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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. ObsidianSoul

    If you are in an ESF, you can flare with annihilators then look for the rocket trail and then take him out. Annihilators don't kill you immediately, so you have a chance to kill him if you're quick enough. This is a standard tactic.

    With Strikers. Once you flare, you are vulnerable to the second lock so you have to get away from there. So you don't have time to find the one firing at you because by the time you get back, the trails have all faded.

    On the recommendations to "fly high" or "fly low", have you ever tried firing on ground targets from more than 300m away in an ESF? Congrats if you can see infantry or actually hit anything. The hover height is also determined mostly by the IR range, and that's well within Striker range.

    And have you ever tried supporting your ground troops by criss-crossing the map at 10m above the ground? Chances are you will die far more quickly from dumbfires, tank fire, Sundy bulldogs, even primary guns of infantry etc. A universal tactic against tanks is also to never approach it horizontally, always approach it from directly above, where its turret angle can't get you. Climbing up (not forward) after each volley. Because if it hits you, you're toast. Are you saying we shouldn't be doing this tactic anymore and just stay close to the ground?

    Flak are easily avoidable because you can see the tracers. And you won't mistake it for any other weapon. So when you see it, you're on high alert immediately and adapt new tactics (namely getting behind cover and doing strafing runs on it while flying low, or hovering below the minimum angle of the AA turrets). That's not the case with strikers.

    And again, can't you even see that you're now telling us what to do? What about your own ESFs? They get a free pass on flying high and farming infantry eh? Your ESFs and Libs DON'T have to equip flares all the time, or hug the ground. Add to that the fact that we can't tell if it's a striker locking us or standard G2As. We constantly have to keep on our toes, while your pilots sit back and relax.
  2. Drakes

    The striker feels like a redundant launcher, it functions too similarly to other lock-on launchers while not really granting different options.

    As is it seems like a beefier/meaner annihilator.
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  3. Shaolungbao

    i'll try to clarify..

    where you used a lancer, a striker would have been total fail... where you used a striker, a lancer would have done fine. That's not balanced.

    phoenix is guided from cover, lancer is instant sniper cannon, phoenix is lockon... there IS some balance there.. hipfire is additional capability.. you actually can't do this all day... infantry damage? damage maxes? damage turrets? These aren't "do worse/better than other esrls" this is very different - the striker IS NOT ALLOWED those aspects.

    You only did it versus bad hovering drivers. annihilator would have done the same (and therefore any faction).

    I've leveled lots of characters. Level 11 was quick and easy even when i didn't know what todo. Especially now with vehicle xp boost. It doesn't mean anything.

    The bottom line issue is that when you're 50+ (more experienced, better with any weapons, likely more organized) the phoenix and lancer provide many more options to be effective. The striker with limitations placed on it and the targets available to you will likely stay at the same rate.

    The Striker is also the most easily countered, and you can counter ALL STRIKERS aiming at you at the same time. Flares and dive or keep the tank moving.. What can TR players learn todo vs phoenix or lancer? stay home?
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  4. Shaolungbao

    nothing about what you said explained how the STRIKER has changed how you fly.

    How do you discern a striker lockon from previous lockon warnings?

    What if it had no lockon warning at all? Sounds like you would prefer that, and that's exactly what TR is up against but not just esf's.. slow moving tanks too.
  5. TheRunDown

    Again, your proving the fact that you only use your ESF for Farming infantry, and if your still around for a second lock-on your way to greedy about you K/D and misjudging your flare's anti-lock-on timer.
    As for me telling people what to do, I'm pointing out the facts that every one seems to believe does not exist. "Striker OP, can't get away, no counter"

    Other than whining about how you can't use your ESF fighting for K/D instead of supporting Air vs Air and Air vs Amour, I will put in to context what you really want from the Strike; "multi incoming missile warning sounds?"

    If there was a different sound for locks-on such as Striker had one sounds and Annihilator had another, ESFs would still hang around knowing it's only a little Annihilator and get them few extra shots on for more kills.

    None of these problems people are complaining about effected anybody in PS1, because these devices were not in PS2 to start with, no one is open to change and people want their easy kills and rewards handed to them on silver platter. At this point people should consider themselves lucky to have played PS2 before X or Y existed and tell their outfit of war stories of the good old days.

    You think Ground vs Air is bad now with the Striker, you better hope NC do not acquire their old Shoot and Forget Sparrow MAX from PlanetSide 1, or even the Peregrine BFR with the Sparrow Missile Pods.

