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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Mxiter

    You really think that quick ESF wich 80% of them get flare are more often hitten than slow ground vehicles wich have often magbuner,shield,nanorepear or fire extinguish??
    The main issue is against libs and galaxies wich are slower.

    Until striker can't lock, striker can't fire. An exposed tank behind a small rock/relief won't be able to be lock and the striker won't be able to fire.
    This avoid the tanks to be locked, so no effect about the accuracy.

    SOE Will fix the lancer with 0 cof tonight. That will increase much more the lancer accuracy and will resulting more damages/kills.

    Also there is some VS (i can't estimate how much) which use 90% of time the semi-auto mode, it's like auto firing with an orion at 100m: it's useless.
    Lancer have 3 modes of fire wich all perform at different range. Tell vs to use as intended and the result will be much better.
  2. ObsidianSoul

    I repeat:

    9.78 vehicles per hour killed for the Striker, vs. 6.92 for Phoenix, and 5.79 for Lancers.

    And the last thing I want is an overpowered Lancer and Phoenix.
  3. centurionvi

    Probably Flashes. They are littered all over the place and I've killed more of them with my Striker than anything else. I'd wager I've blown up twice as many Flashes as tanks.
  4. ObsidianSoul

    Oh yeah. Because Lancers and Phoenixes can't hit Flashes at all. :rolleyes:
  5. centurionvi

    I never said they couldn't. Its much easier for a Striker to clear out the junkyards of abandoned Flashes than the others due to the lock on. Others typically aren't going to waste their time or ammo trying to hit them from a distance.
  6. ObsidianSoul

    Actually we do. We kill abandoned flashes for the same reason you do. We don't just start ignoring them because we can't lock them. If anything, without lockons, we kill them faster.
  7. Diewoe

    All any ESF has to do is point his nose to the ground and slowly free fall and every striker will miss as they impact the ground, then you got flares and smoke counters. I can say that the only ones crying about the striker were the Vanu and the NC because they wanted us nerfed. Here they are using their ESRL to snipe inf and yet we got a RL that can't even hit turrets let alone take out a fighter when all he does is aim at the ground and Laugh.

    Either fix the tracking or double the damage a single rocket does. Whats the counter on the light speed Lancer? there is none. Whats the counter on the NC's camera guided rocket? you shoot it down. yeah ok Devs you just try and do that when they curve around a rock and you got 0.2 seconds to hit it, you would be lucky to even see it. 99% of the time its like wtf just hit me.

    You ( Devs) listened to the masses ( NC and VS ) and now you need to show some love to the one weapon that actually needed it.

    i died 15 times is a span of 5 minutes from the NC Rocket sniping me through doors and dropping over rocks. In other words they did not know i was their and just took a chance and with the over powered control ( yes i have used it myself and its OVER POWERED ) they can easily control a battle ground.

    Quick fix, make the ESRL do ZERO damage to inf, oh wait that's the TR's Striker. Dumbfire for the striker and upped damage or dumbfire and a much better tracking path so 80% of the rockets don't hit the ground. If none of these then give all TR back their money and or Certs wasted on this very VERY situational rocket that can only be used from high up in the air when the ESF are even higher or on extremely flat ground ( for Tanks and ground vehicles ). I totally feel ripped off after playing VS and NC altho i feel leet now with my new ESRL on those factions.
  8. Frigidus

    The Striker is being used exclusively on vehicles, whereas the Phoenix is primarily being used for instagibbing infantry. Obviously the lancer needs a buff, nobody with any amount of honesty is disputing that.
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  9. Mxiter

    Wait a bit: The phoenix is actually mostly focus to farm infantrie and the Lancer get buffs every days.
    Striker is the most balanced ESRL.
    Phoneix will be nerf agaist infantries: about the phoenix sniping infantries:
    I disagree: I use the striker and it's a very nice toy. maybe a little but it fact an makes all the others launchers less interesting. The Striker and the Decimator will soon be the ones played rocket lauchers in TR side.
    Don't worry about the phoenix sniping infantries: nerf incoming!
  10. Shaolungbao

    ACCURACY should include instances where you aim the weapon at a vehicle but cannot obtain a lock... "missing a lock" should be considered the same as not hitting a fired rocket.

    it should be considered a "miss" as the above scenario has far more risks and consequences than, for example a point-shoot lancer that misses.

    you have it AIMED,
    you're EXPOSED,
    you're both aimed and exposed for a few seconds.

