Official Phoenix Launcher Thread

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  1. Messaiga

    Why so much rage about NC Max's, they really only shine within 10 meters in point defense or a Bio Lab Max Crash. As for the Phoenix they are doing something about that so you don't need to act like nothing is ever done to balance the game.
  2. netsky4life

    That's also the only place where you see them and make every smart player avoid those area's or get utterly frustrated, besides not only in biolabs in everybase, afterall the cap points are inside buildings, and if your not on cap your useless....
  3. Mxiter

    I'm not so bad guy :)

    with that:

    For the striker: [Lock 2.5+fire (i took 3 sec but it's abit more in fact :p) +time to stay locked (100m/s, depends of the distance) + reload cycles] X mag damages (2500)

    True it wasn't you, but a troll on the striker thread.
    This to illustrate about the fire from cover.

    I havn't video (my CPU is a bit too old to get nice quality also) but when the lock is brocken it seems that when the missiles keep them direction without leading the target anymore (after 500m for exaple).
    That's how i felt it anyways. It's one one way i could explais my missiles miss them target without use of relief or flares in the 800m missiles range.

    But i'm pretty interested to makes some expericences :D
  4. Mxiter

    Maybe they're just good at it, but it's enouth to hold 10 time more guys, get a ton of XP without efforts/skills and average risks
  5. Messaiga

    That is true, but you want an engi with you because if they all come at once you're finished, if you have a decent NC Max, an Engi that layed down ammo, and a medic, you can defend that doorway until 2 heavies blast you with a rocket at the same time.
  6. Mxiter

    The issue is that others maxes havn't thos possibilitiens, but it's not the thread here ;)
  7. Messaiga

    Aye, I hope SOE does something good with these launchers to make them really unique and have aspects that make them really fun to use. I personally have fun finding nice cover and blasting vehicles into the dust because they refuse to get closer to us and blast us with HE rounds, but that is why I have Flak Armor.
  8. Revel

    The whole point is, none of these weapons should be very effective against infantry. They should be anti vehicle/air, with all 3 having their own interesting mechanic.
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  9. Revel

    How about a tank HE round not killing infantry if it explodes 1 meter away from them?
    How about the unrealistic bullet drop in this game?

    Logic doesn't play any role in this game.
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  10. Terrarion

    I see your point but really its high ordnance.. why use them if grounder, hawk, nemesis can do the similar vehicle job and still dumbfire ohk infantry. thats just another wasted heavy weapon set.
  11. Garrett24789P

    except the phoenix will NEVER be good at air, that is just the nature of it
  12. Winfield

    If they nerf the Anti-Infantry damage of the Phoenix it should be buffed to be able to deal with air.

    The inherent flaw with the weapon at the moment is that the 300m range is something the devs can't help if I understood right.

    Then we're left with 3 things that the could buff for it; Missile Velocity(Which would also be a nerf because of the terribad flight time), Missile maneuverability and vehicle/anti air damage it does.

    All these things leave the TR/VS crying. Instead of then killing their infantry with it we'll be absolutely destroying their tanks. If you nerf something about the Phoenix as it is and buff nothing, we're left with another useless faction weapon.

    We already have the Jackhammer, please. SOE for the love of VS Spandex, NC Rednecks and Arrogant TR scum, DON'T GIVE US MORE USELESS FACTION WEAPONS.
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  13. Garrett24789P

    o they will
  14. drNovikov

    Because they can't get 30-40 cowardtanks inside a biloab for spawnfarming. They have to come on foot and actually fight. But they are so used to sawnfarming that they are literally helpless without 30 cowardtanks and 40 lolpods. They just don't know what to do. They forgot how to fight. They loose.

    They loose, so they are in desperate need of a reason for their losses. They blame NC MAX.
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  15. -Zlodey-

    Oh really? Maybe your cowardmaxes get used too much to infantry farm on biolabs? Only decimator in the face helping them.
    Prowler cant be named OP in any way now. Why your great tankers not fighting, but sitting in maxes inside biolabs?
    Too much pathos in your post. Its you lose, its you forgot how to fight, when last place under you conrol on map are Biolab.
    TR not fear fighting anything on foot. We do that from the release aganist OP Magriders.
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  16. PS2Freak

    "Phoenix will get minor damage buff to aircraft, camera effect (similar to NV) that obscures infantry at long range, highlights vehicles"


    if that is all what changes, i have useless weapon at my hands. yey o_O
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  17. drNovikov

    Yes, really. Never saw a battle won by TR without having overwhelming numerical advantage. TR secret of victory: have more prowlers than defenders have men and spam the spawnroom to prevent defenders from fighting (because TR infantry looses fight even with their superior weapons, that's why TR are afraid of fighting, that's why they need to spam spawnrooms with HE/HEAT/lolpods). But that does not work in biolabs.

    Minior buff against air means no buff at all. If a first missle landed on a hovering ESF does not do enough damage to put it on fire, they will just fly away and repair. A dumbfire launcher puts EFS n fire and almost instakills them. Phoenix should do the same.

    Also, I'm afraid that this 'camera effect' will obscure vehicles as well.
  18. -Zlodey-

    Nope. And I prowe that with flamethrowers later.
  19. PS2Freak

    i try hard to hit Air with phoenix, but no chance... oh boy, they change some gimmicks but nothing of substance.
  20. HadesR

    Just hope the Cam effect doesn't obscure terrain .. But hopefully no mention of damage nerf .. So maybe still OHK inf but making them harder to hit