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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. zoobadoo

    Assuming you play against the TR in ESF:

    1st rule: You can absolutely not have anything else certed than Flares. You will die. This is no longer a choice if you hope to be doing anything else than hide behind a rock...preferably between multiple rocks. This in itself is silly...why are there even other things to cert in.
    2nd rule: If you get locked you need to bail immediately and far. You do not have time to locate the source of the fire. If you want to have a chance of surviving you need to run instantly. Extra AB tanks help alot. This is a huge problem with the striker compared to AA MAXES. AA MAXES can lock down an airspace, that's fine...because they are for use against air only...and you can locate their position and have a possibility to use other types of forces to take them out. You can also avoid some of the flak by skilled maneuvering. You can not avoid Strikers, and furthermore the Strikers will take out ground vehicles too. If you have a foolproof way to avoid Strikers besides the bs 5-10s flare/smoke sanctuary (assuming you are in a vehicle with flares/smoke), please share in a video.

    Currently, it is almost impossible to loose lock with a Striker unless the target actually disappears from sight for a long time. If you move your crosshair away from a locked target (green reticule will start spinning), you can STILL fire locked missiles against the target. All you have to do to regain lockon and reset the timer, is move your crosshair quickly over the target. Voila! The only way to loose lock-on is by loosing LOS completely .

    IF it would have been impossible to fire a missile from the Striker unless you are currently pointing crosshair at target (stationary reticule, not rotating) might not have been so OP. Then you could at least try to snake your way out of the fire - not the actual lock - but the fire. You would have to spend all your focus on all effect being locked from other activity...but you'd have a chance to survive.

    Playing in a slowmoving vehicle against Strikers is even worse.

    Currently the following two launchers are total bs: Phoenix, Striker

    The Lancer is maybe UP atm, but at least they reasoned that they would procede cautiosly not to make it change the game too much. That was good reasoning. They will buff it slowly until it is good. Obviously this was not the case with the other two. And they both have a HUGE impact on the game. Not a positive impact imo.
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  2. Soundmonitor

    lol like an idiot I bought this pc of manure last night... well because I bought 4K worth of SC and had nothing else to buy... WOW the garbage damage it does to Vehicules is stupid, I guess it will collect dust with my Anni, back to Grounder... FYI dont buy it, in realtime vs the VR room this thing is a load of crap, Vehicules, ESF's will run away before you can get a lock on, and stupid me forgeting it didnt have a dumbfire got killed numerous times trying to take out max's.
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  3. Vixxing

    I give up,,, Arguing with imbecills is like competing in the special olympics, even if you win you are still r etarded... I wont complain about the striker, i got no reason to, both me and most of my outfit just switched to TR instead (since we like to fly, and that is impossible when 50% of all groundtargets can kill you in seconds) so keep everything just as it is imo! (seen alot of VS changed factions, probably gonna be like 10-15% of server population in the future) All hail the striker!
  4. Frigidus

    Again, how is this any different than what you have to do against annihilators and grounders? Hell, unlike with those we actually have to maintain a lock on you the entire time that the rockets are in the air. It leaves you extremely vulnerable, as opposed to the fire and forget system the other two have. The only difference here is that people are currently using them because they like the new gun smell.

    Also worth keeping in mind, even when everything goes perfectly it only does about 133% of the DPS of the annihilator. Now, that might sound substantial, but this extra maximum damage comes along with much higher risk and is limited heavily by the terrain.
  5. Frigidus

    Pfffft, OK dude. Have fun. You guys could have just massed annihilator and gotten roughly the same effect without needing to pour in a lot of time/money to get all your stuff back.
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  6. l3lessed

    I'm sorry, but anyone who is complaining about the striker is a scrub pilot. They're the easiest missile's to dodge because of their massive pre-pathing. Seriously, all you have to do is shank as hard as you can towards the ground the moment they get the full lock on, and the missiles will do the same thing and fly straight into the ground 30 feet from the guy shooting them. Same with tanks. I spent 10 minutes last night shooting at a tank, and all he had to do was roll back about three feet and laugh as my missiles horrible path finding rammed into the terrain. If you're scrub enough to sit in the wide open, in either air or ground vehicles, you deserve the punishment you are bound to receive. I only use the striker myself as a last resort for AA, as it is only a little bit better than the annihilator. It should have a dumb fire mode as an alternative firing mode, as I don't really see the benefit of it over any of the other lock on or even dumb fire missile launchers. If you're at a range, the target, if he isn't a scrub, will just run away and repair before your get a kill. If you're at close range, you don't even have the time to lock on before getting rolled.
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  7. TheRunDown

    I'm going to ignore 41 pages of everything said so far, 80% of it really is one sided experiences, and not actually using the Striker.

