Old MCG for TR.

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  1. KodiakX

    The devs (Tray) back in beta explained the main reason it wasn't designed under slung was because bullets actually come out of the barrels. So when crouching and other obstacles in the world you'd regularly be blocked while shooting forcing you to have bigger visibility just to hit things. One could theorize that they could make all bullets actually come out of a focal point on the character model regardless of where they are visually coming out of (I believe tanks work this way as part of an update?) but they never commented on that.

    At this point there's no real gain by changing it back other than coolness factor which...lets face it...developmentally speaking they aren't anywhere close to being at.
  2. TheMish

    Then what did they do to get it to work in PS-1?
  3. Ronin Oni

    this is the biggest problem.

    They're not going to do a bunch of programming work just to support 1 aesthetic change that'd make the gun less efficient as well.
  4. Ronin Oni

    no cover, wasn't an issue.
  5. TheMish

    Well so far it seems like cover means **** to us MCG lovers.

    It's the hip firing madness that makes it shine.

    So there's no loss, pls gib old mcg. Current one is poo.
  6. Ronin Oni

    read the other problem.

    Bullets come out of the center of the screen actually, not gun barrels.

    They'd need new mechanics to offset the MCG... and then there's the problem of alignment.

    the no cover in PS1 bit was actually a bit of a joke.
  7. FateJH

    Probably not, but the developers have pretty much already said that the closer weapons get to 1000RPM the more probable that the engine and netcode will have kittens.

    All weapons in PS1 suffered from proximity weapons fire blockage. If you stood too close to a wall on your weapon side, even if the reticle was exposed, the fire of the weapon would impact the wall instead of go for the target. This was no different when it came to the MCG and lower surfaces. Basically, if there was a position your weapon couldn't reach over, you had to go around it, or crouch and hope you could shoot under it.

    Imagine if stairwells in PS1 were open and didn't have that center divider ...
    Though, if I recall, as it's been a while since I logged, PS1 "cover" had a much more uniform effect on weapons' fire. Anything you could shoot from behind was too low to be real cover (bar instances of shooting down on something) and anything that you couldn't shoot over while standing right behind it with one weapon, no weapon could shoot over it from that same position.
  8. TheMish

    But look, it's not that much lower than your hip firing height anyway.


    Now here's one firing an lmg probably down the sights.


    Isn't the game camera already at the upper chest level? So it doesn't seem like it would cause major problems


    I don't think they would need to create much at all really.

    If they had it in Alpha, they could pull up old files if they haven't deleted them. Make some changes maybe to align the gun better, and there we are, we'll have the chain gun.

    Even if we can't aim over cover, it's not like it ever mattered much. Most cover is unfortunately in a place where the MCG's power doesn't kick in, and hip firing, or close range ads shooting has always been where it works.

    And if the MCG does get the RPM buff Terrans want for it, it would only server to make it unique, and not feel like a faster firing lmg.
  9. Ronin Oni

    issue is you'll have either consistent offset of a couple feet from where you aim and where rounds hit (better) OR it has a mid point, where you run into other issues trying to know how far out you're actually aiming.

    They REMOVED ALL offset shooting from the game too... not sure they can even bring it back. Even the damn prowler fires from the center of the screen now.
  10. TheMish

    Well can't they just give us a different aim thingy for it?