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  1. Trr9896

    Personally, having bought and used the Phoenix for a few days, I like its stats, but controlability is a bit too low for me to hit air and even fast ground. Other than that I love it, the anti-camp capability has changed the games dynamic (no firing lines on crown cliffs anymore) IMO for the better. The direct impact is a bit annoying and the explosion radius seems very misleading, might as well remove splash and animation while keeping OHK on impact.
  2. Vladd

    After reading drNovikov's response to my posting I'm just going to say this.
    Defamation and discrediting is part of intelligence war, but your claims of lies against me are bias especially with the amount of kills you've already reaped with the Phoenix. Stop trying to protect your one sided war. If you had half a brain would see I posted comments for each Launcher weapon. You will also notice at the beginning of each of these threads They are asking for our opnions and views of what we the players think of the weapons, Not what the Players think of the Other Players opinion.
  3. Shockwave44

    PS1 Wiki:

    The Vanu Sovereignty's Anti-Vehicular weapon, the Lancer, features a fast-moving energy projectile with a small cone of fire. However, it takes approximately 1 second for the weapon to charge prior to each shot, necessitating the soldier to lead moving targets. The Lancer has a greater range than the Phoenix and Striker.
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  4. shadowkhat

    so another idiot that can't figure out how to fight a shotgun using max... hrmm easy don't try to hug it. Phoenix sucks *** its slow manuvers like a brick carrying a brick if you manage to hit an infantry soldier omfg you should kill them it was total luck. reason i don't even play planetcrapside 2 anymore is all the whines from the TR and VS about the suposedly overpowerdness of the NC weapons you can all keep the damn game if i come back i'll be playing TR love those god guns they have.
  5. VanuSovereignty

    I do enjoy how you ignore that the phoenix is a guided decimator.
  6. PS2Freak

    So, after 2 days of double xp and massive lags, how is impression of NC of old nerfed infantry0hk, and new AV rocket - Phoenix ? any worth ?

    I hardly see any use for this. range and agility is just "not there". some successful tactics ?

    i see my phoenix in my basement gathering dust, if devs not working that tweaks out. [yes, they have already my money]
  7. HadesR

    Good :)

    Still manage to get a few kills with it .. Since people don't have time to bail , then try to run to repair and get rocketed .. or you blow the tank up as they are repairing it and get the kill for them as well.

    ESF .. Think it's more luck than judgement if you manage to hit one .. Unless they are a derp hoverer ..

    Lag's a pain though at times .. Cam doesn't kick in till 2 or 3 seconds after launch
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  8. Irondove

    you'd think people would understand why NC is miffed that our Phoenix rocket launcher has been nerfed at least 3 times in under a week...Thats the biggest reason i was raging...the same week you buy it it gets nerfed like hell 3'd think people would'd THINK....

    you'd think that with all these nerfs they'd perhaps modify the mechanic of the phenoix since its design has flaws that most dont agree with...that being that you giud the rocket for its entire flight time...if we were honest this is what pains'd have thought the most obvious thing todo would be to make the rocekt at least part camera guided and then continue the rest of its flight as a dumb fire rocket...this would be acceptable....

    but alas they nerf it in the laziest of ways...dmg reduction.

    not to mention that each nerf has inserted a glitch as well...dmging a target when you clearly missed (cross hairs not aligned)...the sputtering acceleration ( its slows down the speeds up...then appears to stall and then meters from the target speed up.)....and the occasional rocket that just fires without ever entering camera mode.
  9. Mxiter

    The ONE nerf wich happened was the infantry damages. Others fixes were more buffs.
    Them AV damages were incresed insted. It's a balance, not a nerf.
  10. Papio

    It'll probably take another nerf if NC continues to fire them out of open air spawn shields.
  11. Zan_Aus

    This weapon will NEVER be balanced because there are too many factors involved. Nerf it too much and it becomes pointless in small skirmishes compared to other launchers, nerf it too little and it becomes a defining super-OP weapon in big fights. The whole camera-guided mechanic has opened up a complete can of worms. When you are designing a weapon you MUST account for the different fights it will be present in (small/large, cover/no cover, etc).

    Lets take your usual big assault of 50v50. This means there is literally no such thing as cover within 300m of an NC held base. We've experienced this over and over. Use the thing as a UAV to spot the sunderer, blow sunderer up. It is almost impossible to keep a sunderer alive within range of the Phoenix except where cover is extremely sheer and overhanging. So all our infantry look forward to a 300m run.

    Are there extremely craggy outcrops in various areas like SE Indar where you can cram a sunderer? Sure, around the Crown, near Zurvan etc etc. Try fighting in SW or North Indar though. 3/4 of what used to function as cover (sloping hills, ditches, etc) no longer functions as cover.