    Again people, stop complaining about how easy it's killing you or how it's stopping you from doing this or that, that you used to be able to do, and keep this Thread on the "Striker".

    If you want to "b***ch" about the Striker start another thread and whine about it there. The Striker Clearly needs patching in some form or another and every one is delaying they progress by "B***ching" about it and not creating solutions or bug reports.

    I'm quiet sure many think my ego is way to big or I'm being way to obnoxious, but what I'm saying is true. The Phoenix has been modded and tweaked 3 times since it's launch and the Lancer has had 2 tweaks.. Though they may not be very useful ones, some people appreciate the ups or downs, and I want to get the Striker fixed in 3 areas. Dumb Fire, Lock-On Guidance prediction and 100+ meter Ground Vehicle targeting bug (double/tripple lock-on time when too close)

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  6. JeffBeefjaw

    This please :)
  7. ObsidianSoul

    This thread is about the Striker. you don't get to ban our comments here just because we're the targets, not the users.

    And farming infantry? LOL. You just betrayed the fact that you're not a pilot, or at least not a very good one. We have always hung around for the second lockon. For 2 reasons: G2As were not designed to kill you outright, and it's the best time to find and kill the guy with the launcher since there's a rocket trail and he's reloading.

    Before the striker came about, a pilot that runs screaming after he lost all his flares or gets hit by something isn't helping anyone at all. In fact, the same applies for dogfighting against pilots with A2A missiles. You don't run away after they lock you and you release flares. HECK NO. You turn around and kill them. Those are my most common kills as an ESF - the pilot who runs away in a 1v1 dogfight even when he's barely scratched and has full ammo.

    Your effectiveness is measured by how long you can stay in the battlefield. Support remember? A real infantry farmer would turn tail the minute something shoots back and find a quieter place to farm. The fact that we aren't doing that is proof enough we're not just there for easy XP.

    And I don't give a **** about my K/D. Since I last posted here on wednesday, I've killed 178 more vehicles. Again a third of those are ESFs, and no, only about 10 of those are flashes. That's not bragging when you realize that my K/D barely gets even since I'm more or less a suicidal player in ground combat. My targets are always the ones which are the highest threat to air followed by threat to the ground forces, and those are not easy kills by far. By order of importance: ESF -> liberator -> sunderer -> tank -> guy in cap room -> everyone else. Did you perhaps think that ESFs don't need to get as close as infantry farmers to kill vehicles?

    And again what about your pilots? They don't have anything to worry about. Every single lock is always a weedle annihilator or ESG2A and they can hang around as long as they want (and believe me, they do).

    The point here is that only your ESRL has the ability to kill aircraft. And it does it better than the specialized G2As available to us. That's what makes it unbalanced. I'd be quite happy if they gave you the ability to dumbfire, but remove your ability to lock air. That would mean you get the same targets we do with our ESRLs (infantry, turrets, and vehicles, and the occasional unquided potshots at hovering air). That would be more than fair, no? But no, you want it all. You want dumb fire too and the ability to lock turrets in addition to what you already have. What else? Do you want twin flamethrowers, grenade launchers, fries and a large coke with that?
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  8. Papio

    Fire from height instead of ground level, but I get your point.

    I have the Striker but went back to the Grounder, more versatile.
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  9. PBRStreetgang

    With the nerf to the Phoenix it is only fair that the other factions have their new rockets nerfed into uselessness also, but we know that will not happen as the TR and VS both have Dev's that play them.
    Until the NC become popular with the Dev's we will continue to fight with inferior equipment and huge yellow stripes that ruin our camo, the minute we get a few Dev's that will winge and complain on our side we will get our "look at me" yellow stripes removed and they will stop nerfing every bit of equipment we get in response to TR and VS crying.
    Until then we are screwed.
  10. TheRunDown

    Nice vendetta post but you obviously haven't used a Striker in a combat situation, or at least outside of VR.
    The Striker is useless on its own, and takes 8 Rockets to kill a ESF, (5+3) and 3 with the Grounder.

    It doesn't lock-on around 300 meters or more, so you can face roll troops using it. Not to mention the Tracking isn't helping either.
    What ever your K/D I couldn't care less or your apparent play style, your interpretation of importance with ESF first? Why do you believe the ESF should be a the top of the food chain, when the Lib is built for Anti Everything and needs a crew, and the guy in the ESF is 1 person working for himself, PlanetSide 1 had a nice balance of Air to Ground and Air to Air air cavalry, though one could easily farming kills in a Reaver or Mossy, they weren't impossible to take down and still sound like every one wants to keep that safty net.. But still making *** for tat about what I'm saying and the not point this is about the Striker.

