OHK Knife-Phobia? Seriously Guys?

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  1. xxx-reaper

    People are afraid of infiltrators with short range one shot kills that can be used to wipe out massive quantities of people when used with the stalker cloak. It becomes very anti-fun and they'll have to make better ways to detect infiltrators in return and then no one will have fun as infiltrators anymore. The only reason the crossbow wasn't overpowered was that it still required a head-shot and it is the second slowest projectile with a really slow fire-rate. But even so when it was first released everyone played stalker crossbow infis and it was just really annoying because they never contributed to any kind of team progress for the game. They just sat still at doors and waited for easy kills.
    Nobody wants a repeat of that!
  2. xxx-reaper

    No, shotguns are still a far far worse thing. God forbid they got a jackhammer.
  3. TheKhopesh

    Why, thank you.

    As for why I'm on NC, it's mostly because I like the Reaper DMR and Phoenix launchers so much.
    They're just so immensely fun to use.

    Concerning the OHK knife wtih it's sound versus the crossbow+knife combo, they both have upsides and downsides.

    With the OHK knife, you still get a decent sidearm of your choosing, with the crossbow you don't get to choose which sidearm you use, but you get less noise.
    So it's all preference really. ;)
  4. TheKhopesh

    I agree.

    And yes, there are not NEARLY enough hackable terminals for infiltrators.
    What happened to having at least one infantry loadout terminal outside the safe room per facility?

    It bothers me that they have a feature like this, and the areas you can use it are so limited.
  5. Ezio91FF

    Better ways to detect infiltrators? If after the last patch you still have trouble detecting them, you must have pretty bad eyes...
  6. Rachitynowy

    one of videos that shows why knifing is quite good right now

    This is not terribly good footage and most of you guys could embed something more daring.

    Probably most of you will say that i knifed only noobs who let me do this. No, clientside is reason why noone, no single one knifed me back. I already killed them on this big biolab farmfest before they knew it. Just run around the corners and you will have plenty knife kills. Imagine what will it be if i would have OHK knife. This would reduce ttk /2 and i would be able to clear that room with single medic exploiting immense ping.

    There is no issue with OHK knifes, no. This could be fun but not until i have 0.3s advantage against my opponent. He can only watch the second blow and with OHK there would be no second blows

    And this is applied for shotguns too but at least shotgun is a matter of sacrificing something but still exploits the clienside lag.
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  7. exLupo

    Additionally, "The slow blade penetrates the shield."

  8. Atenson

    It's a knife. Shoot them before they get within 10 meters. Improperly equipped for CQC, pull out your own stupid knife. Get jumped by an infiltrator, guess you better check your corners more thoroughly or if your computer sucks, rock a flashlight.

    Also to the comments about 1 dude going to town on a group of enemies because of friendly fire avoidance... My philosophy is, if the friendlies around me can't handle themselves in CQC & there is a risk of me dying, I am blasting everyone & hoping there is a friendly medic nearby.
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  9. TheKhopesh

    Dune, such a great movie.

    Anywho, yes.
    The blade likely travels at a speed of about 15 m/s or less.
    The shields stop bullets by attempting to block everything under say 30 m/s.
    This allows medics to heal you with slow moving nanites, yourself to swing a nanite injector into your arm for the health kits, etc.
    While disallowing faster moving projectiles which could harm you easily.

    The knife is the one thing that a person can poses on themselves which can impart enough energy to deal damage, yet not exceed the speed limit for what is allowed in order to provide access to aid materials.
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