Official Phoenix Launcher Thread

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  1. Major

    And the other factions pretty much have a phoenix with the mana turret anyways, sooooooo,
  2. Mxiter

    You want a lock-on? :D
    2000 damages and NO aircraft damages reduction?? it's time to wake up dude :D 2HKO a liberator o_O
    a camera guided rocket at saron's speed with a manual activation! :cool:
    1. the actual engine can't put camera guided over 300m
    2. if the range is increased, the manoeuvrability should be nerfed or OP but this is a terribad idea :)
    And 5 hits maximum without risks and awareness every vehicule in the game

    And quite easy to handle with a good mouse DPI an max sensitivity.

    You want it?? play UT or perfect dark they have 100% manoeuvrable camera guided weapons! ;)

    Flare and relief will stop phoenix missiles?

    with a range of 500m of course!

    Next OP cheeze proposition?
  3. Cyridius

    Phoenix is stupid as hell right now. All the NC are spamming it in INFANTRY BATTLES. Statistical proof is not required from a player giving feedback when it is painfully obvious it is OP. Fun fact; If one weapon is used to the exclusion of all other weapons then it is overpowered, or everything else is underpowered. No other qualifications required. And no NC, your HA weapons are not bad.

    Watching swathes of infantry just fall over and die to invisible rockets, my kill screen listing my damage prior to death from all different people using the Phoenix when I'm an INFANTRYMAN is just ridiculous and it highlights obvious problems.

    The primary problem with these is that they do not Render hence are impossible to shoot down. We've been through this before with the Annihilator, and it's obvious SOE wont fix Rendering. We all die to an invisible force. Even if that was not the case, the velocity is so fast it would be impossible to shoot down without enmasse concentrated fire.

    The Lancer can't 1-hit infantry, and the Striker takes 7 rockets to bring down an ESF, plus has no dumbfire. The Lancer is a piece of crap, the Striker needs a tweak and the Phoenix is blatantly overpowered against infantry.
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  4. Mxiter

    If a Striker hit you in ESF, it"s because you ignored the lock-on signal at least 9 sec and it need 2 magazines to kill you.
    In 9 sec, an ESF can move to 575m away at 230km/h:it's totally your fault even without flares or AB.

    A dedicated AA/AT RL get better DPS at range. Nerf the AA/AT specific launchers??

    No comment about the lancer: its current state is poor.

    Something that is 300m away, from the spawn room/cover with a very poor hard-counet: aimaing a small blue ball wich travel at an amazing speed...directly at you (i'm pretty sure you can't see it while it come direclty in your direction)
    Those thigns happens more by luck than by skill.[/quote]

    You think crossbow will be used in the future? SOE think about doing it... Everyting can happens in the fure, even rocket to don't deals damages to infantry :p

    Same for everybody:
    -TR need to get decimator or ML-7 if they want to fight infantries or specific vehicles more efficiently (tanks zergs/air zergs) or better ambush/urban fights.
    -VS actually to switch them loadouts for every kind of engagements:confused: (not accurate enouth at long range because of the bad COF)

    Phoenix can actually fire at everyting on the groud from 0 to 300m. even if it works like a non-projectile drop shrike to 0 from 100.
  5. Phazaar

    Not sure what point your post is trying to make... I'd also love to know how to turn on dumbfire mode on the Phoenix? I assume you just mean in the range before you can control the projectile?

    Also have no idea how you're calculating DPS here - is it from files, or versus a specific vehicle? Also no idea how you're getting the DPS of the Striker to decrease? Its DPS at each range should be identical (minus the alpha flight time); it requires no maintenance so should be completely unaffected.

    Finally, your exposed times are completely off-base. Again, dependent upon how many volleys you have to fire at the target. Your ACTUAL exposed time is number of volleys*2.5 seconds, since all firing+reloading can be done from behind cover.