    Striker Needs Dumb Fire with Slower Rate of Fire and no Splash Damage while un-scoped. End of.
    (If you still feel you need to B**CH about dumb fire, reflect on the dumb fire mode from PS1.. It didn't even make a impact on other players, if you didn't play PS1... don't bring your COD ideals to the forums)

    The Prediction system needs to change, Anyone using ESLs.. just weave up and down near the ground, I will guarantee you not a single rocket will hit you if you lazily fly up and down near the ground.

    Matt told me the Lock on box has been fixed internally and will be released in the next update.
    Those who do not know of the Lock on Box problem, its when the Lock on Box is fixed so low on the target, The Rockets hit the ground or platform just in front of below the target.
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  8. zoobadoo

    I call bs on your missile avoiding until you show proof of someone "dodging" Striker missiles in a combat situation the way you describe in a video. I have not seen one single pilot avoid missiles this way and I'm BR48...not that high but I've been around. I might well have missed someone doing it. If you can provide evidence that this is working, I'd be the first to thank you. And alot of guys with me.

    I don't know one single pilot who knows his buisness who doesn't feel Strikers changed the gameplay.
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  9. zoobadoo

    It's different because you can almost never see where the missiles are coming from. And it's almost impossible to loose lock-on with a Striker, at least I think so. So it's essentially fire and forget too.
  10. ChacoAndy

    Alright Devs, you broke our Phoenix launcher, time for you to balance out the B.S. damage the Striker inflicts. I know you like to play favorites with your little TR pets, but you're going to alienate all your other players if you keep bending to their incessant whining and complaining about things like AI damage from the Phoenix. Time to cut the balls off the Striker, like you did to our launcher.
  11. Frigidus

    What about the annihilator makes it easier to see where they're coming from? I don't fly for anything other than fast transport, so I wouldn't really know.

    Also, while it might feel the same on the receiving end of the Striker, on the ground it makes a huge difference. Instead of being able to move around at full speed while reloading or switching weapons, you have to stare down your sights until all of the missiles have hit (or until you've given up on them hitting). Even a couple of seconds of standing around in the open can get you killed by anyone that happens to see you there, and if you start getting fired on during the eight plus seconds it takes to get all of the rockets to the target you either have to drop your lock or get killed.
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  12. Frigidus

    Man, it must suck dealing annihilator damage to vehicles with a camera guided rocket. But hey, if you're really that upset about it how about we trade ESRLs? I mean, who'd want a weapon with their balls cut off, right?
  13. Shaolungbao

    Another issue with the striker is that any of the counters (flares, movement etc..) are a counter against ALL strikers aimed at you.

    Phoenix? shoot one down but what about the others? still comin for ya

    Lancer? dodge one but not all, especially not from different directions.

    We're stealing more kills from mines/c4/AA because we can time our shots easier (more noob friendly) on BAD DRIVERS.

    I'll trade that aspect and "awesome incorrect stats" for the OPPORTUNITY to hit maxes, turrets and deter/suppress or even lay a hit or two on GOOD pilots/drivers.

    The stat sheets are a joke.
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  14. TheRunDown

    Again the only people getting shot down by a Striker are idiots kill horing in EFSs by flying super high and coming down on the enemy. Complaining about such a stupid thing, using Bursters would result in the same death, only you can't run away so easy with Strikers.

    I'm Telling people now, If you Fly and always make your flight line "head towards" the floor / mountain, every single rocket will hit the dirt, Fact! You don't need flares..

    Stop using this thread to compare stats versus other ESLs and use this to fix the functionality of the Striker. All I'm hearing is B***H, B***H, B***H..

    With all this B***Hing no wonder why the Striker hasn't had any TLC..
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  15. Shockwave44

    Um most of the lancer video 6 people in my quad were using lancers. So I don't know what you're going on about.

    Plus, there are plenty of sense where I'm targeting a vehicle by myself. When I was on the flash shooting the sunderer, when I was shooting the lightning from the side, when I was shooting the lib fly at me and my team.

    You know what, it doesn't matter because all I did was play and hit the record button and whatever happened, happened. I just happened to run into more people when playing TR but that was my experience. You think I haven't got more kills alone since then?

    The phoenix and lancer can't lock on to targets. Look we can do this all day, you won't get anywhere..

    Huh? See this is why my video trumps anything you say because I did everything you said it couldn't do.

    I'm still using the striker, it wasn't a one time deal. I made it to rank 11 using in in one go. Stop ******** about it and post a video.
  16. Papio

    Did my post say that ?

