Ok, this game is unplayable with this population unbalance...

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  1. RottenGroinArea

    This is why I don't play anymore.

    I chose NC back in November and now it's overflowing with every POS "I win" kiddie.

    The population explosion of NC has made the game boring and very one sided...

    Good job, SOE, screwing up games is what you do best.
  2. Radiculopathy

    If population is that bad then TR and VS NEED too ally to survive or both factions quit the server once you can move all you're stuff with you to another server, until then just log in for certs and leave, play an alt somewhere else. Let NC TK themselves.
  3. Chicken Wings

    When the pop imbalance got this bad on Genudine, TR bled players like crazy, in addition to the overall server population. I don't know about VS, but it seemed just as bad.

    I don't think we want this to happen to Helios either.
  4. Nahwel

    I don't know what server are you talking about here, but I mostly play during the morning on Helios, and even then it is full of NC. That screenshot was from today at around morning/afternoon. In the morning, the NC is full with the Asians. Not being racist or anything, but a little earlier than that screenshot, the world NC pop was 80%... eighty!
    It's a frustration because any time I play I cannot give 2 steps without being shot in the face by 3 NC at the front door of the VS warpgate...
  5. Nahwel

    Thanks for the support, though. You are one of the few NC with common sense around here.
    As a suggestions to fix this? I tend to think of easy fixes. A cap on the continent the alert is at. For example, the continent can contain 3000 people, then a limit on that continent of 1000 on each faction. Another one would be to put a limit in relationship to all the factions, for example if there are 100 VS playing, the only 100 TR and NC can play. I now it's a little extremist, but I cannot think of another options. And like I said, I tend to simplify things extremely.
  6. HooliganS3

    The only thing that is keeping me on Helios (BR47 TR) is my Outfit.

    I have already created alts on another server with a more balanced population, but I am finding it real hard to stay interested. For the first time since November I am playing other games more than PS2. SOE's complete lack of response or acknowledgement of this issue, and the proposed merger with another NC dominated server has me convinced they simply don't care.
  7. Kaserai

    Hey hey hey! Don't just blame the NC. Sure, we are WAY overpopulated on the Helios server, but that doesn't mean other servers aren't dominated by another faction. Connery has a population of 55% TR.
    You heard the guy up top - they dominate on that server. Why is it that the NC are always getting called "the problem" by the whiners? For example, the population the Cobalt server is almost = between all factions, YET we NC are still teamed on and complained about in the forums. WE LOSE ALL THE TIME BECAUSE OF THIS.
    Enough with the whining - no more nerf batting. Il tell you who needs to be nerfed, THE VS. Oh wait, they are getting a buff.

    Kudo's Sony - way to listen to the whiners. It's like the Homesexual battle in SWTOR all over again - 30 ******** Homos manage to ruin a perfectly good game because they WHINE.

    Server inbalance is an issue with all the factions. Each server has its wickedly overpopulated faction
  8. Parasox

    It already is. Every day I see fewer and fewer familiar faces in TR and VS, and more low-BR characters popping up in the NC. Whether it's people flipping over or new players is debatable, but the bottom line is that TR and VS are losing old players while NC gets the majority of the new ones.

    Your post could do without the homophobia; who knows, without that it might be worth responding to!
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  9. NoblesseOblige

    No. No, it's not. During the alert you had 60%+ pop the entire time.
    On Amerish? 46 NC, 42 TR, 12 VS.
    On Indar? 50.
    4th faction needs to go.The removal of flinch caused NC's infantry to become overpowered.
    They were bad before, and I will admit that, but right now, they are insurmountable. That's why your pop is so big everywhere.
    Or do you forget how VS outnumbered everyone, before?
  10. DizzyEX

    It is completely unacceptable that NC consistently outnumber every other faction on Connery. Every alert I have played since their inception, its 40%TR vs 40%NC, and the last 10% is a mix of tr, nc, and vanu. My outfit doesn't even log on anymore, they are sick of being outnumbered 4 to 1. Been like this for weeks, Sony doesn't even acknowledge this problem.
  11. CommandoKain

    I am Assuming that the Alerts are Being used to Gather Data from Heat Maps, So that SOE can better Designed the other two Continents that are Currently in Development. Hence the Lack of SOE trying to Deal with the Horribly over Populated Server Issues that we are seeing right now. I think they should have never merged the Servers and Things would still Run smooth or at least Smoother than they do at the moment. But with that being said once the other two Continents come out, And the Buzz about it Whines down Maybe the population wont be as bad. Hopefully once the Information that SOE needs is gathered, they will set the Alerts to randomly generate only 2 or 3 in a 24 hour period. THOUGHTS?
  12. Codeak

    dam asians, theres too many of them. its ashame none of them have freedom, clearly this is a sign that they want to live in america.
  13. Devrailis

  14. Alarox

  15. Alarox

    TR: 33.21
    NC: 36.65
    VS: 30.14
  16. Rhaeyn

    Going where alerts allow them to make the most exp, the faction that will most likely hold most territory.
    While alerts are a great way to enhance the metagame, I'm afraid they could potentially damage the population balance.
  17. Nahwel

  18. usages wnbgrintooth

    Never really been a fan of giving a bonus to a group for not having many people. The base exp and cert points should remain the same. Now a balanced world would have 33% of each faction (basically...one having 34%...don't nit pick ) so I would lower the exp and cert gain of any faction slightly once they hit 38% population and continue to lower it more as that population increases.

    Not only would it give less exp and certs for actions but it would also make it harder to get kills as the population increased since there would be 50 people trying to kill every other person on the map to get what they could. That would eventually convince some to play other factions.

    Fortunately my server is not as bad as what I see here in your examples...the NC normally have the advantage but not usually by much...maybe 5% most times over TR...seldom more than 10%...It is the poor VS that seems to suffer everywhere. I think I can see why though...am still new to this game really and started with the NC...but mainly play TR now...just enjoy them more for whatever reason...but the VS just seem almost impossible for me to do much with. I still don't know enough about the game to really know why but they seem very difficult to play and do well with.
  19. DizzyEX

    A youtube video and averaged numbers don't do your argument any good. If we have 100% vanu from 6am for 12 hours from overseas players, and then 0% for the next 12, guess what we averaged 50%, perfect right?

    The fact is alerts are just creating a battle for the TR and the NC that the VS get no say in. Go ahead, anytime in the afternoon next week, make a VS character on Connery and screenshot the population during the event if you want to prove me wrong.

    There must be a way to have large, epic battles that aren't insurmountable (due to sheer numbers) for any one side.
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  20. Blackinvictus

    You want to know what's causing this? Allowing people to play multiple toons from different factions on the same server.

    Pretty bad when you see your own faction spamming "hurry up NC and win this alert, so I can get back on my TR toon!" No ****, this was on Briggs.

    Now all players have to do is jump over to the winning side for an alert, get the XP, and hop back on their other toons.

    They should at least make you wait an hour before you can log in a different character on the same server. Does nothing for faction pride. I see NC pop climb up into the 40's or 50's routinely and the other populations drop drastically during events, dont tell me thats a coincidence. It's %HIT!!

    Dont cry about Pop balance if you are doing this people, its your own damn fault! I even see a couple in this thread having the balls to complain and with two toons from the same server in their signature! Ya, you're part of the problem, F*&(**** now quite *itching!

    Forget the bugs, hax, etc. This issue alone is going to kill the game!

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