Ok, Im new to PS and fps's

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by CM_PrincessButtercup, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. CM_PrincessButtercup

    ..but Im gonna give it a go! I always play healers in MMOs so Im sticking with that.
    How do i tell if someone needs healing? as far as i can tell i cant see friendlies hp bar.
    Should i stick with a specific class in my squad?
    how do I heal myself? can i?
    should i concentrate on healing/reviving soley in a squad?
    When if Im healing should i expect others to "have my back"?

    thanks I may have more questions later
  2. renegadeknight

    1-you can see health bars. If you can't they are probably fine. Players also use voice macros(V key then the number of the desired one) to ask for healing. You also will probably see a symbol over someones head if they need healing.
    2-not really, but keep in mind that you can only revive maxs and not heal them. Engineers do that, so you might want to help someone else out. Heavy assaults are usually easier to keep healed up since they don't move around as much.
    3-you can use an AOE heal with the F key. Heals yourself and everyone nearby.
    4-Up to you and how you play, though people would probably appreciate you healing/reviving them even if they aren't in your squad.
    5-not really, unless your in an organized group or some such where you could ask someone too. If your zerging people are usually too busy shooting the other guys than to cover you.
  3. sinez

    Yeah, what the guy above said. Just try to be careful when you're riviving- dont do it suicidally unless you know another medic in your group can bring YOU back. You're technically the most valuable part of your team in an actually organized group, so keep safe, but dont forget, this is a COMBAT medic. You can absolutely go toe to toe with most other classes in this game, and provided you shoot first and they dont get to cover, you've got decent odds of beating the average player in a firefight.

    Oh, and watch for snipers. For this reason, moving around while reviving is probably a smart idea: headshotting a moving target at range is HARD.
  4. Trysaeder

    Get level 3-4 med tool ASAP. It's relatively cheap and will improve your quality of play by magnitudes.
    Get level 1 nanoweave armour ASAP. +10% health (5% overall) for only one cert point is a no brainer.
    Watch rivaLxFactor's videos on combat and objectives. Not only the planetside ones; the BF3 ones are still relevant for how to peek and how to move around.
    Do not be rash or reckless. You can't revive yourself, only others, so value your life and do not waste it foolishly. Poke around a corner, pick some enemies off, push forward while picking up your fallen allies. Do it slow and methodically, and I guarantee you'll get a ton of points.
    COMBAT medic. It's in the name. Your default assault rifle is an above average weapon at most ranges, so do not be afraid to use it. Your upgraded rifles are the best in the game, easily able to slaughter shielded heavies.
    Pop your F heal when getting shot at. It can save you from a bullet or two, which may be the difference between life and death.
  5. renegadeknight

    2 good points are forgot to mention
  6. fawny

    There are no classes that are exclusively support in this game. So be mindful that if you're using your medical applicator 100% of the time, you're doing something wrong. That's how I receive calling the combat medic the "healer class" and tying it in with other MMOs. =P
  7. Vreki

    Oh that's funny.

    You should be happy if the others dont shoot you in the back.
    The two most important medic tools I have are the Medical Applicator and a shotgun.
  8. CM_PrincessButtercup

    I dont see whats so funny. If I cant count on the other squad mates while Im healing them, then why should i bother healing in the first place?
  9. Vreki

    To help the team, and to get exp of course.
    If you want people you can count on, you will need an outfit. The average player is basically a wild animal with no understanding of what is happening around them. The kill and die in and endless cycle.

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