Official Phoenix Launcher Thread

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  1. drNovikov

    Despicable forum whiners have prevailed. Phoenix gets nerfed. But is it really bad for NC? I think it's good, and I am going to tell you why, but first I will tell you why I got this weapon.

    Why I got this weapon

    It is a trololauncher. It is incredibly fun. The only reason I got this weapon is to play with a new toy while it is not nerfed. It is much less effective against vehicles than any other launcher in the game.

    How does it hurt NC

    This launcher hurts NC more than it hurts enemies. Lots of heavies, including myself, became useless. We turned into sitting ducks, who snipe infantry instead of blowing up tanks, deterring lolpoders and capturing objectives. Anti-infantry Phoenixes actually made us loose more battles. We are having anti-infantry fun and enjoying our victims hatespeeches while enemies are capping points and we are not giving a shrimp about it!

    Whiners may claim that it's "overpowred", but no, it is not. In fact, LMG is more effective against infantry, it allows you to kill more enemies and do it faster without losing momentum and situational awareness. That's what effectiveness is. Ability to stop capturing territories in favor of launching 4 projectiles per minute is not exactly what makes a soldier effective. It's incredibly fun, but completely ineffective.

    Also, as a player who killed more that 3000 enemy vehicles as infantryman, I assure you, that a dumbfire or a dedicated AA launcher + C4 are much more effective against vehicles.

    Heavy assaults with Phoenixes pose absolutely no threat to aircrafts, that's exactly what TR and VS lolpodders want. A default dumbfire launcher allows you to oneshot a hovering lolpod, and it's much easier to hit it with a Shrike than with a Phoenix. But Phoenix requires 3 rockets to kill a lolpod, and lolpodders rarely allow you to land even a single Phoenix on them. Libs are unreachable for Phoenixes 90% of the time, and if you can hit a lib with 1 Phoenix, you most likely can hit it with 2-4 hawks or even with a Decimator.

    Before Phoenix I used to flank enemy sunderers and cowardtanks, plant C4 and finish them with a dumbfire in the back. Guaranteed kill. With phoenix enemies have their vehicles repaired before my second missle arrives. And magical repair tool, unlike a Phoenix, never runs out of ammo.

    What happens after the nerf

    NC heavies will switch back to Shrikes / Decimators / Hawks / Crows, which are way more effective against vehicles. Not as effetive as a Striker or a Lancer, but way more effective that a Phoenix.

    Instead of sitting and watching TV they will capture objectives, blow up enemy vehicles and shoot a lot more infantry with their LMGs, just like they always did.

    Then developers will pay attention to a currently overpowered Striker (which totally annihilates air and ground) and slightly unbalanced Lancer (which, when used by 2-3 guys, leaves no chance to enemy vehicles) ;)
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  2. BlueSkies

    cool story
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  3. Punjab

    I totally agree with you that this nerf will make Heavies more effective. I also agree how laughable it is to get a 40 to 1 k/d ratio while sitting behind cover and sniping infantry. Especially hilarious when you hit a Lancer user charging up his super weak laser. While that my be fun, it is completely ineffective. I think with the AI nerf they should bump the distance when it becomes possible. I can see the phoenix filling the role of long range tank deterrent, not aggressive tank hunting. I have used this tactic effectively after I got bored hitting infantry all day. Since you can constantly see what is going on, you can gauge the battle from a distance, then switch launcher to shrike when the tanks get close. Using this tactic with a squad can completely neutralize a small tank/sunderer offensive.

    Well spoke OP.
  4. drNovikov

    Hopefully, developers will address the problema making the Phoenix underpowered against vehicles compared to other ESRLs:

    - Give us control over the first 100 meters of flight. A least decrease the no-control part to 50 meters.
    - Decrease it's huge turning radius and inertia. 50 meter radius is way too big.
    - Give it ability to reach hovering libs.
    - Give it the same damage ability against air as Srike does.
    - Increase damage against ground vehicles.
    - Increase flight distance. They may leave 300 meters camera control radius, but we shoud get enough fuel to fly 500 meters. After camera control or fuel limits are reached, it has to become a dumbfire and continue it's flight with a projectile drop.
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  5. BH Brigade

    I just imagined Higby bent over taking a dump on some poor NC heavy laying on the ground, looks like I found a new photoshop project...
  6. Hosp

    Wouldn't it just be easier to say, It needs a buff where it's supposed to work and a nerf where it's not supposed to work?

