Official WDS Scores WHERE???

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  1. Jump Jets

    Where can I find the actual WDS week 1 score totals.
    Can't find them on here, reddit, twitter?
    I ask because they say to send a support ticket if you feel you didn't get your reward.

    But with the "wrong scores" they posted and removed, I shouldn't get one for NC on Waterson,
    but I as many others feel that NC won on Waterson, which if we did they I need to send a support ticket.

    So where do I find the Official Correct WDS scores.
  2. Codex561

  3. kadney

    Sadly it doesn't show the total points from the first week. What you see there is already from week two and the combined score.
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  4. Mastermind

    *insert vanu complaint here*
  5. Aractain

    remove week 2 score from total to get week 1?
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  6. PinkamenaDiane

    I think they disabled viewing the scores as it was causing some server issues? I am not sure but there was some message broadcasts ingame this morning about it.
  7. AssaultPig

    wait, did the NC not win the first week on waterson? I was logged in when it ended last thursday, saw the win message, and it gave me the boost
  8. Jump Jets

    According to the Score that Luperza posted which since has been removed b/c it was the wrong data,
    NC lost to the VS on Waterson. But they haven't released the Right scores at all, and then further some confusion by stating rewards were released and if you feel you didn't get one to send a support ticket.
    With out Accurate Scores how are we supposed to know if we were supposed to get one or not.

    At this point whatever I'll just send in a ticket, if it's a waste of there time not my fault.
    It's really Asinine how WDS has been handled both this time and last year.
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  9. Jump Jets

    Ok so doing the Math myself,
    NC Won on Waterson ahead of VS By 25,062

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  10. Goretzu

    Dispite the TR forum complaints of being "underpowered" the TR actually won 2 servers in WDS2 week1.
    NC won 3.
    And VS won 3 as well.

    2:3:3 - it is actually impossible to get more balanced server win than that with this number of servers.

    Bear in mind that in WDS1 the NC only won twice (on 1 server) at all, in the entire 6 weeks, so TR are already doing as well as the NC did in the whole of WDS1). o_O
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  11. Goretzu

    I don't understand why they don't have a week1-week2-week3 etc. score section.

    It would save a lot of hassle.
  12. FateJH

    Did any server actually break from its normal factional population bias trends?
  13. jaktrobot

    Vs cobalt hardly won, we played very good and worked hard but now we got sick of the unreal nc overpop, this week we got overrun by 40% nc pop, everyday.

    Ppl get sick of the game and stop playing, so soe needs to do something about nc ASP, they can start by removing the iwin shield vanguards got and do something about enforcer dmg, nc max dmg and tune nc inf weps a bit.

    So its more like tr and vs 2 each and nc 4, everyone plays nc now cause ofc op stuff, while vs and tr struggle on most servers.

    Something needs to be done, either they have to give tr and vs some buffs, or tone down EVERYTHING nc got.

    Ppl talk about stats, but since most nc players are pretty bad stats are a bit missleading or very missleading, might look like its ballanced but nc weps in the hands of a good player is op.
  14. cruczi

    Whether a faction should be nerfed or not is not decided based on how much population the faction has
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  15. redshirt

    Well if the numbers numbers above are correct TR on Briggs won but I didn't get zip.
  16. y3ivan

    any where did you get that stats from?

    The stats from dasanfall shows the compete opposite of your statement.

    Current WDS challenge is based ghostcapping Esmair and Amerish. Those 2 continents will provide 2/3 of the score.
  17. Goretzu

  18. Goretzu

    I don't know, it would seem likely it is roughly following that, but without someone actually compiling the server pops properly it's difficult to know.

    The % scores show 35% NC - 34% VS and 32% TR for WDS2 week 1. Compare that to WDS1 week 2 40% TR - 31% VS and 29% NC.

    Not only is it much more balanced in server wins this time around (last time NC only won two servers at all in the whole 6 weeks), but also % score-wise.

    This time the 2nd place faction is only 1% behind the leader (last time it was 9%), this time the 3rd place is only 3% behind the leader (last time it was 11% o_O )!