OK, the harasser is way to hard kill.

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  1. Larolyn

    Already in game. Called pebbles.
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  2. MallowChunkage

    One of the main problems with the harasser is that it can have a MBT Halberd on it, as opposed to a scaled down harasser variant, like the vulcan etc.

    Harasser halberd is OP, Nerf that too plz.
  3. Unclematos7

    No. Flash physics will suffice.
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  4. deggy

    What gunner?

    That was a 1/3 Vulcan Harasser. Watch the kill board at the end, there was only one person in the thing. It had to stop to shoot.
  5. Slandebande

    You shouldn't lose a 2/2 MBT to a Vulcan-H, then you are doing it wrong. An ESF getting taken out by the Vulcan is similar flying waaaaay too predictably and/or has no reactions at all, as you have plenty of time to afterburn away before you are melted by the Vulcan, there simply is no excuse other than greed or ignorance. Don't even get me started on a Liberator, do you even know how many shots it takes to destroy a Lib? I don't think so by your statements at least.

    Also, please do NOT list only kills, as that is not a measure of balance, but a measure of popularity. Popularity is NOT equaling balance either, before you go down that road. At least use KDR, even though that won't illustrate much anyways, you need more comprehensive stats to show anything worthwhile, these are at least just a waste of time. Wow, 18k kills, who cares, its useless?

    Haha, what high ranking TR are saying the Striker needs to go? That thing is a piece of trash after the updates, and arguing otherwise really points at ignorance. You do know it was nerfed right?

    Also, why are the most experienced crews not using a Vulcan anymore? Because the Halberd is more effective against competent targets, and it just has more flexibility in general, allowing you to engage everything there is pretty effectively, instead of having to rely on peoples stupidity to kill them.

    Arguing that the WDS-Pre season meant much is hilarious, there were so many influencing factors there were changed underway, and that impacted the whole process that a single weapon system or two wouldn't have that impact you are proposing. Population had a much larger impact.

    It's rather funny, of all the weapons you are listing, the only one I use is the Marauder, and even then, only rarely these days (not that the Marauder isn't effective, it just isn't very fun to hunt infantry). Fun fact that you probably don't know since you listed Sunderes: The Halberd actually destroys Sunderers faster than the Vulcan, and can do it at any range. With the Vulcan you have to get close, and infantry worth their salt can protect their Sunderer easily from a Vulcan-H. Heck, just man the 2 stock Basilisks on the Sundy and thwart off the Harasser faster than it can destroy the Sundy, it simply has NO chance with a Vulcan against such a Sundy.

    First of all, you are comparing base RAW damage numbers, without correcting for specific resistances towards the weapons. The Vulcan has a much higher raw number damage due to a tweak made not too long ago where SOE (for some silly reason) decided to improve the Vulcans AI capabilities (despite any experienced TR did NOT want this). To achieve this they doubled the base numbers, but added resistances for most vehicles towards the Vulcan rounds, to keep it more or less the same (it actually got a buff against Sunderers and Lightnings if I'm not mistaken, the Halberd is still best against Sundies though). So please don't compare the raw numbers, as it is irrelevant.

    About the Vanguard, are you sure it didn't have reinforced Side armor on? That actually makes its side Armor stronger than the Front armor, and even a Magrider/Prowler doesn't die to 6 dumbfires to the front.

    The Magrider doesn't even die to 2 Striker volleys if you are hit to the rear, it takes a total of 12 rockets, TO THE REAR. Good job comparing too different situations entirely, and either making stuff up, or being ignorant in the situation. You could've tested this for yourself so easily. It really makes me feel like you are purposely trying to make the weapon seem stronger than it is (by not saying you got hit in the rear), or else you are just lazy. It's like you wanted people to believe 2 Strikers Salvos do more damage than 6 dumbfires. Yeah right.

    The Striker has already been nerfed, and not many high ranked TR use it anymore, its mostly just the lowbies who either haven't gotten the memo that it isn't as great anymore, or people saving up for something else. I barely used the Striker before the nerfs and fixes, now I NEVER use it. That you never use the Lancer is at best, the same situation I'm in. I would trade my Striker for a Lancer any day of the week, as if I wanted a lock-on I'd just use one of the others, which do comparable DPS and can actually dumbfire their payload. Much more versatile. The Striker does the same thing you claim the Lancer does, it fires 5 red, easily visible rockets that show you exactly where the lock-on user is, and how to avoid him and/or kill him easily. Also, you could just use smoke if Strikers are that much of a problem, although I honestly doubt they are.

    Why even comment on stats meaning nothing? Total amount of kills does not mean the weapon is too strong. Please don't support posts that use non-representative data to assist their points.

    An experienced MBT crew walks all over an experienced Harasser crew if nothing serious intervenes. The Harasser only has a chance if it catches the MBT fighting something else. I've never lost my 2/2 AV MBT to a single Harasser, not even close. Even when I barely get many kills in a MBT-run, I will almost always have destroyed at least one enemy Harasser. Vehicle Stealth is your friend.
    The only one that can have it a bit tough is the Magrider, but as long as the "burrowing" under the Magrider is fixed, that should be alright again. The Magrider could use a tweak in general though, but that is another story.
  6. deggy

    The Vulcan actually has the AP damage modifier, which gets a 1.2x damage bonus against armor. To equal the damage per magazine of the Saron, the Vulcan has to hit something like 1/3 of its shots.