    NO striker is NOT better than either esrl.. it's just more efficient at killing the same targets as either other esrl to record kills.

    If you cannot hit it with a phoenix/lancer, you're not hitting it with a striker.. but you might get a better tease over hitting it with the striker.

    But i've noticed that strikers will TIME THEIR SHOTS for a higher % to score the actual kill. Literally. i've tested it out within groups of other strikers. Some people don't shoot until after someone else is already hitting the target.
  11. Mxiter

    I actually have 69% accuracy with it: it means 1725 damages/mags in average: No accuracy issue, it' still overperforming than 100% accuracy ML-7, grounder or Skep.
    Less kills/min, i agree, but more damages assists ect, especially because my outfit don't carry lot of them.

    Mar 27, 10:59:09 PM HIHOWAREYOU Esamir
    Percuteur T2
    Mar 27, 10:59:09 PM Gisgo Esamir
    Percuteur T2
    Mar 27, 10:56:18 PM Rommegard Esamir
    Percuteur T2
    Mar 27, 10:56:18 PM SchwarzBruder Esamir
    Percuteur T2
    Mar 27, 10:53:47 PM Falke1234 Esamir
    Percuteur T2

    I agree, those killstreak are rare, but happens.
  12. Shaolungbao

    Good job. But those numbers don't mean much unless you're saying you're killing targets you would not have killed with other launchers. in which case you should post some videos. Because it's "technically" impossible with the lockon requirements and rocket pathing.

    From my experience, if you're not wasting rockets and losing lock-ons before you can fire it's just target selection.. have you expanded your gameplay with it? or is it just more fun and effective than the other launchers at hitting the same general type of targets?

    Because phoenix will hit tanks behind cover and lancers will hit moving targets and targets than effectively use cover.

    I haven't seen that done at all with a striker. I don't see other strikers hitting targets that i lost lockons or had rockets slam into the ground... there's not a lot of "skill" involved as the other esrl's to effect results.
  13. Mxiter

    It have the same gamplay that annhilator that i don't own.
    I unlocked the grounder and the skep, but the grounder was my main loadout (more versatile because can be effective against air and ground)
    Of couse it didn't have extended gameplay; it's a lock-on, but this is a rocket launcher with possibility to have more accurate than decimator (slow projectile speed) and deals more damage in a clip than every tank's guns.
    It's the most sober ESRL, not a revolution ( a simple annhilator evolution with drawbacks) but until it's effective and balanced, i don't really care.

    If you ask about accuracy, do you know that it isn't a fire and forget weapon?
    If have 3 sec fire and forget instant when the lock is broken.
    Keep your aim at target after firing and your accuracy will be much better ;)

    Square staight: you are manually guiding the missiles until limit range, then 3 sec of fire and forget
    Square is rotating: missile are in fire and forget mode that during just 3 sec
  14. Shaolungbao

    i understand all that.. but i'm confused about your concept of "balance"..

    for me, they list accuracy but i KNOW the phoenix and lancer both fire immediately when you want it to.

    That's not balanced to me. And after the learning curves are more progressed with both phoenix and lancer.. Striker users will see how short this thing really is.

    Balance to me isn't just in terms of results, it's in gameplay. And right now the other 2 esrl's can hit a wider variety of targets with greater accuracy if you consider how many times a striker "misses" if you include lost lockons where you never got to fire in the first place.

    for example a tank that moves in and out of cover... STriker no chance to even fire at it... phoenix can just aim over the obstacle and guide to the tank.. lancer can lay in waiting and hit it right when it shows.

    apply that to every time you lockon, the driver reacts and gets away or almost lockon..

    to sum it up: Striker is more effective at RECORDING kills and assists, not actually killing more targets or targets we weren't destroying previously; therefore it's getting more spam which also effects results for team-based weaponry.
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  15. Papio

    Well thought out but you're wasting your time, devs have buffed the non-tr factions launchers twice now and the striker still can't hit turrets...