    TR EFS having nothing to worry about? This is a matter of perception, ours fall out of the skys as equally fast.

    If the Striker was laser guided like the Mana AV Turret, I would be perfectly happy with that. If it had dumb fire mode, it wouldn't need lock-ons for turrets or engineer turrets. But as it doesn't its clearly the most useless ESRL in general combat situation, or unless you camp on a hill.
  11. -Synapse-

    Wait... this thing has a tracking system? All I've seen it do is a B line to the nearest mountain.
  12. Mxiter

    who is crying at all ESRL feedback's thread?
  13. Madmojo

    Just bought it for my lowbie TR. It's fun but very siuational. Needs a single shot reload dumbfire. Lol
  14. ObsidianSoul

    Of course I haven't, and I have never said I have. But do I need to to own a Striker to know how it feels like to be on the receiving end? I mean, it's not exactly like TR shoots down other TR with Strikers for ***** and giggles do they? How else would you know how it's affecting the overall gameplay of everyone else? This is Planetside, not Terranside.

    And do get your stories straight. I've been killed by Strikers twice. From experience, it takes only a single volley (5) to put put my HP to red (which is almost always the same thing as killing you outright). Your other TR mates claim it takes 6 or 7. And now you're claiming it takes 8.

    And whoever said I believe ESFs are top of the food chain? LOL. My list of targets to take out follows common sense, not on which are the strongest. I actually agree with you, liberators are far more dangerous to ground troops. But in order to take out a liberator, you do need to take out the escort ESFs first, especially since liberators take nearly all your ammo to kill. The same reason why you need to take out (or at least avoid) maxes and other ground AA when you're trying to kill a sundy.

    ESFs aren't impossible to take down from the ground prior to Strikers. Libs and Galaxies are. They're flying death machines for ground forces, with their only reasonable counter being ESFs. ESFs are important for that reason, not because I'm an elitist air jockey.

    And good job on something as vague as "ours fall out of the skys equally as fast". Again, the point is that you're telling our ESFs to run away and adopt specific measures and speciific equipment to avoid your Strikers. Literally forcing them to do those things or die. Hypocritical since your own ESFs have no such obligations to follow those measures or stick to certain equipment. Because we don't have Strikers pointing at them, do we? If your ESFs do "fall out of the sky equally as fast" when you're the only faction with the super-annihilator, then you probably need better pilots. What are they being killed by then? Bird strikes?

    And thanks for finally admitting you don't care about our playstyles. It pretty much explains how you can just tell us to "run away" as your solution for everything. Do you use "run away" too as your main battle tactic? No? Then don't tell us to, please.

    To summarize, you're basically telling us to run twice as fast in order to keep up, while you chug along in a brand new scooter. When we complain, you yell at us for not running fast enough, and then claim the driving scooters is just as exhausting as being on foot. Poor you.

    P.S. And yes, a wire-guided system instead of lockons sounds like quite a good idea. But not on top of an exclusive AA lockon option.
  15. Mxiter

    No need dumbfire. PS2 needn't more explosions spam.
  16. Mxiter

    Obsidian, you're really limited. i told you at least 3 times that a single volley wouldn't be able to put an ESF in red:
    If all rockets hits, it will deals 1250/1500 damages.

    I propose you to create a TR char on ceres and get the striker's trial. If you want, i can stay with you to see how you perform and to give you some advice about how is working the striker on the ground.
    Or you can wach me trying to hit ESF also...
  17. TheRunDown

    Oh my, you go on a bit,

    You keep saying I'm telling people run away, but all I basically said was, Why are you hanging around with Strikers locked on?
    If you don't know your own limitation of your ESF or the numbers you encounter, that's not the people using the Striker's fault but your own stupidity.

    You would not do so well in PS1 if a little thing as a Striker is annoying you, so far it just sounds like you want a easy going experience, things change and if you can't live with that and whine all the time, your screwed.

    I will say this again, all people have done so far is b***ch about how TR have a easy counter to ESFs and no other faction has one, If you feel the need to make this point as clearly as you have, Start your own Thread..

    Your creativity in this thread so far has been completely unproductive and nothing will come of your whining.

    I'm not banning words nor peoples opinions, but so far a lot opinions so far can't be counted towards balancing the Striker or Fixing it, if people are using this thread to B***ch about it rather than their opinions of how it should be or if it did something else.