    Nice try though.
  6. Messaiga

    Do you realize I had no Malevolent intentions. First off, if they remove the ability to be effective against infantry, then all it has is armor, where as the Striker can handle Armor and Air, Lancer when used properly could be used against anything. The lancer could use a buff against armor though. As for the Phoenix, when they remove infantry effectiveness we need something in return to make it effective against air then, if armor damage remains the same I could care less but at least make it 1 shot ESF's, because if you put all the work to try and hit one than you deserved it. May I also mention that an afterburner (If they were to add it to the Phoenix, possibly as a cert upgrade) should bring it up to 250 meters per second, effectively giving it a travel time of 2 seconds. In this amount of time a smart liberator pilot can get away, repair, and have his/her gunner blow you to smithereens. So pretty much I would make it 1HKO ESF's, 3HKO Libs (There, happy?), 8HKO Galaxy's, and still have the same effectiveness as it currently does against Ground Vehicles/Turrets and MANA Turrets. You can remove the throttle and leave it as it is, but give it the afterburner the way I suggested it so it has aircraft effectiveness or if there is a vehicle standing still you can use it to speed up the TTK.
    Edit: They also need to fix the bug where the Phoenix does not render to the enemy and leaves them unable to shoot the projectile down, and when they do fix it, this will be a very interesting field for us.
  7. MuNrOe

    Let the tears rain down.

    Higby uses them to perm his hair.
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  8. Major

    It's crap when it dumb fires, your screen is well, a screen taking up most of you fov, thus you die from bullets as you can' t move for a few seconds when you dumb fire it, just get a deci out, it can be shot down and they are working on it's rendering issues. Funny how others in the game could find ways to counter it with strats!!! Imangine that!! And I think anything designed to destroy metal in any game should one hit squishies, with a direct hit.
  9. Phazaar

    I'd kill to know where you get those stats from... For a Striker to hit, it takes 2.5 seconds to lock, and the flight time, which at 100m/s projectile velocity can easily happen within 3 seconds from getting the lock on warning. To hit all 5, you only need to add 2 seconds for firing all the missiles, and the difference in flight time. You'd certainly struggled to get to 9 seconds though; where on earth did you pull that number out of??

    If you did notice the warning, and had no flares, and the HA was intelligent and waited until you were close to lock, assuming you were 50m from the HA when he started to lock and you reacted INSTANTLY (virtually impossible, especially with the useless UI) flying away (over his head, since turning is too slow), at 370kph (about 100m/s). In the 2.5 seconds to lock, you've passed the HA and made it 200m. His missiles now maintain a constant 200m as they travel at the same speed. 1.5 seconds (150m) later, your AB runs out, you are now reduced to 250kph (70m/s). The rockets now close at 30m/s. 200m/30m/s=6.6 seconds later the rocket hits you.

    That's 1.5 seconds+6.6 seconds = 8.1 seconds. Your rockets have an 800m range, and have travelled 810 to have an impact. Hence, they would never reach their target. Add in 0.1 seconds reaction time (still super-human), or start to lock 10m further back, and the missile will hit. Add the 2.5 seconds lock time, and we're talking about 10.6 seconds of engagement. Reaction was made immediately. The rocket still hit. PLEASE tell me how you made up fabricated created worked out the 9 seconds?!
  10. netsky4life

    first the scat/hacksaw max (which stil needs a big nerf by the way) now this..... yeah devs want nc to dominate the game, and if they don't want it they better get there **** straight cause vanu and tr pop is dropping....
  11. Mxiter

    From 0 to 100m, the missile is pretty quick and consider it working like an hi-speed-no-bullet-drop-shirke-that-force-you-to-stay-immobile.

    I calculate it myself from this:

    Notice the projectile velocity while lock/unlock, reload time of the weapon and the ROF.
    As my values for the Lancer (charge time) and the phoenix (speed in camera mode isn't 100m/s) i used other value.

    For the striler
    Striker rockets are NOT fire and forget!! the lock breaks 3 sec after the operator stopped to aim the target.
    Try it!