    Stockwave: nobody cares anymore dude, if they haven't changed the striker after 3 patches they aren't going to. No amount of buffs to the lancer is going to make up for giant population disparity of the vanu, just like no amount of balancing to the TR are going to bring back the people that have quit.

    Welcome to NC-ville
  17. Cadium

    Hey, with the striker, you can make any driver and pilot panic just by locking onto them. They won't be able to tell if it's a wimpy striker rocket or something from the AA and AV...
  18. Papio

    Your statement precludes you from having any experience with the striker so I don't care about your opinion.

    If you panic every time you get locked in a game you may wish to consult a therapist.
  19. Cadium

    In addition to your argument, I'd like the add that the previous guy was assuming ESF's only. Libs and Gal's do not have that kind of maneuverability.
  20. QuakerOatsMan

    No need to comment any more about it. He's already created an entire thread just for his biased video and no matter how well you criticize his usage of the lancer compared to the striker in that video, he'll just completely ignore pretty much all those points and brush them off, saying "post a video to prove it." I very often try to bring valid points to a discussion, but some people are just not worth wasting your time on.

    One of the biggest problems now post-patch is people still trashtalking the lancer, which discourages a lot of VS players from buying it or trying it out themselves, and it has gotten a lot stronger. They're always comparing it to the striker while pretty much completely ignoring the fact that the phoenix has a much shorter range, and 99% of the time they will resort to the "but lancer isn't good at anything" argument, while the devs are already trying to fix up the phoenix to cut down its AI effectiveness. Also, most of the lancer users complaining just completely ignore the fact that the striker cannot be used for AI purposes whatsoever and try to treat the lancer as an AV sniper rifle (only against vehicles) rather than a "regular" AV weapon with accuracy and velocity perks. They also tend to heavily tunnelvision-focus only on the lancer's charge shot alone while ignoring the regular shots because ~3% of a vanguard's health per normal shot (equaling ~17% damage to a vanguard's front with all 6 shots without charging) does not look like a lot on the tanks they're damaging, while there are obvious ways to do significantly higher burst damage.

    One of the conclusions I've come to is that people think the lancer is weak because compared to the striker and the phoenix, it is "harder" to aim because there is no lock-on for it, nor is there a camera mode to guide the missile for greater precision as you narrow in towards the target to instagib infantry (not so much anymore post-patch, but the phoenix missile itself now proves a pretty big threat against vehicles in general). In other words, it is the most dependent on skill (a higher skill ceiling because you have to land multiple shots manually), and players comparing it to the relatively easier-to-use phoenix and striker will not see this. (You can easily see what I mean in that guy's video by the way, when he misses trying to hit the ESFs that he shouldn't even be trying to attack. Although, I'm sure you can see the lancer's potential if all shots landed).

    To doubtful, "defensively ********" naysayers:

    -No I will not attempt to make a video of myself trying to lead targets that I shouldn't be firing at while playing on my business laptop that can barely hold up in even medium-sized fights, nor did I ever say I had the skills to "prove it" to increase my ******, but there are definitely many people out there who can use lancer effectively if they try, especially now without the ADS CoF (it can easily outdamage a S1 at range, with a greater guarantee to hit, but its travel time is balanced by a slight damage drop over range to compensate for ie: any other launcher's travel time in factoring overall dps).

    -Note that I'm not saying "L2P" to anyone. It's more that I'm saying that the lancer requires relatively high leading skills (compared to striker/phoenix—this applies to every player) to use effectively—much more so against flying ESFs. With this post-patch lancer with no CoF, now imagine using a no-sway zero-drop half-charge-half-semiauto sniper rifle (for AV use, and imagine using a sniper rifle against all types of vehicles), except that the user is stuck with a x1 zoom scope (there have been videos of people practically sniping moving targets with LMGs using the ironsights, so yes it is doable even with x1, and no—the lancer still shouldn't be treated and used as a sniper rifle even if it can be). Remember that the lancer is not intended to be an all-purpose weapon (effectively used against all targets—know when to use the lancer) even though it very much can be used as one. Its versatility and potential in the hands of someone good at leading—not its charge shot damage (but keep in mind, the full damage which is pretty respectable is very dependent on the user's leading skill especially if you are going for targets that are harder to hit)—is one of its strongest traits, otherwise feel free to use weapons such as the annihilator if you are bent on "damaging vehicles."

    In any case, people overlook that the lancer is probably one of the best weapons to use for gaining assists, which will easily bump up scores with the double experience weekend in effect.
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