Ok. Explain to me why Miller NC are so bad?

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  1. Mystogan

    As a BR 100 NC on Miller I agree.

    The reasons are few- game after merge, continent locking and lattice system (that was long time ago I know) made game just BIG ZERG fest. NC has a couple of great outfits, however they are small/medium outfits. A small/medium outfit, even the best, hell even two the best can't do much when 150 VS players just zerg them/MAX crash them/grande spam them in all those small rooms, corridors, points.

    And now every fight on Miller is either 96+ vs 96+ and then no tactic is require or usefull, it is just throwing bodies on choke points till one zerg breaks.

    Or its 96+ vs 24+ and....yea....well.

    Reson why now VS are mostly dominant, they have two big zerg-outfits DIG and KOTV with a lot of smaller outfits which mostly just follow zerg. No tactic is here, just zerg. And this zerg will only stop when NC zerg will come.

    NC has no zerg outfits on Miller. Couple good ones- rest players just wanted to play "cool mercenaries/bad boys/guitar solo faction" and well....NC arsenal is not noob-friendly. TR...hmm.....GOON is pretty zergy, but not so much.

    In short- after merge/locking- zerg tactic is best tactic. And Miller VS are best in zerging.

    So yea- it's VS time :). Planetside became so boring....only zerg vs zerg all day, all day.
  2. RyanGUK

    Not true, some outfits are there to guide newer players, and I'd class them as what you don't think are good outfits. These outfits still assist in some way or another. They're still helpful, if they play the alerts (if they play the alerts) and you see them around from time to time, they are necessary as they are on TR & VS on Miller.

    I disagree, we might not have many zergfits, ORBS being the only one that comes to mind and compared to KOTV or DIG they're half the size of them. We've got plenty of decent outfits around, you've got WASP, JNJ, CONZ, FRMD, MCY, 252V, XDT, OHHH (might have the tag wrong there), ABTF, FHM, 151st, REBR and they're just the ones that are come from the top of my head.

    The real issue facing NC Miller is a lack of leadership, and we always have had that problem. We just don't have enough leaders around who are communicating with other NC outfits on command chat or NCTO, whereas VS and TR have never really had a lack of leadership, there's always somebody popping up to lead. When NC get good leadership, holy crap we play with some god-like epicness.

    Without leaders, we trawl around aimlessly running from base to base or ending up with half our forces stuck in Allatum Bio Lab.
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  3. Alan Kalane

    Strategy & squad play =/= zerging
    Something VS fails to understand.
    My outfit isn't big but when we run a squad we never zerg or spawncamp because it's bad for both sides.
    1. It's boring
    2. It wields less XP rewards than fighting on equal pop
    3. Too many soldiers in one place staring at a shiny box (the spawnroom) and waiting for the timer to hit zero = waste in manpower.

    To me VS wins everything on miller because nobody wants to fight the zergy farmer faction VS has become, not because they got supreme leaders or brilliant strategy. Putting all your troops in one place is no strategy at all. If this was real life VS would get instantly flanked and crushed or simply outmanuevered, but it's just a game and everyone would rather have fun fighting NC/TR than get spawncamped.
  4. Alan Kalane

    Fixed that for you
  5. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Honestly, Miller as a whole is rather bad nowadays.
    No comparison to a few months back.
    Zerg. Zerg everywhere.
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  6. Tito

    [IMG]This its the problem NC miller (Teritory) right now live
  7. RyanGUK

    Sorry, I've not been on live in a while (only log in to collect cert allowance nowadays) so I can't remember everybody :(
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  8. Alan Kalane

    No offence :)
  9. SpaceZeal0t

    I played miller NC for a while with a friend, they are unorganized. In fact there was one time where we were surprised to see any squad or leader chat going on.

    Before the PPA nerf and woodman merge, miller NC were that one faction who could win stuff without even thinking , they would steamroll with maxes and reavers. For some reason now that isn't happening anymore.