    That tells me more about the devs than I ever wanted to know.
  16. Mxiter

    All ESRL are quite situational.
    Lancer perform (or will perform) moderately at every range if not used in groups, need cover for charge, or be exposed at close range with semi-auto fires and increase its DPS.
    The phoenix will soon get infantry damages nerf, can be fired from cover and behind cover (not too much but this is a part of the balance. It will maybe underperforming unit its get more speed to hit aircrafts :(

    Strkier is also situationel, if all shots hits, it's pretty devestating for every vehicles!
    The lock on is an accuracy upgrade for long range, but is also a limitating factor that requires more time to fire.

    Every vehicle you can hold between 7 and 10sec (depends of the distance) in sigh will receive awsome damages in fewer time than most of weapons of this game.
    4 magazines kill an MBT from flanks and front (5 for vanguard front) 2 magazines/ESF, 4 magazines for a liberator ect...
    Against air, you have to be very reactive, because of the long "lock-on and fire time" and smart ESF won't ignore the warning, will be aware of the strikers and will retreat. It will hits pilots wich will ignore the lock-on warning and 7 rockets are enouth to blow it up.
    Against groud vehicles, try to engage them in open spaces, let them come far from cover, then do your job. Good for ambush :D
    At close range, dumb fires RL (ML-7 decimator) are much better because no warnings and better DPS.

    Finally, the striker perform better in goups of 4-5 coordonates users.
    Like all ESRL it's a team based weapond: don't have a significant DPS, but deals interesting damages in groups:
    Lancer can (or will be) able to dealing moderate damage at any range (vey long range included)especially in opens aera and without warning.
    The phoenix will be able to hit tanks (an aircrafts i hope) behind obstacles, from cover with mediums/high damages, but with a limited range and without warning.
    Striker is good at medium/long range and will punish all foolish vehicles pilots.
  17. Sinist

    The only ESRL that has abilities that counter it (Flares, IR Smoke).

    The only ESRL that gives a warning that a missile is inbound.

    Needs 100% visibility of the vehicle for lock on to be possible in the first place. Other ESRL's can hit an exposed portion, the Striker requires full profile visibility for the lock on sequence to begin.

    The user of the Striker needs to expose himself in order to obtain visibility to the target, he cannot fire from cover as easy as the other factions ESRL's.

    The Striker's rocket's cannot hit turrets unless you are above them in altitude or directly at the same height as the turret. The rocket will hit the base of the turret and do no damage.

    It can not be used against infantry unlike the other ESRL's.

    It can not be dumb fired against targets unlike the other ESRL's.

    You can not lock on to a MAX unit.

    The lock on sequence can be interrupted by any momentary break in visibility. Nearby vehicles will interfere with the lock on making the process abort and start all over even if your crosshair remains perfect on the original target.

    Other empires have access to the Striker in the form of the Annihilator, yet the TR have no equivalent to the Lancer or Phoenix available to them.

    Listing "strength in numbers" as a trait that will make the Striker shine is a joke considering that 12 Lancers or 12 Phoenix's have the same effect. Any weapon amassed into squads or platoons will show the same critical mass of effectiveness. The Striker is not any better when used in numbers compared to the Phoenix or Lancer.

    It does not reward skill, There is no practice makes perfect with the Striker. The phoenix and lancer rewards learning how to better aim and shoot it, the Striker is "noob friendly".

    There are a couple things I want to see fixed. The missile tracking needs to be improved, either by offering a "top down" attack mode as a secondary fire mode. Or by increasing the missile speed and making it follow the path the target takes instead of trying to predict where the target is going. The missiles crash into the ground or any minor obstacle much too easy. The Striker also needs to be able to hit turrets much more reliably, especially from below the turret looking up. I would also like to see the ability to lock onto Max suits. The decimator is still going to be a better at taking out MAX's close quarters, but out in the open, the striker should be able to lock on and fire on exposed max suits. It also needs a dumbfire mode, even if its damage is scaled way down to give it at least some anti infantry capability.

