Ok. Explain to me why Miller NC are so bad?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sindz, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. sindz


    Im currently enjoying my NC alt alot, but I simply cannot play it for that long without raging and then loggin my VS char instead. And its not about being OP or UP, its simply about NC on miller couldnt organize or lead to save their lives - its downright pathetic.

    Why is this? The TR and VS _always_ dominate NC on this server.

    Get your **** together NC miller please.

    And its almost evenly popped.
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  2. Movoza

    Some rumors are that the merging with Woodman left the NC a bit barren. The was much lower in squad/outfit power then the others, while the NC on Miller was sufficient. The influx has disturbed this, leaving the NC with relatively a lot more pleasure players than tactical/pro/teamplayers. Rumors or not, there are more people complaining about it.

    If you really have a lot of problems, join a good outfit. You will still have your irritations, but at least you have some people who regularly have your back.
  3. Goretzu

    NC Miller had to put up with early VS then long-term TR domination, add that to Woodman and there may well be more NC casual players relatively.

    I don't think there's much of a difference myself these days though - things have got better since a few people were banned too (not coincidentally either IMO).
  4. johnway

    I feel the exactly the same way when i play as TR as i wonder what the hell is going horribly wrong whenever i play (low pops, outfits not mobilized during the time of day, not on the correct continents, etc etc). the NC can be a tough nut to crack and i sometimes very much prefer to fight the VS for easy prey.

    If its any consolation, the NC aren't as terrible as they were in the early days and they are a very determined bunch. Some good times as they doggedly attempt to crush defenders into submission. Its just some days it feels like they just want to charge through the same damn doorway where they know where we would be waiting.
  5. Copasetic

    VS have been the strongest lately, don't know why.
  6. braytz

    because there is always a vs zerg platoon running , while nc most of the time have few platoons with low pop in all the coninents.

    it seems like all our big/competitive platoons left the game.
  7. p10k56

    Cause they are NC:rolleyes:
    Team killers, terrible drivers, tunnel vision moles, constant whiners and once more terrible drivers.
    But they have best weapons so it is not so bad being NC:p
  8. Drasilov

    They seem to do just fine when I am on?
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  9. Borsty

    Always good to generalize!

    Anyway, the current meta (as it always was) is: biggest zerg is best. And it just so happenes that Miller NC doesn't have too many people interested in massive zergs. We don't like that.
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  10. Tito

    first to all yes sometimes or maybe every day nc play hoorible problem its another nc players constantly swapp the other faction

    after non its tr overpop (nc swap )
    after 21.00 NC again swap the vs and VS oveer pop

    ths its soe fault balancing facction its a bad

    my outif its doing wery well
  11. MarkAntony

    only reason NC is bad is because you don't yell at them enough TITO ;)
    But us two don't have to worry. we got CONZ.
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  12. patrykK1028

    Because FREEDOM!!!
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  13. Whatupwidat

    Main reason is the lack of decent and large outfits - we have some really good ones, but compared to TR and VS we don't have enough. Before the merge it was the TR that was dominant, and after all that's happened is we got a similar number of same-type players we always had. VS benefited most from the merge in that before it they were average of 29% pop at prime-time if I remember right.

    So yeah, basically the reason is that, coupled with both VS and TR viewing us rightly as the easier target. The basic skill level of all three sides is pretty similar all told, as is the pop. It's all down to leadership and competency.
  14. Dinapuff

    It's the NC's own fault for not joining good outfits.
  15. braytz

    i always see the same,useless, outfit.

    the only fun outfit was the Zukov one.now i'm into ORBS but i don't like it much.
  16. Tito

    its not matter what outfit you are its matter a you play objectives lot of nc dont play objectives, Cmon guys its thad hard cap back the point or cap the point
  17. LordTankT9

    I think we got bored fighting - Miller alerts look like this:
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  18. Catalyist

    Man, I was thinking the same thing yesterday. Especially during off-hours it's just horrible. :(

    Players being ignorant and not helping out one another.
    The few open squads being sent into pointless battles and consequently getting farmed.
    Lack of logical actions like grabbing a freakin rocket launcher to get rid of the tank that is farming everyone.
    And it's not just new players that do this. I see plenty of alts and camoed people out there acting all-out brain dead.

    I know it's off-hours and all factions on all servers can be kinda meh during that time of the day... But goddamit, NC Miller is just the worst. :mad:
  19. InoxGecko

    Too much honking

    *honk* *honk*
  20. pnkdth

    I play all three factions on Miller. I do not notice much brilliance on any faction. Most fights are settled with a good dose of redeployside, overpop, or an ever-growing zergball. When you get outzerged any faction will feel worthless and stupid.

    When playing alts you have a limited sample of time spent on that particular faction. For instance, I play VS(BR87) and NC(BR58). At first I went in with the notion that NC was kinda derpy as a faction but as I kept playing it wasn't any different than VS. Indeed, as VS you run for the hills when you see a magrider but as NC I can easily avoid getting run over by that slow moving, and loud, brick of a Vanguard.

    Like Drasilov says, NC seems fine(or atleast not worse off than anyone else) to me.
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