 GB + 1TB HD
    MEM: G-SKILL Sniper 8 GB OC 2033 MHZ CL10
    FSB/BCLK: OC 103 MHZ
    Monitor: Benq 27 inch 120HZ (3 monitors, no eyfinity, playing PS2 on single monitor in full screen mode)
    PS2 play time: abt. 1000 hours (VS)

    All PS2 settings customized. (Same config before OMFG patch, except new Smoothing=0).
    LOD, Flora etc.set to (5), (texture quality 0, ultra), shadow =2 (middle), render distance 3000 meter and render quality 1,1 (whatever value it is, prob. 110%)

    P.S.: DANGER!! If you have a similar setup as above, the overclock settings mostly only applies to my rig and is a result of many hours of fine tuning. Do NOT just apply this to your PC. You must make also improvments to the PC cooling system.(watercooling) Otherwise your hardware can be seriously damaged because of overheating and/or your PC gets unstabil.
  20. MonnyMoony

    Played for the first time after the update last night and i'm pretty impressed.

    The game seems much smoother, no more multiple load screens. I actually like the new HUD and I think hit detection seems to have improved massively.
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