OHK Knife-Phobia? Seriously Guys?

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  1. Dcrd

    Who said knifes are last resort tools? Also knife requires you to be in melee range so it can't compete with any primary or secondary weapon.

    Try to go with a knife against a guy with a shotgun, maybe you'll get to know that melee range and short range is not the same.

    What's bad about it? You're stupid enough to let another guy come into melee range and you don't even try to knife him yourself? Well get rekt then ladm8.

    It's not the hit detection, you're just bad. Besides detection affects knives stronger then anything.

    Open your eyes to see infiltrators = problem solved.
    And oh no! How can we implement anything that MAY cause stalker cloak being useful?
  2. Kirppu1

    I meant that all the Effin time it's a knife, and i am getting sick of it, in a war that is planetside scale i do not think that a knife is a viable option when in comparison to the stock of the gun, it is much more faster to lift the guns stock so it goes forward than it is to knife, because when you knife you first have to put the gun away then grab the knife.

    This thing is still just little touches and i would like to see that a knife is weld only and a gun's stock is the primary "punch" Mainly because i hate the knife as i mentioned above because is in every single game, and in every single game the knife is welded the same way, it looks way too much like cawadooty
  3. TheKhopesh

    Think of it this way:

    PS2 armor and energy shielding is designed to stop the high velocity blunt force trauma caused by bullets.
    It's not ideal for stopping low velocity sharp force trauma caused by knives.

    This is the same reason that conventional Kevlar body armor also does not do well in protecting against stabbings, which is why kevlar doesn't do well for guards in prisons.
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  4. Plastikfrosch

    but thats how the new mechanism will work. you cant use the new OHK-knife in the shot-knife-combo (yes you can swing that knife but you wont be able to activate it in that combo). you need to put your weapon away take the knife and activate it to do the OHK.
    And as long as there is war there will always be situations of close/melee-combats so a knife will always be a good option in a war.
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  5. Kirppu1

    Oh ok thanks for clearing it out
  6. Kirppu1

    While this is true it still is the darn knife, it's all the time a knife
  7. TheKhopesh

    Yes, it's a knife.

    And your average human male can put approximately 110 lb (50 kg) of force into one swing of said knife.
    All that weight over an approximate 240 nanometer sharpened point.

    Taking into account the 50 kg of energy being imparted across an approximate 45-50 square centimeters focused down to a 240 nanometer point means it's hitting with about 1,050 metric tons of force at the tip.

    This means that your average human can pierce military grade body armor with a sufficiently sharp knife with little difficulty.
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  8. Kirppu1

    It seems that yhou have passed the high school physics, congrats. Here take my thumb up
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  9. Stromberg

    kevlar vests have ceramic plates for the sharp tool problem. ppl who make those armors are aware of knives, you won't pierce a freaking military grade armor with a knife!
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  10. Plastikfrosch

    but there are still weakpoints: under the arm, the throat, you can even open an artery at the inside of the leg. so a knife will always be deadly as long as you dont decide to wear a mechsuit.
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  11. DK22

    when I was a kid;
    The kid down the street tried to rob the local corner store with a butter knife.
    Clerk just laughed at him and called the cops.
    Never seen the kid again, so yes, butter knives are deadly, in a round about way. :)
  12. TheMercator

    I see more problems with the plans of making the knives a AoE weapon. You would basically be able to run into a group of people and just swing around with your knive while hitting several people at once.
  13. UnDeaD_CyBorG

  14. TheKhopesh

    The plates have easily accessible joints, and even those with overlapping plates such as "Dragon Scale" armor simply require you stab against the grain of the overlap to circumvent this.

    So while those plates do prevent wild flailing attacks from a random inexperienced and untrained passerby, a quick jab (with any sufficiently sized, moderately sharp knife) executed by anyone with even basic hand to hand combat training will entirely bypass the protection that armor provides.
    Even with all our advances in body armor, stabbing someone through any protective gear (shy of a full body EOD suit which could possibly defeat the stabbing simply by overwhelming the blade's length with it's bulky amounts of material) is still just as easy as stabbing through a few layers of thick canvas.

    At least until someone creates a viable, combat capable, full body metal "Iron Man" suit. ;)
    (Which explains why it takes so many knife slashes to kill a max. You're just cutting wires and hydrolic tubes til it gives out. :D )

    The dev team got it right on the nose when they wrote the "Slasher" description:
    "...contemporary body armor hasn't solved the problem of 'getting stabbed'."
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  15. TheKhopesh

    Surprising how few people have a decent grasp on simple grade school physics.

    And then even fewer know every day physics principles.
  16. Moonheart

    TheKhopesh, you should be awarded a medal from Vanu for such amount of enlightment.
    What the **** are you doing on the NC side??? ;)

    You forget that the OHK makes a sound that warn people you are here even before you uncloak and that you need to switch weapon if for any reason the target move away from your hugging range at the least moment.

    Th Crossbow+Knife is largely superior to that OHK knife in my eyes in term of overall efficiency.
    But less fun... 'cause it doesn't look like truly backstabbing people when we use it.
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  17. Ezio91FF

    You guys should be grateful that the Infiltrator can't use the knife while cloaked... unlike in PS1 :confused:
  18. Plastikfrosch

    or unlike in the official PS2-trailer
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  19. CuteBeaver

    Just rebind B to a key (or in my case mouse button) right next to cloak. Activation/decloak is nearly instant. Mouse click to stab. Easy. Its not going to make a big difference. Bolt knife is more forgiving when dealing with mobile targets but we don't have a large sum of ammo. This will help in those situations where your completely dry and looking to get to an enemy ammo pack//kill the engineer. Ideally i would have liked to see terminals, but w/e.
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  20. Who Garou

    I would at least hope that a OHK knife would be a stabbing motion (standard or reverse grip) instead of a broad swiping motion.
    There isn't much aiming involved with current knife interaction.
    If I slash someone on the arm, they aren't going to fall over dead - even if they aren't wearing battle armor.

    I won't think that the armor is so lacking that just a simple wild slash across it is going to penetrate it.

    So if there is going to be a OHK knife I would hope that it required some aiming and require hitting some weak point in armor. like the neck or face.
    I understand it is an energy or chain-saw weapon, but one would hope that armor is still made to protect soldiers from the basic weapons that they will come across on the battlefield - and note I said "to protect soldiers from" and not "to make soldiers invulnerable to".

    A wild slash is just a wild slash.