Ok played couple hours as NC...again

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  2. icesail

    Here is your cookie troll.

    If the line "TR has the worst sniper rifles" is not a dead give away he is trolling, I do not know what would be.
    Every single sniper and recon rifles in this game is a carbon copy of each other. Every single stat is exactly the same.
    They only have cosmetic differences.
  3. HellasVagabond

    While i was reading what the OP wrote i was like WTF ? Do i need glasses ?
  4. X3Killjaeden

    after the carv change i feel like TR are pretty even with NC. I don't feel outclassed anymore (i don't use the saw). I still hate vanu because of the Orion though, the ADS movementspeed bonus is stupid, it's a huge advantage.
    And flinching is s***. Apart from that i think the guns are kinda ok. ESF and EST are worse (magrider owning, Reaver beeing a slow brick without any real benefits). If the vehicle issues solved i'm happy. I don't expect infantry guns to change anymore.

    TR are my favorite enemy, because they put up a fair fight. Not like the spandexterrorists with their easymode stockequipment.
  5. Clutchstep

    Just FYI for each NC sniper rifle, there is an identical TR one. Basically they're just different skins, the stats from the weapon data are identical. The only difference between TR and NC snipers is that NC starts off with a bolt action and the TR gets a semi-auto. But if you like the Bolt Driver so much you can go buy an identical TR version (I think it's called the M77). Incidentally, VS snipers also get identical weapons but a couple of theirs don't have bullet drop (although some do).
  6. LameFox

    It's also possible he's stupid.
  7. Dreez

    Having no bullet-drop on a sniper-rifle is auto-win.. all you need to do it aim for the head and 1shot everytime, no accounting
    for range, only movement. I sure hope some NC and TR sniper has 0 bulletdrop, otherwise it is yet another favorism to Vanu.
  8. vaxx

    VS Sniper rifles DO have bullet drop. What part of identical dont you get?
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  9. lobe44

    I play on Miller as well and I have no idea what you are talking about.. VS always matches our numbers if not more. Hell go to Esamir or Indar and see for yourself...
  10. The King

    All the ones I used, the bullet dropped.
    Even some VS claim they don't either and are a super infiltrator. Though, every sniper rifle I used had it.

    That's how he is. If you were on the server, he's QQing all in there too.
    Also, it's quite funny what people believe, People say it enough, people will blindly believe it. So much of it is all over the place in this thread.
  11. Suriakk

    And Troll ... all 3 pages of you fail...
  12. Pinchy

    couple >>>OF<<< hours.
  13. Dixa

    stop making posts like this, especially in new threads. it's a clear case of attention whoring.

    nc have the best long range engineer weapon in the game, and it's a carbine. vs have nothing on it.
  14. orthus2

    I was using playing some TR earlier and their carbine/SMG/whatever is quite easier to control than NC's but maybe that is just my personal taste. (engineer weapon)
  15. Hurk

    LOL so true.
  16. Highduke

    You are not serious right...?
    The Reaver is a freaking cardboard box, it cant aim, cant dodge, and is the easiest to hit....

    I agree NC dont have much to complain about, but the Reaver is the absolutely terrible!
  17. ScarabParamit

    Hah, i know! I have extremely OC'ed PC, my best pall can play BF3 on Ultra at 45+ fps yet he got 15-18 like you. Something is very broken in this game, and i think its main reason servers are almost empty...but even with 85fps that would still be the same as metagame is broken, so SOE need to fix a lot!
  18. Jaloro

    Scarab, if you are going to have some stupid sig mocking the lead designers intelligence, at least get the spelling right.
  19. PresidentFreeman

    Viewkick alone screws over NC, jsut try outshooting a Pulsar LSW while your aim is being force to the moon.