    You are one brave soul to be playing NC on miller instead of cobalt or even connery (ez mode there)
  10. Pitbooll

    A tale from todays front:
    Time: 08:30 (AM CET, for those who find this useful ;) )
    Place: Red Ridge Communications
    Population: 20-25 on side (approx 50%-50%)
    When i spawn on Scarred Mesa , NC was sitting in spawn, was farmed by 4 mosquitos or infantry or gal parked on roof
    My first thoughts was, its another day in the NC and to blow C4 in spawn so they wake up :mad:
    1 min left for defending so i decided to redeploy and fall back to Red Ridge.
    I've taken Burster MAX to get sky less dangerous and i've managed to scare off gal, kill 2 esf's and scare off 3 esf's
    I didn't saw a single lock-on chasing an esf,
    any AA,AI,or AV MAX, only one guy throw me an ammo on the roof and it was after i empty'ed ammo 4 times (i have Ammo Storage 4/5 on AA loadout ;) so it take's some time to run out off ammo )
    When sky was clearer a sundy just deployed in my line of sight
    so ive changed to falcons and after 1'st salve i was lol pod'ed in to death T.T

    I'm sorry if i had written something incorrectly :) I'm not a natve english speaker/writer
    Cheers - [POL] Pitbooll
  11. Hegeteus

    TR and VS players whine just as much! But on Nitro Circus I must agree on...
  12. Astriania

    The current metagame is broken: territory doesn't matter outside alerts, so lots of people farm instead of trying to take bases, and that habit persists into alerts. Also, redeployside is everything. Those two things aren't particularly fun for strategic players so there is much less strategic coordination or leading of strategic platoons than there used to be.

    We're losing alerts because our zerg is smaller and less controlled, but that's more a feature of outfit size rather than incompetence I think. Everyone who would have been coordinating alert play is just bummed out with the current state of the game.
  13. Bingabong

    So a normally Vanu players tries playing one of the other sides and fails to last long then rage quits. I wonder why... Coudn't have anything to do with being used to being well and truly overpowered could it, oh no....
  14. BlueSkies

    NC is fine. I play all 3 on Miller (though NC is generally my main). I do occasionally get disheartened by the sudden surge of stupidity apparently befalling my comrades, but then I hop on to a different faction and within an hour, I see something done by TR or VS that was equally dumb.

    Its just the way it goes.. every so often one faction or another becomes a sink hole of bad ideas and bad teamwork.
  15. sindz

    No actually not, NC is alot more overpowered in terms of infantry weapons - by far. But what does that matter when an equally popped faciton couldnt even organize a cake bake, yet alone fighting a war without playing with your pants on your head. IF anything VS is the most underpowered faction at the moment, so nice try there sonny jim.
  16. Tito

    R.I.P NC miller rest an peace
  17. Borsty

    Just had another 2 hours on Miller as NC. I WANT TO KILL YOU BRAINDEAD MORONS! Really, those guys are great advertisement for VS and TR.
  18. Goretzu

    The issue on Miller in that context though is that most of the time both Miller TR and MIller VS prefer to fight Miller NC when given an option, it is always been that way (where as Miller NC seem to just fight both).

    It is why an average Miller map usually looks like this at some point:


    With 2/3 or more of the TR or VS attacking the NC (in a 33/33/33 cont) and only 1/3 (or less) attacking each other.

    The good side it is results in a lot of good fights for NC. :cool:
  19. Xasapis

    I'm having an easier time finding good fights with TR than the other two factions these days.
  20. FieldMarshall

    I was playing TR during a Hossin alert earlier today. TR/VS was fighting on 7 different hexes. NC/TR was fighting on 2 hexes and VS/NC was fighting on 3 hexes.
    VS had the most territory, followed by NC, and TR kept getting pushed back slowly by VS.
    The TR/NC fights were more back and forth, but NC also slowly lost territory to VS without much resistance.

    I fought a loosing battle with the VS for about an hour before i said "this is boring", so i went over to see how the NC fight was.
    Sure enough not one minute into the fight NC /y chat read "good job TR handing the alert to VS. Stop fighting NC"...

    Thats whats wrong with NC Miller in a nutshell.