    The annihilator should of never been released. IT should be a TR only weapon. I feel the Annihilator has ruined the Striker because the Striker had to be balanced against it. The Striker cannot be that much better then the Annihilator or noobs will complain about wasted station cash on their past purchase's. That is my assumption of why the Striker sucks so badly. Hastily releasing the Annihilator and making that weapon available to all factions has RUINED what the Striker could have been.

    I am not a fan of the direction PS2 is going with weapons. I like fewer more unique weapons rather then tons of weapons with blurring distinctions between them.

    I miss PS1. And I miss designers that I feel like I trust.

    Im still waiting on base design overhauls. I wont hold my breath for the team to make the right decisions about the Striker or weapons in general. Especially now that they will mostly be "Clegged up" with Arclegger on the team.
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  18. SpcFarlen

    Pretty much all of this. It really doesnt feel any different than the regular lock on launchers besides the ability to shoot more 'mini' rockets. I got it for my TR toon today to try out. Against ESF it felt a little lack luster. Was great to only waste one of them if the pilot flared. But just like the Annihilator, if the pilot is good and dives down all 5 rockets will slam into the ground.

    To be honest the only nice thing about the Striker is that if someone flares or... heaven forbid uses smoke, you may only waste one small damage rocket (which you have plenty of) rather than one larger hitting one (which you have only a few). But then you have to stay out in the open longer to get more rockets on target where as with the other two (AV or AA or Anni), you can fire once and get cover and do max damage before reload in a very short time. That is assuming it hits. So hey look, trade off.

    Since each rocket also isnt fired in very rapid succession the time for all those 5 rockets to hit means the pilot/drive can still react to the other ones that proceed it. Which is very much unlike the other two ESRL which have no warning what so ever and apply max damage (with charge on VS) with first impact or the other launchers where once hit by a rocket it leave more severe damage.

    Spike damage can make a huge difference compared to sustained, but yet again its a trade off. Though i am not saying it may be a bit too effective or ineffective. It just felt pretty solid of a weapon and nothing to really felt outstanding about it, unlike when i first tried out the annihilator... and we all know how that went.

    ~Just to get this out of the way though since i saw a few people complain about it...

    Yes a squad of people using the Striker is insane, but so is a squad with any other launcher or weapon at that matter. Turn around a corner in an MBT with 6+ HA with the standard launcher and you are going to blow up in a smoldering mess. Run out into an open field with 6 infiltrators staring at you through their sight, you are going to die. If any number larger than you have a weapon pointed at you... you are probably going to die. So that argument is really moot because its the game working the was its intended. When armies of similar skill and weaponry clash, numbers and tactics will determine who wins.
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  19. Shaolungbao

    The problem is that TR is basically getting ignored for following the rules and supporting the game.

    NC - complain about AI nerfs but in reality even with the majority of phoenix's pointed at infantry; they somehow out perform and out kill the striker in the hands of BR40's. Now what will happen when 100% of them are aimed at vehicles?

    VS - in the middle of a pout-fest they've effectively shown their opinion through not purchasing it. BUT compared to the striker / phoenix this is mainly because damage isn't special compared to the default launcher therefore less noobs will give it a try. Why get the "bad lancer" when you still don't have a lockon yet? ... This is compounding poor results as this is realistically the MOST team dependent esrl.

    Lancer SHOULD always have the least purchases. If you buff it to make it "look" better than default to noobs the end result will be something completely OP in the field.

    Striker? all the new players from the last couple weeks or just those saving for a lockon launcher were waiting for this to come out... of course it's the most used - within the first week of release it's the most "needed" by those who haven't upgraded the default.
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  20. Shockwave44

    Ok guys.

    I'm a VS player and I made a video about the striker to see what all the fuss was about.

    So, I picked up the striker very quickly and had a lot of fun with it. Just watch the video and tell me if you are experiencing the same thing I did. It's somewhere around the middle mark, after the lancer.
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