    For over a decade people whined on the PS1 forums about weapons and unbalances, so people gathered together to nerf or buff weapons as a forum tactic to get what they want..

  18. zoobadoo

    You can't judge the balancing of the Striker by looking at stats of one launcher vs stats of another launcher. You have to look at what effect the weapon has when used in an organized fashion. Remember the Annhilator squads that once laid waste to areas around hills...until the Annhilator got nerfed? The Annhilator looked fine on paper at first. When put into organized use it got OP fast. This applies to the Striker also.

    The Striker has totally changed the airgame in favor of the TR, and by too much. This is not at all about farming infantry. It touches all kinds of air support play.

    For example scoutradar support-play: I usually flew a scoutradar for platoon support prior to ESRL launch day...that is virtually impossible to pull off now against the TR. Before ESRLs - you could still get locked and bursted, you had to be on your bloody toes all the time and ready to bail very quickly. But you had a chance to act support short in an area...then escape with low health if you played well. Strikers have tipped that over. Strikers take you down before you can leave the area even if you play very cautiously.
    Using Scout radar on an ESF, is a nono vs TR after Strikers.

    That it has become a situation where you no longer have a choice to use anything but flares vs TR, is in itself reason enough to see that something is not as it should be.

    And remember: All the while TR pilots are safe from this new threat, meaning they can still act as support in the area.

    It's when you look at the bigger picture that you realize how big an impact the Striker has on the game, not by looking at individual weapon stats. It has too big of an impact on the airgame alone, to be "TR only". It makes the game too unbalanced between factions. (see footnote b4 rage about Phoenix)

    Things that I believe make it a little too good when used in numbers:
    * Extremely hard to locate and counter the shooter of the missile. This is what makes all the difference between Strikers and the "old" launchers + flak.
    * Fairly high damage used solo. Critically high damage used in groups. Most vehicles no longer have an option to bail even if on their toes and very careful.
    * Impossible to loose the lock on as a shooter. Even if you can't properly hold your mouse over the target, you can still launch all missiles locked on target.

    (I'd like to add that ofc the Phoenix and Lancer should be balanced too. It's not ONLY the TRs launcher that should be held under control. But this is the Striker thread.)
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  19. Shockwave44

    Makes me laugh when I see all these people complain about the striker, without posting a video. That's like going to trial without witnesses.
  20. ObsidianSoul

    Mxiter , I'm only criticizing the changing numbers. First you said, 6, now TheRunDown says 8. Which is correct? And I might take you up on that, though with a Scythe. I'll see if I can set aside a few minutes and resources in the next few days and message you for a meetup in Amerish. Please be honest on how many rockets hit. I really do want to know the truth as well, because my experiences say it only took one volley.

    In what universe does a statement like "Why are you hanging around with Strikers locked on" not telling us to run away the second we get locked on? You started the insults with your insinuation that I'm a careless pilot or worse, an infantry farmer. I'm not an ESF pro, but neither am I an idiot. I'm proud of the fact that I fly well.

    And I have answered all of those points repeatedly. It's not my fault if you still think cowardice is perfectly alright (as long as it's not your own pilots who have to run away apparently). I KNOW the limitations of my ESF. You learn that lesson very very early. I also know the limitations of G2A, since I also use it. I have no compunctions on running when I'm down to half HP or if I'm outnumbered. What I can't accept is that those lessons are thrown out of the window by an all-purpose AV launcher that laughs in the face of balance by being both lock-on against air and deadlier than any AA everyone else can field. What you're telling us is we should run when we get locked on by one dude. It's not stupid to try and take out the threat at the best time you can (and believe me, I've succeeded in that many times), what's stupid is to make the threat so severe that you have no other choice but to avoid it before they even fire at you. And only TR has it. How is that "balanced"?

    I have never played PS1. This is the first time I've ever complained that something is unbalanced, because I really do believe it is. Not so I can gain an advantage over TR. Not even all the buffs and nerfs in the world can fix the fact that we Vanu are basically just holding on in our server due to population imbalances. But I do believe in a fair fight, and that has been taken away with an ESRL that gives you a massive advantage over not only our ESRLs, but the default G2As. It guarantees you air superiority. Don't accuse me of metagaming.

    Asking that its AA lock be taken away (which it was never implied to have) is a perfectly valid suggestion of how it should be. I'm not asking it to be nerfed to uselessness, just nerfed to be about the same level as the other ESRLs, because as the stats are showing, you have the most ridiculously powerful launcher of all three. Far far above the other two. We can continue insulting each other, or you can start being honest.
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