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  1. M3PH

    This is made me laugh. It also made me wonder what the argument to support not having to move out of the way of incoming fire is? Could it be laziness? Stupidity? lack of skill? all of the above?

    I know if i saw a blue streak of light coming at me, it would make me run like hell
  2. Babaganoush


    Still viable AI.

    And you can't dodge the missile because you can't even see the missile coming at you; they still haven't fixed the rendering of it.
  3. ARCStormtrooper

    Yeah but nowhere near as effective. I spent 20 mins sniping with the Phoenix against some TRs podding down on top of a giant rock above our point. Landed an untold number of chest shots and not one kill. Eventually got one kill when an Engi was on a mana turret and I hit the turret.

    It's only good on infantry if they have already taken damage. it does not OHK infantry anymore. But man! OHK'ing infantry farming hovering Scythes are soooo satisfying!
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  4. Frigidus

    I have a few things I'd like to point out, but before I get started I'd like to mention that my post was in reference to the Pheonix prior to the rework/"nerf".

    1. You usually didn't and still don't see a blue streak. Even if you could, you usually can't react to rockets popping up from over the hill you're hiding behind and hitting you within one second.

    2. You can't just "move out of the way" of incoming fire. There are plenty of videos posted in this thread that show people hitting moving targets. Even if it was possible to potentially dodge phoenix's by sprinting around erratically, at some point you have to hold still if you want to engage someone in combat.

    3. Many of those that complain about the phoenix having a poor turn rate don't have their sensitivity turned up. If you are playing with low sensitivity while using them you are not realizing the weapon's full potential.

    4. Whether or not you won a battle against Phoenix users isn't important. Territorial gains are very short lived and have no major impact on gameplay. The only thing that has any lasting, real value are certs. The OHK Phoenix made cert acquisition incredibly easy and risk free.
  5. dragonwinds

    I would definitely say this this was awesome, I bought it the second day it was out and was amazed. But then came all the whining from TR and VS complaining that we actually get a good weapon. The flare for VS is horribly broken, I don't even fly my reaver because of the stryker. They are the ones complaining. But it still needs improvement (Especially after the nerf that made it useless) Though it really does need a longer range + a self destruct capability.
  6. Alilua

    Still don't like how they do 40% damage with one round to the front of a prowler.
  7. Mxiter

    If it deals 2000 damages, ~=22% in fact.
  8. Ouch Electric

    I tried out the phoenix, and used it quite efficiently. Scored about 20 hits in 5 mins. Got 1 kill. Decided it's about pointless against infantry. Decent against vehs.
  9. Battleballs

    It was a terrible idea to bring these weapons into PS2 from the first game. Im a PS vet since it first came out and I played it over the 6 or so years it was out. These anti vehicle weapons are not only incredibly unbalanced but their features are too spread apart. There will be no way to make them do the exact purposes they were made for. The Phoenix was one of those weapons in PS1 that broke the way fighting was by introducing a infantry weapon that can hit anything not in the direct line of sight. This meant that no matter where you were, hitting a vehicle was possible. This meant that instead of the NC fighting they sat in a tower and camped inf or armor without actually going into the battlefield. Now, if you ever played a TR or VS tank in the past few days you would see the potential of this weapon. With 5-6 Phoenixes all firing at hidden targets behind rocks and buildings there is no way to set up a Sundy without organizing an entire crew of engies to constantly repair it. It takes away troops from fighting and it renders fortified armored positions useless. Without the ability to fire at a target in a tank and then backup to repair in large battles is a huge game changer. The reason why it has little controls to it and limited range is because the DEVs know how broken it can be. And it is. When used correctly and in large numbers it forces all vehicles to become targets no matter what line of sight it has as long as you have an angle. Angles in PS2 isn't hard to achieve either. Seeing how I've watched this weapon wipe out entire tank columns in a matter of minutes with just 5-6 guys.
  10. PS2Freak

    i think it would be logical that missile dont despawn after reaching 300m, i had this much too often, vehicle just before my tv, 1 meter away from hit, and..... nothing. missile despawn. therefore, imo, this should be fixed as quick as nerfing phoenix was.
  11. Imortalvalk

    Only thing about it now is it seems to render quite far from where it actually is...
  12. X3Killjaeden

    yes i've seen it countless times where fellow NC shot their blue beacon and it traveled in a straight path skywards.
    It's fun to use, but the sudden despawn 1m before the critically wounded target is aggravating :eek:

    Oh and sometimes i only get a kill assist even though i killed the vehicle. Propably because the Phoenix is a vehicle itself and then some wonky collision thing is going on etc etc.

