Ok, so the art design team wasn't stupid or anything.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zealluck, May 4, 2013.

  1. zealluck

    They ****ted us on purpose, hiding all those beautiful designs from us. After we bought their nasty looking helmets and weapons, all the sudden they become smart ***** who really know how to design. Look at the new TR helmet; it just look so damn good.

    I'm really sad about the direction our game industry is going these days. They don't try to deliver the best products to the fans anymore. Instead, they sell half finished or downgraded version first, then DLCs and other money grabbers latter. I'm so ***** tired of this. It's a profitable but unethical practice, at least to the old gamers with old memories. Should I be happy about the art design team finally got their brains back? I don't know, someone please tell me!
  2. SinerAthin

    Unfortunately, the TR helmet only looks good on a decked out Heavy.

    On anyone else it looks a bit oversized :p
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  3. Oreo202

    You do realize these take a while to make? They've obviously learned from their previous helmet designs.
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  4. SinerAthin


    They have come a long way from making skull helmets...
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  5. Pikachu

    The maniac masks seems to be their biggest success. I have seen a few stormtroopers and only 1 NC glass face.
  6. Seranov

    I think it looks amazing on my medic in Esamir snow camo w/ composite armor. I look like a full-blown Stormtrooper.
  7. zealluck

    you just wait, they will come up with something nice again later. And there you go your ten bucks.
    It's not just helmets; all those new weapons, they look like they were made by two different teams. When they said that all the future released items would have the same level of quality, I knew right away that something was fishy about it. Yeah, and they kept their promise.
  8. LT_Latency

    I think they want to make money.

    You always start of as generic solider. they upgrade to look awsome. If you start off awsome there is no point in upgrades
  9. SinerAthin

    Problem is, many of the weapons we have today were copy pasted and designed to fit a large variety of different roles.

    They didn't have that much time to design each specific weapon when they were designing the whole game as well :)
  10. Protios

    Agree to disagree...




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  11. KlyptoK

    This is insane.

    Really, you should understand that content will continuously be produced expanding your options and eventually they may have something you would like. If you thought the earlier helmets were nasty looking, why did you buy them?

    It's not like you had to buy them at that time like some kind of limited edition thing.

    Should someone get mad at apple when it releases a new iPhone because they supposedly "conned" them into buying the original when it first came out?
  12. Revanmug

    While I do love the TR helmet, I cannot for the love of god see myself with the new NC helm. Best product? What the hell is it suppose to be?! I'll stick with the default and actual helmet.
  13. zealluck

    You are not getting the point. The point is they were not trying to deliver the best possible product at beginning. They might have intentionally kept the quality at low level to promote future sale. The same art design team, which should be the ones with most free time in the dev team, produced two products with different levels of qualities. And don't forget that "the future released item will keep the same level of quality." announcement. would you be happy with your iphone 3 purchase when iphone 4 come out just couple months later? I think not, especially knowing that they already got iphone 4 technology ready while producing iphone 3.

    You might be a happy gamer ok with whatever coming. But I'm an old gamer who got spoiled by good-product-at-lunch in the old time.

    Unless they changed art design team, or else I don't believe the default items were the best they could pull at the time.
  14. Cl1mh4224rd

    So... what? You want them to deliver all the best stuff up front, then release less than the best stuff over time?

    Personally, I'd rather they release increasingly better content over time even if it means people like you complaining about how "awful" all of the previous stuff was in comparison. I can't see an upward trend in quality as anything other than a positive situation.

    In my opinion, they're not the ones that ever lost their brains...
  15. Marinealver

    The skull face, goth spiked, and Jason hockey mask where just cheap code that can easily be animated in a short tiem and low budget and put into play after the game launched.

    To be honest the game launch was premature and this would have been a better launch time. Still half complete but way better than launch date. I can actually stand playing this game for a few hours rather than getting angry with it and logging (more often crashing to desktop instead) and then go play something else like FTL.
  16. Sebyos

    Honestly I think they all look pretty bad. I think every single helmet available too me looks atrocious especially the maniac and hyperion.
  17. Cl1mh4224rd

    That makes no sense. Take your time and put some real thought into that hypothesis of yours; you'll eventually see the absurdity, I hope.
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  18. Cl1mh4224rd

    There's no accounting for taste. I think the Maniac helmets look really cool.
  19. Nocturnal7x

    Funny you mention the first iphone in this thread. haha
  20. WalrusJones

    Medics have always been manly enough to wear the helmet of ultimate justice.

    They did tease a hat and aviator glasses early on.
    When that gets released....