    Those 1800 certs you spent on IR smoke as a tanker? Worthless (though I admit the Lancer creates this problem as well).

    So, what do you do? Reducing the damage won't achieve anything because this will cripple it in small engagements but only delay the inevitable in large engagements by a few seconds. Reducing turning ability will cripple it from hitting any moving object but is necessary for stopping it from being a UAV sundy bomber.

    Its a horrible concept that should never have been introduced and is going to toilet the game for many a month to come.
  12. M3PH

    My thoughts on the Phoenix after using it for a week are pretty much the same as everyone else's (increase pitch/yaw speed slightly, fix non guided missile bug, add an air-burst function). The one thing that really did annoy me is the infantry damage decrease (I hate the word "nerf"). In what world do you have a rocket launcher that can completely destroy an aircraft or a quad bike in one hit, a tank in anything between 3 and 5 hits and an armored van in 4 hits, yet it can't kill a person, that is hit directly in the face, with one shot?

    I understand that this game is not supposed to be realistic but some consistency would be nice.

    All the other factions rocket/missile launchers can kill an infantry-man in one hit. My shrike can kill anything but a max in one hit (provided the projectile makes contact with the target) and you are seriously telling me that the phoenix can't? And just because some VS and TR snipers - that don't have any situational awareness - screamed so profusely, on these forums, that it was unfair that I suddenly had the ability to snipe them back. With explosives. Suddenly it was unfair that I had a weapon that was similar to their massively unfair high rate of fire, high DPS SMG's, super high damage rifles and shotguns. These are weapons that can tear through my maxed out resist shield and nanoweave armor (when i'm at full health and full standard shield) killing me (in all but the SMG's case, obviously) with one hit.

    I, like many others, have never felt it necessary to complain about (or praise when deserved) things like the SMG's (or the the Uppercut) but this knee-jerk, reactionary behavior has to stop. Just because a small group of people (maybe 100) out of thousands choose to scream at the top of their voices about how something is unfair, it doesn't me it is. It may just be that one particular group has some need to gain an advantage by any means. I'm not saying this is what is happening, but what is happening is more a case of child feels neglected, so does anything to get mummy's attention.

    RadarX, remember that these forums are by no means representative of what the actual population of the game thinks. They are supposed to be, but they just aren't.

    I do recognise that the Phoenix has some interesting use's (like scouting for vehicles) but the uses are limited by the pitch/yaw speed and the range. Anyone that thinks they can be used as all seeing "search and destroy" UAV's has either not used one very much or is regurgitating other peoples poorly founded opinions while confusing them with fact.

    Please up the damage against infantry enough so that a hit to the head is a kill. If you do that, I can live with body hits being 2 shots. Especially now most players have figured out that if they see a blue flare coming at them, they need to move.
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  13. Inukuro


    Still a viable AI weapon.
  14. Papio

    Rocket tracking doesn't work (server lag + rocket speed), devs might as well remove the ability to knock the rocket off its trajectory, most of the time the rocket flies off 50 m to the left just before hitting my tank.

    Remove the ability to fire rockets out of spawn. Any rockets.
  15. HadesR

    Remove the ability for tanks to spam HE at spawn room doors and you have a deal :)
  16. Shockwave44

    Well, that's just bad base design. Really, really bad base design. Might as well have you spawn in their warpgage.
  17. HadesR

    Yeah we all know that .. Just those that " OMG don't let them fire rockets from spawn " don't think it through or realize what the ramifications would be with the current base design.
  18. slipnitz

    NC got a new and effective weapon, then the other guys says it's OP...(then it got dmg reduction to infantry) who the *** gets hit in the face with a rocket and ****** survives...?

    it's hard enough that it fires a slow projectile with a terrible turning speed, rocket could also be shot while in mid air
    and can't hit a moving target (but sure you can)...
    you have to stay for a few seconds to guide it ( all while standing still)...

    if you really didn't want to get hit by it, easiest way is to run zigzag or do side steps....don't say it's OP

    and now it's nerfed against infantry (which sucks big time)

    heck we dont even complain that much about the reaver being soo over powered by the other ESF, face it NC finds other ways to excel on and doesn't complain...

    it's just sad :( ... (sad right now)
  19. Frigidus

    Again with the "just move around and you'll be fine" line? Don't make me post the cheesy video again!
  20. iNewConglomerat

    what is this? your inability to see the trails of the rockets, flank those NC HA and get them out with infiltrator or you're just being lazy?
    last night played TR char, and we pushed NC all the way from the crown to ti alloys and those phoenixes didn't save them.
    don't even need fancy rocket launchers, my TMG-50 and the Decimator did the job.