    Renderdistance should definitely be fixed, same for the AV mana turret - it's just unfair for the receiving end.
  13. Aegie

    The average Pheonix user during the time the Pheonix was OHK against infantry scored more than 25% less per hour than the average Striker user.
  14. Mxiter

    Phoenix is fine. Deals good damages against vehicles behind cover and from cover.
    Stop whining because you can't spend 100% of your playtime using it.
    Nox play and earn XP agaisnt vehicles. You'll earn much more XP while shooting vehicles than infantries.
  15. Aegie

    Where was the whine? Point out a fact on this forum and people eat you alive, provide unsubtantiated feelings and insult people are you're a forum hero.

    Oh, and by the way I bought the Pheonix prior to 2x XP just so that when I boycotted using it during 2x XP because there were so many complaints that it would mean something. Go check the posts.

    By the way, the first time I fired the Pheonix was yesterday evening and personally I think it is junk but I could care less because I play LA almost exclusively.

    Go troll elsewhere.
  16. Laoss

    I play VS and I'd be fine with the phoenix being able to one-shot kill infantry, if it is possible to shoot it down with small arms fire. Make it slower but let it kill infantry in one shot. Let the TR dumb-fire the striker and the VS kill infantry with the lancer.
  17. Mxiter

    You couldn't OHK infantries during X2, SOE nefed its AI damages just before...
    I don't care to be hitten by the phoenix: it's made for it and maybe i did something bad in this case.
    People of this forum really needs to get numbers before that.
    As i said, ESRL looks balanced now. maybe sligts adjustments are still required, but we needs stats for that.

    The low score/hour of pre-patch phoenix user was because Vehicles kills XP/assists > Infantry kills.
    It wasn't the intended role of the weapon an was a real gamebreaker.
    I tell it for you, but also for everybody wich think that the actual phoenix is OP/UP.
    Be patient, learn to deal with those new launchers(all have those weakness because all are situational) and wait for the news stats before telling aa thing is OP/UP.
    Also, it's not just reading the stats, but also understanding them and apply it to IG situations.

    Sorry, for you Aegie if you found i was rude after reding that:
    But there is explanations for that: 25% less XP, ~=30% less vehicles kills and 167% more totals kills. There is an easy explanation for that.
    That's why people were mostly QQing and they were right.

    And finally, phoenix isn't a junk or good, it's situational.

    Every faction find them ESRL bad because they are all situational but all are good if you use them in the good...Situations. :D
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  18. Aegie

    Very good points- and for the record no I did not find your post rude I just wanted to make sure I was clear that I think the ESL are fine and I in no way whatsoever think they should nerf the Striker.
  19. Keiichi25

    The only thing I think that should be in for the Phoenix and the Striker is the non-aimed dumbfire. If the user wants to fire the Striker or Phoenix without 'aiming' (As in general fire, no guidance), they should be able to dumbfire it.

    Damage wise, I don't think the ESRLs should 'OHK', even the Lancer with the full charge. You want to make these Launchers be more effective against vehicles than having the Phoenix be a 'cover snipe' weapon or the Lancer being a Heavy snipe weapon. Planetside 1 wanted people not to be rocketlauncher toting spammers and while this one will allow rocket spamming, we should have it be 'less effective' against infantry so the weapons are better utilized against vehicles, even with the engineer infinite ammo support.
  20. Ceiu

    The irony of all of this, is that the Phoenix NOT killing infantry makes it more effective as anti-infantry.

    Think about it for a second. If you die, that's it -- you die. You respawn in ~10 seconds with full health and ammo (even less if you're near a sunderer). Now, if you get hit by a Phoenix rocket, your shields are gone and you've lost a hefty chunk of your health bar. Instead of dying, most players will now haphazardly run to safety, typically dragging a medic or two toward them for healing (if one is even nearby).

    So, instead of taking one person out of combat, I've potentially dragged two or three people out. Moreover, if they've got a medic pal with them to help them recover, they're now clustered up for an ally to clean up with an AOE of some sort (tank, Shrike, grenade, etc). And if luck is really on my side, in their frantic run back to cover, they've passed directly in front of their teammates and either ate a bullet or two or at least disrupted their aim/focus. That means less crap for my side to deal with.

    And that doesn't even address the boost it got to its vehicle effectiveness.

    It's still not an OP weapon by any means -- and all of my previous posts on the subject still apply -- but this is definitely an instance where the phrase "careful what you wish for" applies.