    Just informing, draw whatever conclusions you want to. Last time I got Vulcan'd was a while ago, until some TR outfit runs a swarm of 6 of them again I'll be pretty objective about them.
  7. Slandebande

    No, it does not. It has a different modifier than the AP main guns. I made a post about it back when they changed the names of the damage types, that it was misleadingly called AP (although with a slightly different name than the category the AP main guns fit in), although it didn't share the same benefit as the AP rounds of the main guns. I can find the data somewhere, and do a test calculation to prove it if you don't believe me.

    I'm sorry, but it is allowed to use your brain and think about it for a second. If the Vulcan ignored 20% of the armor of MBT's instead of having its damage reduced by 60%, it would be entirely different than today. 220damage per round, effectively doing 264 due to the 1.2, meaning each round compared to more than 10% of a Prowler AP round. That would lead to quite faster TTK than we have now :p
  8. Mechlord

    Upcoming (likely) changes to the Harasser:
    • Composite armor bonus reduced from 5/10/15/20% to 2/4/6/8%. Harassers with max rank composite armor will require 1 less hit to kill with most AV weapons.
    • Repair rate while in rumble seat reduced to 1/3 normal rate.
    • Turbo recharge time increased from 30/25/20/15/10s to 35/30/25/20/15s and can now only be activated when full.
    • Damage received from C4 and tank mines increased.
    • Composite armor no longer affects damage from C4 or small arms (infantry weapons).
    Changes affecting the Harasser
    • More noticeable damage falloff is being added to vehicle secondary weapons. The range of Harasser weapons is being reduced in comparison to the other ground vehicle secondary weapons.
    • The damage of anti-vehicle secondary weapons reduced against infantry.
    • Anti-personnel weapons will receive a damage increase at very close range against infantry and light armor (Harasser).
    • Infrared and thermal vision will no longer highlight tank mines.
  9. Sirlala

    I doubt they would go that far with each area of nerf. When nerfing across the board they will probably do minor changes in each area. As opposed to nerfing repair by 66% and composite by 60%, on top of C4/Tank mine/damage/turbo nerfs as well.
  10. Slandebande

    One would hope so! At least they said something about them nerfing the nerfs or whatnot, maybe that's what we are looking for :p
  11. Mechlord

    These changes are on PTS currently.
  12. TheBlindFreak

    Can we stop making these HARRASSER OP threads? They have heard our pleas. You may resume these threads after the promised balance pass.
  13. NC_agent00kevin

    Id disagree that they didnt use their mobility - to an extent. They tried circling me, and I landed two shots on them that werent easy shots to make. Then they screwed up and thought they could stop and their Vulcan would be the win button, presumably because the terrain didnt work in their favor. I screwed up too and missed the broadside ram, but luckily as you said they werent very good. A good crew would have fled for repairs and/or taken shots on my rear armor.

    I beat Harassers 1v1 about half the time, regardless of if they are good or not. Because I am good with a Lightning. So if they are bad or even average, they lose unless I screw up. If they are good, its a toss up. A lot of it depends on who got the first shot. Loadout is very critical to have right or you will lose to a Harasser easily. Even with the right loadout, its a hard fight.

    If you're going to fight Harassers, IMO this is the only loadout to take:

    Rival 3
    Nanite Auto Repair 5
    Fire Suppression 4

    AP Cannon
    Reload 5
    1.25x Zoom
    Ammo 4 or above

    I often get caught without Fire Suppression as I swap in IR Smoke 4 when fighting TR. It helps though, especially when all you need is one more shot.

    Racer is pointless as most of the time the Harasser will be faster anyway. (they run Racer and Turbo) Rival keeps them from getting rear armor shots and helps keep things fair when it comes to mobility and maneuverability. Reload speed and Auto Repair are critical. When they flee for repairs, you get repaired too, though you need to recognize when they are going for repairs and immediately start your own - because they'll be back thinking you are hurt. You dont need anything more than 1.25x zoom as once they got so far out, you are not likely to hit them anyway.

    All that said, even against average players it can be a hard fight. Experienced and good ones will destroy you if you make the slightest mistake or even hesitate to take the shots. Harassers have knocked the Lightning out of its place as a viable support tank, and that should not happen. Im tired of the '3 man crew' argument too. Sunderers have a 12 man crew, but that doesnt mean they are king of the battlefield.
  14. Sirlala

    Eh well if that goes live, they will have overdone it, we will see though.
  15. NC_agent00kevin

    There were two guys; one jumped out. Nice try.
  16. deggy

    I didn't see anyone jump out.

    And I didn't see it repair, either, but that just goes to the badness of the crew.
  17. NC_agent00kevin

    Im sure you dont see a lot of stuff when it convenient. He jumps out to the right at 0:39. The guy comes flying over the hill, turning and shooting at the same time but you think there is only one guy? Talk about bad...

    A 2 man crew cant fight and repair at the same time; like I said they should have fled but they chose to shoot.

  18. deggy

    Not saying it because it was "convenient". I was saying it because that's what I saw.
  19. CWorth

    Well IMHO if they keep the armor they need to slow the vehicle speed way down to compensate.Without the armor it can keep its speed but cert the armor and you lose that speed. Any vehicle that small and armored enough to survive tank rounds,AT mines and rocket/C4 hits is not going to be able to move very fast at all. Or simply remove the repair on the go routine.
  20. Brahma2

    I can kill a Harasser in less than three and a half seconds... what's the fastest ttk for harasser on Mags again?

    Vulcan harasser comes in nice and close, Vulcan harasser takes a volley... Vulcan harasser lives for a little over three more seconds then it dies.

    But hey, if ya'll are having trouble 1v1 I understand.