OHK Knife-Phobia? Seriously Guys?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by SoldierHobbes, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. SoldierHobbes

    In a game filled to the teeth with guns, the most recent thing causing people to tremble in fear is a knife? Really guys? I mean I don't care either way if the instadeath knife passes or not, I'm just wondering why people aren't willing to at least give this a try.

    I mean I get that it's annoying to get instakilled like that but getting sniped is just as annoying and (most) people aren't looking to remove sniper rifles from the game. And if you think that successfully sneaking into arms reach on an enemy who's armed with a gun and paying attention when you're armed with nothing but a loudly buzzing knife doesn't take as much skill and precision as sniping someone, then I don't know what to tell you. All the arguments that I see against this being a thing can all be easily remedied if you simply pay attention to your surroundings. The only one that I can see that has me somewhat concerned is Stalker infiltrators using this. However, while it is annoying its not an instant win button that people are making it out to be. Not saying everyone is panicking over this, but for the ones who are so vehemently opposed to this, I just don't get how you and your armory of guns are scared by a small blade.
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  2. eldarfalcongravtank

    just to list some reasons why OHK knives are broken:

    1) knives are melee weapons and thus last-resort tools! never should a knife be more powerful than a primary, EVER! and if you look at the TTKs, a knife being able to OHK would be vastly superior to any primary weapon in closequarters. sorry but this is bogus!

    2) they nullify one-hit-kill pump-action shotguns which require the user to get up-close with limited killing power per magazine and low rate of fire. if a simple KNIFE wins over a shotgun primary ANY TIME, it is broken in my eyes

    3) look at Battlefield 3 & 4: knives are pretty much i-win buttons in closequarters. approach an enemy, press melee button, get into the animation, win. this is exactly how OHK knives in PS2 would end up being. i dont like this at all

    4) with the game's notorious hit registry, having half of a gun's bullets fail to register while a knife slash kills in one motion isn't only unfair, it's outright broken

    5) stalker-infiltrators: approach, uncloak, hit one time, run away. not only is it extremely frustrating dying to something you didnt even see coming, it's pretty much a catastrophe to be slain in one hit by something "invisible". it's worse than giving cloakers their shotguns back! cloak + OHK knives = broken
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  3. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I don't really get it either.
    "Knives are last resort weapons" ... why? Because who said so?
    It's like saying Tanks are rare and expensive. I'm all for them taking a pistol slot, and I probably won't use them the same as I always never use quickknife, but what's the problem?
    Btw, knives can miss due to hitreg as well.
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  4. Xellon

    I'd like to apologize in advance if my post offends you in any way eldarfalcon, but I just had to log in and get this answer out. I really don't want to offend you, but I don't see any valid arguments in this post. Let me explain:

    Again, I am really sorry if I offended you in my post in any way, but your post appeared just so wrong to me, I had to write this answer. These are of course my personal thoughts, and I don't expect you to magically let all your perceptions slip and join my POV. I'd really like to discuss about the matter of OHK knifes with you in a polite way, so feel free to write me an answer!
    Also, English is not my mother's tounge, you can keep all the typo's you may find! ;)
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  5. Pirbi

    He's talking in terms of immersive sim combat.

    The real problem with OHK knives is that the whole game play will revolve around diving into a group of enemies and spamming your knife key and taking advantage of the fact they don't want to TK each other as they try to kill you. This is already done with various weapons but require some amount of aim, reload time, or deploy time (mines) and that is fine but a OHK knife just seems too cheesy in this application. Knives already have an immersion breaking habit of killing at a distance they shouldn't even be able to make contact due to client side, lag, lag exploiters, etc.
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  6. SpruceMoose

    my opinions in red
    for the record I don't want or need OHK knives I DO want a wieldable knife, but it just baffles me just in how much a panic people are in about them
    • these knives are not going to be overpowered
    • its not the end of planetside
    • they WILL be annoying until you're used to countering them
    • they will be everywhere for a week or two then they will die down (literally)

    enjoy the free certs coming your way
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  7. ObsidianRus

    Agreed with above written by SpruceMoose.
    Eldargravitank, guys like you along with misunderstanding by the devs of some principles already made this game idiotic in some ways. Like 120mm tank shell explosion not killing an infantry target while frag nade does. And a lot of other stuff like that. If it will come this path further we will finish off with peeshooters in a gun skin and that time is just around the corner.
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  8. MarkAntony

    1. TTK isn't all that matters. In CQC most weapons kill faster than reaction time anyways. The knife isn't more powerful than the primary. It is only situationally more powerful within kissing distance
    2. They really don't nullifiy Pump actions. Pump actions work beyond 0,5m.
    3. Battlefield doesn't compare well to PS2. At all. In BF people there are a lot of 1v1 encounters. this is not the case in PS2.
    4. That is not a knife issue. That is a hit registration issue.
    5. already in game with crossbow+knife combo. OHK knives with stalkers won't be anymore of a problem. That is to say no problem at all...
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  9. Plunutsud pls

