Official Phoenix Launcher Thread

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Grayson

    Yes, but not to do tricks in mid-air, roll around with a dam missile, like some people here is crying for.
    IMHO it is good at it is, maybe they have to do something about the infantry kills, and thats it.
  2. drNovikov

    Nope, it should OHK ESFs, at least. Also, it should sto despawning meters away from enemy tanks.
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  3. Fenrisk

    Considering players fire the Phoenix from cover so they can't see their targets till they are close to them anyway i don't see how "obscures infantry at long range" will make a blind bit of difference. Infantry will still get instant gibbed by hidden NC heavys. All you did is add a night vision mode to help them pick targets out at 100m or less.

    The buff to aircraft damage is useless. The only aircraft a phoenix will hit are hovering targets outside of spawn rooms.

    Think yourselves lucky NC that higbys your main dev or infantry damage would of been nerfed a long with scat maxes. "clap clap"
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  4. Grayson

    Yep, you're right about that, the missile should not should enter its dumb fire state.
    But i don't know about OHK ESF, maybe a little bit more dmg, but OHK would just make everyone else cry for a buff..
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  5. drNovikov

    You can oneshot ESFs with default launchers and decimators. And shooting a hovering ESF with a decimator is much easier.
  6. Grayson

    Yes, but this is a guided missile. It's kinda easier to hit air IF he's in range..
    If this could one shot ESFs, i bet the other two launcher would be buffed to do the same, and to be honest i dont want to see a lancer/ striker that powerfull againts air....
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  7. Anti-Skub

    Why?...just why?

    You might as well give frag grenades a minor damage buff to aircraft. How's about this join my server, I'll fly a Mosquito you use a Pheonix. I'll fly around, you try and hit me. I'll give you 50 tries, if you can hit me once I will agree that balancing the Pheonix around aircraft damage makes sense.
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  8. Wrek

    All i wanted was
    With reasonable damage adaptation for Planetside.

  9. Rabbitz

    Wow.. 60th page.
    People sure love the Phoenix. (Twice the love of other empire ESRL)
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  10. Mxiter

    It could perform quite well with a projectile speed buff.

    I totally agree. it totally sucks as AA at actual state and need AA capacity improvement.

    The difference between dumbfire and the phenix: it have drop and it isn't camera guided.
    Even if the "minor" buff is 10-20%, it will requires 2 rocket to instantanate destroy it instead of 2 rockets + some infantry guns hits. But it need more speed to perform to hit aircrafts!

    If they buff the projectile speed, two phoenix operators will instagib an ESF.

    At actual state, i agree, it must OHK, but as i said, if they improve the way it hit aircrafts, it must requires 2 shots.
    I also agree for dumb fire rocket after 300 m likes others specific lock-on dumbfire. (50m/s with 1m/s drop)

    It's easyer with dumb fire rocket with drop than a slow camera guided rocket? be serious please. Both are pretty hard atm and requires a bad hoovering pilot to hit :D .

    LoL: NC have the best population and they says that it's normat to get better weapons to fight against the ennemy swarm... with less populated empires (TR/NC) :confused: this is a nonsense. All factions need to be really balanced without regarding the population. The population will balance by itself if all factions are paerfectly balanced or won't be far to be equal. (better than now with the 4th faction anyway)

    Nothing about infantry damages reduction...

    IF Vehicles will be withe, infantries will be black and relief will be grey... That won't change anything and phonix will still be used to farm infantry better than every weapons before.
    long range?? what range?100m?150m?300m?

    Way too much manoeuvrable, it can hit everything everywhere with almost no counter... for the game balance: forget it. or makes it deal 250 damages max (so it will be useless but fun to use and a good scout anyways)
  11. Czuuk

    My only concern at present is what happens when the rocket reaches range. It should blow up. Not despawn. Or. We should be able to remotely detonate.

