Ok, so the art design team wasn't stupid or anything.

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  1. KlyptoK

    No that's exactly what I mean, this is insane.

    I'm also getting the impression that you wanted something to look different from most others and so you bought a helmet and didn't care much personally for the quality or personal feel of it otherwise you would have used better judgement or standards and not have bought it.

    I didn't buy the helmets when the game launched because I think they can be much better. I still haven't bought any masks (other than the one-time cheezy skull mask this past week simply for the fun cheezy factor and to burn some extra member SC ^.^ ) because I still think the NC masks can be better and there are none that have stood out to me as cool or that I like. Really that TR gas mask one I thought was interesting but I'm not TR. This is a free to play game after all, where the developers continuously generate new content so one is bound to show up if I wait long enough, and it's not critical that I have one.

    And yes, when I was 17 I was going to buy an iPod touch and I saved up enough money to buy it, but I saw that I was not satisfied with what the 2nd generation model had to offer so I waited a few months and then the 3rd generation was released. I was still disappointed that it didn't have a camera in it. And yes they obviously had the technology to do so since it was in the iPhone, but I'm not all up in arms conspiracy theories with Apple holding out to generate more sales, I just slated the camera to a smartphone upgrade someday in the future and bought the ipod because I needed a media player that year.

    But the analogy to apple products kinda falls apart since this is a video game that has content which can be replaced and modified easily and this game company is willing to go pretty far to improve the player experience. Look at the test server and the totally redesigned base layouts on Indar. In fact, based on player feedback they have already redesigned the Indar continent dozens of times from beta and post-launch, and that doesn't directly generate sales but takes considerable amounts of time to implement. The original base designs sucked. I mean, the tech plants alone at launch were pretty horrible.

    If you really think that the first batch of helmets wasn't as good a quality as the new ones that were released then offer suggestions on how to improve the existing product. They may implement those changes and fix up the aesthetics to be better looking (which could lead to more people buying them too).

    But what you are suggesting is still just nuts.
  2. Roland2TowerCame

    Is OP a troll? He sounds like a troll.
  3. KlyptoK

    Most likely
  4. illgot

    try that on a female toon
  5. zealluck

    Kinda wanna let this thread die, but since you really took time to type all this. I understand what you saying, it's nice to have developer making improvement, but it just surprised me how bad the art design team could do at beginning. Just look at our original weapons and armors, I can't remember how many people cried out for firing whoever designed them. I could bear with it because I thought that we just had bad luck with an incompetent art design team, which had done their best. However they turned out to be quite capable now.
    Is it really so difficult to just make some good looking guns? If not, could they just make them look different?
    You might argue: "you don't like them, then don't buy them." True, but same thing can be said to many of nowadays bad marketing practice in the game industry. And I really don't like this "let's send out of whatever we have to make profit and catch up with the rest of problems later." idea.
    In the old days when games came out in discs, they only deliver what they thought as best they could have made. Only few patches would be needed for some bug fixes after release. The game had been properly tested before the deliver. Now? We became testers.They are making so much improvement (repair) after the game is released.

    By the way, I didn't buy the old helmets because I liked them. It's simply because I could not stand fighting a future war with a WWII helmet, and whatever helmet they put up there was the only option. Like I said this will be my first and last free to play game. Since I already invested $300+, I might as well enjoy it bit more whenever I feel like it, but I will not put one more cent into it.
  6. Fned

    I noticed that too, the loyalty camo and the Esamir Ice camo both somehow make it not look oversized...

    ...except on infiltrator, nothing makes that helmet look good on infil.
  7. Arquin

    I loved the protos helmet idea, but didn't buy any of them because they were just masks made out of cardboard (Shoulda been proper helmets, would have instabought). When the Hyperion came out, I was dissapointed that it wasn't full-face coverage, but after seeing my outfit made don in like a bauss, I just HAD to buy it (Not want, had. Like, drug addict had)

    And you know what?

    It doesn't look bad. Not at all. I mean, it's not something you might expect from the idea of VS (Alien stuff), but it has a bit of an otherwordly vibe to it. Mostly because it makes you look like an insect. Which is what I love. Many of the VS design ideas remind me of insects, i mean, check the max composite or the medic backbag. Chitin carapace, anyone?

    PS. Hyperion helmet + Medic = Alien, but still human enough. It hits RIGHT in the uncanny valley. It's uncomfortable, but intriguing to look at.

    PPS. Xenoxus helmet + MAX composite armor ;)
  8. NaySayer

    The stormtrooper helmet is nice, but only looks good on engy, medic, and heavy. On the la and infy it looks too big. Wish they scaled them for each class.
  9. Protios

    You asked, I deliver:

    Female Medic:


    Female Engineer:


    Female Heavy Assault:

  10. jdono67894

    The NC one makes your head smaller so it is the best.
  11. DonC

    Those are about to cost 2 bucks.
  12. Zan_Aus

    Sometimes when I'm at work I have an idea. Then two months later I have another idea which turns out to be much better than my original idea.

    However, in order for my bosses to not be upset at my first idea, I don't implement the second idea and instead stick it in the drawer. I iz smarts.