    As said befor: No fire and forget : you just can fire 4 rockets from cover (the lock is broken at 3 sec) check in your own video=> 4 rockets are shot, not 5!
    And those rocket won't be guided long time ( 3sec for the first, 2.25sec for the 2nd, 1.5sec for the 3rd and 0.75 for the 4th, don't fire the 5th)
    Check it youself if you don't believe me
    I know well my subject, it"s a beginning :)
  12. Mechanought

    I think the missile being slower, and less maneuverable than a galaxy, would certainly prevent it from being a huge threat against infantry. I definitely think a buff to damage would have to follow a reduction in velocity though.

    As I think about I find I like the increased velocity idea better. I really don't think it should have dumb-fire past 300m though. It should self-destruct. This will help keep phoenix users from rocket sniping outposts and vehicles while under cover.
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  13. Major

    And many nc are complaining they can't control it, I play high dpi and fly with a high sense, so I do ok, but lowe dpi/sense players are having a harder time, so why nerf something that over half they players can't use as well others? Let the hype die down, and it's getting a new screen that renders infantry at smaller distances, and you still have your mana turrets and esr's.
  14. Kon

    this buff to AA damage is useless, cant hit air unless the pilot is AFK, every pilot i shot at just swerved out of the path of phoenixes ( yes there was like 4 or 5 guys shooting) and kept on lol podding until i pulled out annihilator which scared it off. awesome
  15. Phazaar

    Cool, glad we agree on that.

    I'm still not managing to get the same results. Are you working them out from a number of salvos, or across a minute, or what? Obviously if you worked it out across infinity minutes, only the Phoenix would see a DPS drop at range.

    You're the first person I've heard observe this. I realise the lock gets forgotten, however missiles in flight certainly seem to keep their locks. I haven't used it enough myself to verify/rebute, however I will have more of a play tomorrow to see if I can confirm this. Also, I think you're mistaking me for someone else; I haven't ever posted a video :)
  16. Messaiga

    Lol I play with my mouse @ 1600 DPI and it is very easy to control once you get past that 100 meter mark, although I do admit I rocket snipe with it, the TR kinda deserve it from what happened before the prowler nerf, those prowlers @ Ti Alloys farmed like no tomorrow. Dumb players (such as those standing still) deserve to be sniped, whether it be by a rifle or a rocket.
  17. MykeMichail

    Worst logic ever.

    Anything that is designed to punch a hole in a tanks armour should OHK infantry.

    By your logic:

    Stock dumbfire launchers should be 2 hits to kill infantry
    A decimator should be 2 hits to kill infantry
    A tank's AP turret should be 2 hits to kill infantry
    An AT mine detonated next to an infantryman shouldn't kill them

    Shall I go on?

    In my opinion, the Lancer, the Striker and the Phoenix should ALL OHK infantry.
  18. MykeMichail

    LOL good joke.
  19. netsky4life

    What's the joke about it? look at the api stats.... numbers don't lie, on waterson less Tr/vs logged in compared to Nc since phoenix spam started, and we were already frustrated about Nc maxxes.... game is getting destroyed :s
  20. Terrarion

    right.. so if phoenix doesnt ohk infantry then striker better have reduced damage. you want a weapon good for everything right? it can take out esf and ground pretty darn well there is reason i rarely use vehicle to face tr these days. try playing on other faction for a change. the way i see it :

    phoenix: effective against infantry and armor not air
    striker: effective against air and armor not infantry
    lancer: with buff effective against air and infantry not armor

    there, perfect imbalance for ya. sure reduce phoenix infantry dmg but you better bet on striker losing power and vs not getting neat buff. then we have 3 wasted ESL and the whole heavy specific weapon fiasco. dont be greedy arsehole is what i am saying since you clearly wanna spam 5 rockets to a doorway guess you wanna make indoor prowler a thing.
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