    Either way, it's still fun as hell and fairly effective. Especially for counter-sniping.
  12. Messaiga

    Just a little Quote from my post as a reminder to how we could do this. Please SOE, if you were smart, and wanted to remove infantry effectiveness from the Phoenix, then give it an Afterburner and AT LEAST a 1HKO against ESF's so we have something other to hunt than tanks.
  13. Anti-Skub

    I made a quick video of some gameplay when trying to use the Pheonix for AntiAir. I would regard myself as an above average player...I'm not amazing but I'm generally a better aim and more experienced than the majority of people. I'm not boasting, just trying to give you an idea of the skill level required. I'm currently 28th highest score on the Woodman server, I have 8 Auraxium medals with various weapons, and I have 222 kills with the Pheonix so far so I am neither new to the game or how the weapon works.

    With that in mind, here is a very typical example of what happens when trying to use the Pheonix in an air target rich environment.

    0:01 - Shot one - Lack of range denies a potential hit
    0:12 - Shot two - Target accelerates slightly, completely outmaneuvering the missile (note this isn't an evasive maneuver, the pilot doesn't even know the missile is coming, but still manages to dodge it with ease)
    0:25 Shot three - normal acceleration and flight speed massively outpace the missile.
    0:39 Shot four - Lack of range and speed
    0:49 Landmine kills
    0:59 Shot five - Virtually stationary target at close range again accidentally outmaneuvers the missile by pressing space
    1:10 Final Shot - A single low damage hit versus a slow moving Lib at close range...note that in order to make this shot hit I wasn't even able to look at where the target was. I had to aim with it offscreen and just guess where it was going. Any change the pilot had made to direction or speed would have made me miss.
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  14. drNovikov

    I know that. And it is still easier to hit a hovering aircraft with a dumbfire missle.
  15. MykeMichail

    What do either of those things have to do with logic? Bullets drop as they drop. HE rounds do so much damage. What doesn't make sense, is something that punches a hole in a tank, taking 2 shots to kill infantry. That doesn't make sense, its not logical at all.
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  16. Zenith

    Nah, I just think people are tired of knee-jerk nerfs from SOE.
  17. MykeMichail

    Such is the nature of MMO's. If you don't like something, don't log in for a while and threaten not to come back until it gets changed.

    Hopefully SOE won't cave to this kind of pressure. Most of these "item x is OP! I'm not logging in until its changed!" people come back within a week or so when the smart players who don't cry "nerf!" every 5 minutes work out a way to defeat it.
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  18. MykeMichail

    Your tears are delicious.

    Stop crying about our MAX's when a dual Mercy MAX will tear through an NC MAX before the NC max can even finish his first reload at 20 m.

    Higby being an 'NC player' has nothing to do with the fact that NC MAX's haven't been nerfed. They haven't been nerfed because they are balanced. I can kill almost any MAX in the game with a magazine of Sweeper and a magazine of Rebel. To say that NC MAX's need a nerf is to say that shotguns need a nerf. And if you say they do, clearly this isn't the game for you.
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  19. Spookydodger

    Here's a suggestion if you want to make it more effective versus aircraft, and less an awesome infantry sniping weapon:

    Make the projectile speed faster, reduce turning speed, and make it explode in a flak cloud when in range of an aircraft.

    This should make it harder to hit infantry unless you know precisely where they are, make it easier to get to aircraft, and insure some damage against them that is commensurate with what other ESRLs do, damage wise, to air craft.

    Still feels that it would make sniping infantry quite possible in some high-traffic areas, but at least random wandering infantry who aren't camping a spot will be relatively safe.

    The major downside to speeding up the projectile is that it makes it much harder to counter with the one thing that supposedly works: flak. I haven't tried it to see, but I've yet to see a phoenix travelling through the air to shoot it with a burster max.
  20. Fenrisk

    Blah blah blah.

    There will be plenty more server merges before this is over. When developers throw game balance out the window for the sake of selling new OP weapons gamers move on. There plenty of great games already out and coming out.

    Without solid game balance and skill based game play people leave. 1 shot instant gib weapons that require no aim are not balanced. Be they shotguns, phoenix missiles or AOE tank spam. They are boring to use and boring to play against. It reduces weapon diversity and makes the over-all experience dull.
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