    OHK knives would be fine only if they take longer to kill, like the animation in BF4.
  10. exLupo

    On a side note, there was an incredible article written by a modern US Army general regarding his opinions on the growth of hand-to-hand combat as armor technology evolves. It was the underpinning of why Global Agenda (regardless of the game itself) had such a large melee component. It drives me nuts that I can't find the article but it was compelling and I think it'd change a lot of minds in the "No way this would ever happen!" school.
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    We don't have OHK knife-phobia we have Battlefield-OHK-knife-post-traumatic-stress-disorder. That's it in a nutshell.
  12. CuteBeaver

    Nothing will change. Crossbow + Knife already has a very quick time to kill with nearly identical ambush conditions. The difference? Less dependency on ammo for stalkers.
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  13. Brad seven

    If they do this, then they may aswell give infiltrators shotguns
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  14. Plastikfrosch

    i think the OHK-knifes will be most effective for heavys with the adrenalin shield. i there is a big fight for a capturepoint (defenders inside of the room, attackers outside for example) one heavy with activated adrenalin shield and activated OHK-knife, runs in and gets 20% (if full certed) to his overshield back, for everyone he OHKs with the knife.
    the infiltrators wont be stupid enough to activate the knife while sneaking up on someone. I was on the testserver: yes you can activate the knife while cloaked, but its really loud. If you want to decloak and activate the knife right before the hit it will cost some time and that will be enough for the victim to turn around while hearing the decloaking sound.
    It will only be usable for stalkers in big noise fights with a lot of explosions.
  15. Kirppu1

    So you don't remember the MW2 knife?
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  16. Kunavi

    A knife being able to OHK would be vastly superior to any primary weapon in close quarters.
    - We have the Commi which on occasion is really InstaKill. And we have SGs. One more thing, limited to melee range won't hurt. If it will, then go back and look at the rest of the weapons and why they are so lethal. At range even.

    They nullify PAs which require the user to get up close with limited killing power per magazine and low rate of fire. If a simple KNIFE wins over a primary ANY TIME, it is broken in my eyes.
    - Paranoia. Also, SGs whether PA or semi require practically ZERO skills and are lethal beyond the ranges you seem to think are their limit, or I am so skilled it takes ZERO effort. Pick either.

    Look at BF: Knives are pretty much win buttons in close quarters. Approach an enemy, press melee button, get into the animation, win. This is exactly how OHK knives in PS2 would end up being.
    - Given the above answers, why is this a bad thing? Shotties are also win buttons up close and even a bit farther off. Also being locked into a sequence won't happen so it's whoever is more aware should survive; I hear around these parts you guys idolize awareness and when others get killed in an unfair unpredictable and random way, you blame it on their lack of awareness. Yeah.

    With the game's notorious hit registry, having half of a gun's bullets fail to register while a knife slash kills in one motion isn't only unfair, it's outright broken.
    - Same for other weapons, MORE unfair in fact when you fire first but the other person turns and 1Shots you(Or so it appears on your end). And you aren't talking knife fights here, since you brought up bullets. Agreed though that PS2 suffers from hit reg issues, glad to see we're past the "It's your ****** aim" stage and acknowledging it. This is not directed at you, just generally speaking here.

    Stalker Infiltrators.
    - Like they can't combo you now? Or SMG you? And what happened to "I can see them no matter what" all of a sudden? They're more invisible because they get a OHK knife? I don't think so.

    In the end they will have lower swing speed, arming time, activation time and you'll be running around with a knife- Among people with rifles, vehicles and MAX. GLHF. I'm also pleased this will favour Stalkers, Infiltrators as they are now(And PS2 being as it is), almost have no place in PS2. Ninja stuff is OK. Also, Stalkers have to pause meaning it takes a while to go where you want and they forfeit their primary completely. As I said, GLHF.
  17. TheKhopesh

    Not the same at all.
    PS2 knives don't fling you forward.

    Take that away from the action in this gif, and you've just got some guy swinging his knife at an open window and doing nothing.
  18. FieldMarshall

    OHK knives is pretty much the same as the current hunter/commi+knife combo that does the same thing.
    And nobody seems to have a problem with that.

    OHK Knife-Phobia is probably related to the "giving Infils shotguns-phobia" that everyone was raging about when the mag scatter was on pts.
    It sure turned out to be gamebreaking and OP :rolleyes:

    So dont worry about OHK knife whine.
    It will instantly pass when they hit live and everyone who complained about the idea will be too ashamed to admit they thought it was going to be gamechanging.
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  19. Plastikfrosch

    It wont be OP, but i think it will be fun especially for all of us who love to play the stalkers in a tom clancy-ninja-sneakup-style.
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  20. WarmasterRaptor

    I understand both sides of the question (for and against) but I tend to give the Stalker cloak the credit to the stealthy assassination he worked on.

    The solution? It's like when against a sniper : movement. Don't stay still and the stalker will have to commit himself in a dangerous way if he really wants to get you.

    The question is : should ALL the classes one hit knife ?