Official Phoenix Launcher Thread

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  1. Dragon Zander

    I play TR and I can only assume that NC players complaining about this weapon haven't learned how to use it yet. Approximately 3 days after the Phoenix's release and I cant move across open ground as infantry without getting insta blipped by the darn thing. I've also been hit while flying a Mosquito multiple times. Not to mention how dangerous its become to rid a flash. Stop wasting your time crying and fire up those neurons NC, if you don't want the Phoenix I'll take it. ;)
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  2. Fenrisk

    The phoenix has the same DPS as a striker at 100m or less and more DPS then a lancer at any range. At 300m the striker kills a sunderer slightly faster then the phoenix but has thhe same dps as the phoenix against lightening tanks.

    NC need to get their stats and facts straight before calling their rocket low dps or useless against tanks/sunderers. There is no truth to it. The ONLY reason you feel its not good against them is your too busy instant gibbing infantry to bother going after harder targets.
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  3. shadowkhat

    if they are going to nerf the phoenix damage to where it can't one shot infantry then all rockets need to be nerfed the same way.. i'm so very tired of seeing TR and VS running around using launchers as main AI weapons instead of their regular guns... once the fight goes indoors most of the time i see a TR or VS they are killing infantry with their launchers instead of LMG's mainly because the launcher does better damage close range.... ( and they are so used to not having to aim its easy just to hit someone with splash damage and kill ) if you nerf one nerf them all tired of all the BS NC op this NC op that when VS and TR can sit back at range and instagib us with their stupidly accurate 10times the fire rate guns but because we have to stop aim and burst fire we're OP..... really agree with a poster above W T F is the point of having 3 factions if the crybabies are going to cry when one side is different. just make us red and blue cut the map size down to biolab size and call it planet battlefield.
  4. Frigidus

    It isn't like I would complain about a general AI rocket nerf, but the thing about people dumbfiring rockets at infantry is that they actually have to put themselves at risk. They kill one person, and then they have to hope they don't get killed in the time it takes to switch weapons. It's pretty much a ****** version of a pump action. Meanwhile the pheonix is gibbing people from inside of a spawn room.
  5. centurionvi

    So basically you want to be able to kill vehicles as fast as other launchers while being able to do it from complete safety? Hell you can already kill them just as fast as everyone else by lining up a shot and pressing E which gives you the functionality of a dumbfire. Of course that would mean you would actually have to leave your respawn to shoot things like us other schmucks.
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  6. Bill Hicks

    Complete garbage. So I must put my self in danger just for the off chance to hit a aircraft? guess what the striker can do this behind cover too. If I was TR or VS with the phoenix I would be able to hit the sluggish reaver with its huge hitbox. multiple phoenix users trying to hit an aircraft is like kids trying to beat up a mma fighter. I am talking 20% even in optimal situations. completely worthless. All the aircraft has to do is move slightly and the rocket misses.
  7. Frigidus

    I'm not disputing that the Phoenix is weak against air, but this is just not true. If you're actually behind cover you have a very short amount of time before lock breaks. The one video I've seen of someone firing the gun from behind cover is them shooting at a stationary target, and they aren't able to fire the entire clip.
  8. Bodaciuos

    Funny how this thread jumped from junk to OP'ed once people learned how to utilize it's strengths.

    Any complaints about the turning radius are simply user error. It uses the same mechanics as flying. Do you have your mouse on default sensitivity while flying? I do, and I am terrible at The good pilots have that mouse sensitivity to

    Something is wrong when you go on a 30+ kill streak in the time frame of a "weapon preview test".

    I see little mention of one it's HUGE strengths. The simple fact that you can 'spy' areas/positions with it.
  9. Sworn Enemy

    I like it. I just wish that it would turn just a bit faster and have it go farther, or maybe turn into a "dumb" projectile and is uncontrollable from there on.
  10. Amouris

    Yes I have used it, I own it. Its anti vehicle effectiveness is hardly perfect, a tank can outrun the missile due to its slow velocity. In addition its lack of responsiveness takes away the advantage of the Phoenix if the vehicle is moving across your screen. Because of the delay to when you get control of the missile, combined with its lackluster responsiveness, make most of the shots a player can make with it are achievable by Crow. I would argue you are safer using a Crow since you can get your shot off quickly and get behind cover again, versus having no control of your character. Not to mention the fact you could dumb fire the Crow in a pinch, something then Phoenix just can't do. The Phoenix has a niche, it's just not the niche of being a worthwhile anti vehicle weapon.
  11. Messaiga

    I don't really care if the Phoenix gets nerfed against infantry, as long as it gets something to compensate. Like if I am not hunting infantry anymore, I want higher effectiveness against ground vehicles (Maybe even 1HKO against ESF?), an adjustable throttle, and longer range if the game can allow it without a loading screen. Btw, most Phoenix kills happen outside, when you have a hill as cover, and are firing down at units on a lower altitude. All the guys saying being able to fire through your own spawn room shields make it OP, well guess what, you can do that with any other rocket launcher, hell you can use a lockon launcher through it if you have Line of Sight, I hardly see it used from a spawn room anyway because the angle and range at which you use it are important. At 150 meters-270 meters this kicks serious a$$ if you have a couple friendlies with the phoenix and you guys focus fire while being resupplied by an engi.
  12. drNovikov

