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  1. Chubrokoli

    Where is the option for the old hud and the new one?
    There are people that dont like that overcolored stuff
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  2. MaxDamage

    In this patch:
    Also yellow part on wheels was red previously.
    Bit weird.
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  3. RomulusX

  4. RomulusX

  5. Lamat

    Who is this codeForge guy? He's awesome. It's like he reads the official forums and is answering long ago asked questions.

    Just one thing, when can we get shoulder decals on composite armor? I've got money that SOE doesn't seem to want.

    PS: larger magazines for NC MAX shotguns
  6. Lamat

    That's Alex Jones, no one takes his guns...
  7. Gortha

    Thx a lots! Found it too :) Overall even in Big fights i got more than 40 FPS, way more sometimes. It´s incredibly smooth now.
    Well, with i5 2500k @ 4,7 - semi stable :)
  8. Gortha

    10 Shots are more then enough.... i play NC Max myself a lots too. More than 10 Would be overkill. 6 are okay and if u get 2 times 500certs to buff em to 10, it´s awesome...

    Play two NC Chars, one at Woodman and one at Ceres (my Main toon atm)
  9. WyrdHarper

    There's some gold on the new Magrider as well. Seems like they (accidentally I hope) threw a bunch of rebel colors on random equipment.
  10. moooosa

    Big hunks of armor are NC technology.
  11. Being@RT


    I like the other fonts in game, but those hovering above players and other objects are really tricky to read, even at 1400x1050 or 1388x730.

    edit: good job on the patch!
  12. Mastachief

    In terms of performance i have to tip my hat it is now silky smooth.
  13. Regpuppy

    You'll accept this freedom and you'll like it...
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  14. BadAsElite

    Your wish is my Command.

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  15. Vanu Superiority

    Yes. Thank you SOE. Definitely the most pressing issue of the game, and has been since release. My framerate has raised between 30% in light combat situations to as much as 60-70% in heavy combat situations. Game almost never dips below 30 now. =)

    Looking forward to more to come!!!
  16. SniperCzar

    First thing I found was a bug

    Everything else is pretty dreamy, though.
  17. Ash87

    Okay I found three bugs/problems this evening:

    Max crouch animation isn't really an animation, the max just teleports to a crouched position. This was confirmed by another member of my outfit

    The drop pod speeds were the same as pre-patch for me, everytime I dropped at NS Material Storage. I dropped from a beacon both times, and both times I was able to migrate much more than I am able to on test (Or was able to on test this weekend).

    I crashed when I tried to spawn a liberator at the western air-spawn of crimson Bluff tower. I haven't crashed in PS2 like that, in a long while (Though I crash by alt-tabbing frequently). I lost the resources and it seemed to crash out the moment I was to teleport into the vehicle.

    All settings on high, except for flora and shadows which are both off.

    Smoothing is off

    i7-2600 3.4 GHz
    12 gb of ram
    Windows 7 service pack 1
    AMD Radeon 6900 HD

    That said, this patch went off without a hitch, it was by and far the most bug-free patch I have seen come out of PS2 yet, and I know Everyone on my end in my outfit (100+ people) are happy about how this turned out, seriously. This is the first time we have had a real non-alert op, in a long while on the fly, because people are anxious to play without constantly having to deal with abysmal frames.
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  18. [HH]Mered4

    Finally. A patch that doesn't break the game.

    I hope.

    We will see tomorrow lololol
  19. Takoita

    There were some crashes and disconnects for me (for example, when I tried to fly over a Ti Alloys fight, FPS dropped to less than 10, I've crashed into the landscape and after about 20 seconds of waiting for the respawn screen the game has crashed as well), but no more than usual.

    In a +48\+48 fight over a tower base or a biolab my average FPS dipped to about ~25, everywhere else was ~30-40 FPS in combat and a steady ~60 when rolling over empty esamir hills on a flash. No miracles happened, but I'd say I was getting a steady ~10 FPS more in almost all situations and a yellow [GPU] in the corner of the screen.

    I did see a mossie with what looked suspiciously like an NC lumbifier and I was able to steer my droppod quite a distance away - contrary to what the patch notes stated - but I'd say it was a pretty smooth update overall. Big kudos to you people.

    EDIT: There was one time yesterday when a heavy with the resist shield on survived something like 4-5 seconds of point blank fire from my dual AI TR MAX; I wasn't able to notice if my shots were simply not registering with the amount of blinding sparks flying around or the Heavy Cycler/Mercy weapon combo has managed to spray all their shots around the target at less than 5 m distance, but it looked mighty suspicious to me - my own HA with nanoweave and resist shield was nowhere near as tough.

    I was using

    Windows 7 64-bit
    4 GB of RAM
    i5 CPU 650 3.20 GHz
    GeForce GT 240

    with the settings:

    render distance 4000
    render quality 100%
    resolution 1024x768
    everything on High except Shadows and Lightning, which are on Low
    Motion Blur off
    Ambient Occlusion off
    Fog Shadows off
    VSync off
    didn't touch the Smoothing neither in the option screen nor in the file

    Previously, lowering any of these any further resulted in absolutely squat, only uglier; seeing as how the game says I am GPU bound now, I will try experimenting some more though.

    I've ran into a problem with my ADS function: for some reason sometimes - not always - when I try to right-click (when playing with zoom toggle) or right-click and hold (when playing without it), the game reacts as if I've pressed the button twice in quick succession, thus denying me the zoom in - or zoom out, as the case may be - function. I didn't have an opportunity to check it with another mouse yet, but seeing as how it only happens in Planetside 2 and not in any other game, I assume this doesn't have anything to do with the button itself.

    It wasn't introduced in this very update, I've had it happen previously too, but seeing as how annoying this is, I am including it here.
  20. Surt

    Best Patch so far. Now, one year after release Planetside 2 reached Gold Status. Its really a better feeling.

    But Galaxy, Magrider and Sycthe looks crapy.

    But anyway, welcome to Planetside 2 1.0.