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  1. codeForge

    The guys pulled an all-nighter last night getting this update from Test to Live. This is the biggest update we've done since Launch, and we couldn't be more excited to have you in it.

    There is a list of patch notes large enough to, if printed, decimate a small forest. But the main focus for this update is performance.

    We focused our efforts on the machines that more than 80% of our player base had, which is quad-core or above, AMD and Intel, 4G or more RAM, Windows 64-bit, AMD and nVidia GPUs.

    We focused almost entirely on CPU optimizations, because it's a great deal easier to lower GPU settings when you want higher FPS.

    We also focused on optimizations that would yield maximum benefit in worst cases, such as 100+ man skirmishes. We had many 250+ man battles on Test where players were adamant that there were no performance issues!

    Since getting OMFG1 to PTS we have gathered data from some MASSIVE fights and found that those around 100-man battles gained well over 30% frame rate over Live. Less than 2% had their frame rate go down from Live to Test, and a majority of THOSE were due to people actually raising their graphics settings on Test!

    We also took our time with this update. We focused on the reports that players were giving us every day, and worked feverishly to get as many of those issues taken care of as possible. Crashes are down, hitches are down, loading times are down, player experience is up!
    Now, I want to make sure I mention that even though OMFG Phase 1 is out, we are NOT done polishing up the game. As we continue to gather data from Live, we will be moving some people back onto gameplay fixes and tuning, while others will remain on performance as long as a majority of players still need it.

    Over the next few weeks, we will likely release a hotfix build or two. We will also be giving you more information about our long-term plans and where our efforts will be focused going forwards.

    OMFG2 will come to Test soon, so stay tuned for announcements on that front as well!

    Lastly, thank you to the tens of thousands who jumped onto the Public Test Server to help us make this. The help is appreciated.

    Ryan "codeForge" Elam
    Technical Director, Planetside 2
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  2. Arquin

    Well, it took 3 months. Finally!

    Good job, really feeling this update. Shame login servers are being crapped on right now :D
  3. AngryPlayer

    Honestly, as long as that Alt-Tab and other random G12 error crashes are fixed, I'm totally fine with the game.
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  4. DaedalusVenom

    Im stuck at 96% in Loading Screen!
  5. BlueJohn


    everything seems to be going great.
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  6. Pikachu

    Took some minutes but I managed to get into the game with my vanu to get the certs. Now waiting for my terran. Then I'm gonna play with my NC.

    Crashed while trying to log in with terran.

    Edit 2:
    Got in. Now waiting for NC.
  7. DaedalusVenom


    WTF is that?...The NC God? lol
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  8. Sen7rygun

    First page. Woot.
  9. Ash87

    Looking forward to seeing OMFG2 myself :)
  10. codeForge

    People are hitting the gates pretty hard. This often happens after a big update. It will calm down in a little bit.
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  11. Ribero

    Not managed to get onto Cobalt yet myself, I just assume it's due to server load though, will try again after Pizza.

    Edit: Yeah, like that guy says ^
  12. SniperCzar

    Bring up the Wolf's Head! GROND!
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  13. NoctD

    Hopefully the next optimization patch focuses on improving server performance!
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  14. ChipMHazard

    My thoughts exactly. The many armed god of freedom?
  15. AngryPlayer

    So did this patch fix the Alt-Tab crash or what?
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  16. Pikachu

    Play windowed instead. :p I always do it.
  17. Rockit

    80% of the current players have those specs because everyone else left. It's why the game rarely exceeds 14K concurrent players. If you are improving the game for those folks then I doubt you see substantial increase in overall game population.
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  18. AngryPlayer

    Pretty sure alt-tab doesn't work properly when you play in windowed mode with this game.
  19. Bvenged

    I want to say congratulations and thank you to SOE. While the patch did very little to me and my new mid-high end machine (GPU bound to begin with), this patch is glorious and the bug fixed and performance issues are resolved. Even I felt the difference in big fights on OMFG Test.

    The text font and glow for the killfeed and player names is really damn difficult to read. the kerning and tracking is all off, and the font is too small and ugly. The glow behind player names only enhances the difficulty to read, and I bet it's hard for colourblind people too.

    It's a nightmare for any tactical outfit who use callouts, and really, really hard to read player names at a glance in any conflict, large ro small. For the love of gaming and all things Planetside, please roll back the text font and remove the glow in favour of bolder, better-kerned and tracked font that is clear to see in the heat of battle. OR fix it soon.

    I'm using 1920x1080p resolution, 27" monitor, medium-high graphics with no motion blur at 40-50fps, and it's a challenge of its own to read ****. Keep the rest of the changes to HUD, UI, whatever, just fix or roll back this horrid text please.
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  20. CptFirelord

    Don't worry guys, the boys at SOE pulled an all-nighter giving us something past the due date! :rolleyes:
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