Ok OK DEV'S??? You fixing the chat system soon? or did you give up!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Maxsin2, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Maxsin2

    OK guys its been a few days now and the TR chat system is still broken. I have had member in are outfit check the VS and NC chat systems and they are working better but still kinda broken. I don't care about those leave them alone if you want, well maybe fix NC's but leave the stink'in VS's I hate them anyways.

    But really you Dev guys is there a fix coming yet?
  2. sagolsun

    I have no idea why that system keeps breaking. If they fixed it, it's supposed to stay fixed. It's not like they're actively rolling out new features, yet every third patch or so it bugs out.

    Apparently they're using Vivox and while it does kinda sorta work more or less as well as can be expected some of the time, other times it rolls over and dies. Could be a configuration issue on SOE's part (other games with this tech work better) or it could be that Vivox itself is broken.

    Either way, a permanent solution has to be found. Restarting the servers until it stops being broken is not a long-term solution. Not knowing whether your comms are getting through and having to do a voice check every login is not conductive to teamplay.
  3. day ofm one

    What is broken with your chat?

    Mine (TR) works fine, escept that I can't see my own /region .
  4. Maxsin2

    once in a Squad or platoon . both do not work. Squad sometimes..... Outfit which is the most important with 300 plus members doesn't work at all
  5. BrianJ2

    I hope you do know that the NC's on Woodman was broken for a mere 2 days in total. It did not work at all for those 2 days. Hope this merge fixes it :D