    Oh, those precious tears! They sustain me!
  13. shadowkhat

    if your getting shot by the phoenix from inside the spawnroom your a pathetic player.. that thing handles like a reaver with a liberator on top of it. very hard to steer and it doesn't even start camera flight for 10 meters or so... so if your bumb enough to be out in the open at a spawn room the phoenix should be the least of your worries thats just sad ... it can kill me from inside the spawn room (cry) hell then nerf bullets too they can do the same... nerf grenades they can as well... hell at least the phoenix takes a bit of skill to kill someone inside the spawn room.... bet they getting more TK's thank kills. f'ing crybabies.

    you know the phoenix has way more drawbacks than advantages... you fire it.... your stuck till the rocket blows up if you miss you either have to dive it into the ground or die your standing in one spot not able to even move till the rocket is hit something... its very slow, it handles literally like a brick oversteers extreemly easy and only because its an NC weapon is it getting the OP whines... if the same exact launcher was added to the VS it would have nothing but whines about how weak it is and how it was a waste of SC
  14. Ash87

    It's not supposed to be able to be used to kill infantry, it is a rocket Launcher. It is AV. To be upset, that it is being nerfed to make it stop doing, what it wasn't intended to ever be able to do, makes no sense. The range cannot be increased without a loading screen, but maneuverability will Have to be increased for it to become some kind of AA weapon. It's really the Only thing that can be changed. Also, to say that it cannot be used for AV is just silly. With more control over the rocket, it could absolutely be used for AV, all you need to do, is make it so that the projectile can move around corners more readily, and suddenly you can curl projectiles around hills to hit things.

    And the grass is always greener on the other side.
  15. Saigak

    Nice try. But it is in fact NC taught "the other two factions" how to survive indoors. Because it is mainly related to the "new balanced flinching mechanics", "Unusable avarage hacksawmaxes" and other "cool NC's tactics". And after that, NC expect that all we should celebrate the release of the Phoenix?
  16. Dr ZErO

    not willing to read all 56 pages.

    Has it been suggested that to increase the range that at 300 meters it goes "dumb fire". Meaning you lose user control but it will fly straight to say 500 yds or whatever the current Crow or shrike range is. Maybe it will have a drop like a shrike at that point. When I jump out of a vehicle and it continues for a bit I don't get a "loading screen".......

    With timing and planning this would make it quite capable of hitting non moving targets or even slow moving targets beyond 300 yds.
  17. BadApple

    At this point just make all the launchers available to all factions. Let the VS and TR have the Phoenix, I would rather have a guy next to me with a SAW pushing the line than kicking back with a pathetic Phoenix. Also, I would be VERY weary of getting excited about it going dumb fire after 300m. That is just a really half ***** mickey mouse fix. Have any of you that are suggesting this really though it through. You spend 12 seconds reloading sending the missile to it's target, line it up just right only to have the driver move a tad :). Watch as your DPS goes in the toilet with all those goose eggs!
  18. Poka

    10 strikers can camp a warpgate denying a large amount of air for a long time.

    Try the pheonix to do what you say happens, then watch what happens when those people in that spawn point use a different door. When they are assaulting bases there is a no-go side, the missiles can't curve around backwards on themselves, if you know where they are coming from, you won't get hit and it takes much longer for a group of HA to move to another side of a base to start their siege again from another angle. You're going to have a chance to kill the baddies flooding straight out, but other people who hop off the top or go around the back will be totally safe. Parking a sunderer at 300 meters isn't that much more dangerous, you still cram it tight against a wall that is facing the enemy and they can't hit it from their spawn room, if they come out to attack it they are fodder. Parking a sunderer within 150 meters makes it so you can start pressuring them the closer you get with any sort of vertical cover makes them move much farther forward and ends up with stationary targets, the big danger zone is 200-300 meters.

    A person with a pheonix sniping at infantry is no where near as much of an asset as engineers denying doorways, a HE tank, or an ESF.

    Want to decimate a group of pheonix? Air, invisible flashes with a buddy with C4 or just moving to somewhere to snipe all the stationary targets.
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  19. Rolfski

    Nope that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that none of these ESRL's should be able to one shot kill infantry. Higby clearly stated that that's not what they were designed for. If you see clips like these were people don't even bother shooting armour but instead focus on infantry sniping only with the Phoenix, than you can only conclude that this launcher is not working as intended:

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  20. Kookamunga

    Unbelievable that those wingnuts even released this in the first place. What the h e ll were the devs even thinking.

    That weapon is the single most OP thing I have seen in this game to date.

    Did you see that INSANE RANGE that thing has , it is a sniper rifle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yet WAY BETTER