    To many people using the doctrine of: Why use 1 sentence when you can use 30.
  7. drNovikov

    With that magical repair tool which consumes no resourses and never runs out of ammo, deterring is not working. All they need is to either stay past 250-300 meters (out of range) or move closer than 100-150 meters (out of maneuverability). Even if you hit them with a Phoenix, ther secondary gunner will have that tank fully repaired before you land a second missle on them. And primary gunner will coninue to spam you spawnroom with HE. AV turret is much more effective in this case.

    When it's low anti-vehicle DPS will be fixed, it will be a very good (but still situational) guerilla weapon for anti-tank teams working from behind enemy lines.
  8. Kookamunga

    SOE is killing the game releasing this sort of crap.

    1. range is insane at the moment
    2. Chesseiest weapon yet released for any infantry any side.
    3. Splash damage is ridiculus atm
    4. Manuverability is ridiculus atm

    I am almost done with this game , they have screwed with the gameplay so much in the last couple updates , it just is not fun anymore.
  9. The Funk

    Current Phoenix is the best thing to happen to VS/TR in some time. They're just too dumb to realize it.
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  10. stalkish

    Stop!! Just stop right now sony! Everything youve released so far has been a hinder to the game and has had to be 'balanced' and you know why this is, becuase we cant test it first on a f***ing test server.
    On topic - Phoenix is a joke, im sure the devs are laughing it up right now, an AV weapon that kills men waaaay better than vehicles, funny (accept its not, not realy). The phoenix should be feared by vehicle users not infantry crossing a field, thats what tanks are for. 1 shotting troops, realy sony? who came up with that? i bet it was some 9 yr old kid of one of the devs.
    IMO most of the insta kill in this game could go and the game would be better for it. AI mines, AT mines, dumbfire rockets, that damned max of ours (should splatter troops but not that fast, dont get me started on its max killing abilities), shotguns, HE tank shells, it could all go and i wouldnt blink and eye. Id rather a kill required at least a small slither of skill, or was in some small finite way challenging, I dont need to lay a mine and 30 mins later see 'you killed xxxxx'. About the only insta kill id be happy with (personal opinion) is c4, at least with c4 you have to wait for someone to walk on it and trigger it to get the kill, or sneak up on some1 and lay it behind them, you know you have to actualy do SOMETHING to get the kill not just click RMB once and call it a day, without even seeing an enemy.
  11. TheOperation

    Yes because being killed by some no skill NC player sitting in his uncap zone with his one shot no skill sniper rocket is truly the best thing to happen. This thread is utter garbage OP, I cannot wait for the nerf hammer to come down on your beloved rocket launcher.
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  12. Kon

    lol range is only 300M so stay outside of that are you are immune, TBH i would put up with the infantry damage nerf if it still killed AV turrets ( probably wont) and i was able to hipfire it with an extreme cone basically meaning unless im within 10-15M of the target im going to miss ( if im within 10M of a tank shooting it its either about to die or its abandoned )
  13. PS2Freak

    I see nerf hammer coming for Striker, honestly.
  14. drNovikov

    It is inevitable, because Striker is even more effective than a pre-nerf annihilator, and developers considered it OP. Striker is terribly OP, and it should get nerfed. And it will get nerfed.
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  15. TeknoBug

    ^ lol
  16. supernauttt

    have u used it? i hit vehicals almost with a 90% accuracy its effectiveness against vehicals is perfect, onlything is a little more range and some way to make it worth killing ESF, also 3-4 shots to kill an infantry? thats ur whole clip u really think anyone would even attempt to kill infantry with it if that was the case...i think direct hit kills are fine, course i would rather have them make it 2 shot direct hit kill and increase splash damage slightly against infantry
  17. shd

    It's a one trick pony, kind of like the scatmax or the airhammer. But they went a bit overboard with the trick so this forum is drowning in VS/TR tears. They will realize, some day, that people don't like to get blown up in a second, whether it's justified, logical and practical or not. Once they nerf the AI part (and they will have to), it will suck.

    Once they sell enough of them, they will all get nerfed to make room for the new toys. ;)
  18. drNovikov

    I enjoy your rage and tears. Your pain and fear sustain me. Please, continue.
  19. TheArchetype

    We actually lost a fight at Vanu Archives (on NC) because a bunch of ********* were sitting on that cliff sniping with the Phoenix. It BS.
  20. drNovikov

    But I will miss it's ability to OHK an engineer before I finish off his vehicle. Otherwise it's DPS is too low against repair tool.
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