Official Lancer Feedback Thread

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  1. KI-Natas

    - Recoil? (its a Rocketlauncher not a Pistol)
    - too fast (its a Rocketlauncher not a Pistol)
    - Firing 3 single projectiles making more damage as a 3-Projektile charge
    - no advantages for charging it up
    - the charge cannot be hold (it fires from itself)
    - less damage should be more

    1.) Make advantages for charging the Launcher for example:
    - 1 big projectile
    - add splash damage
    - slightly magnetic projectile
    - 25 % more damage than 3 single projectiles

    2.) Let Rocketlauncher more behave like rocket launcher. Remove recoil and slowdown the projectile speed.

    3.) Add firemodes: Semi, Auto, Charge
  2. TheUprising

    This is RIDICULOUS that you guys are crying about the lancer, you can basically do everything the Pheonix does but far FAR better. You know how you can guide the Pheonix to hit lots of things? Well you can just instantly SNIPE anything with the Lancer, if you could guide a lancer bullet, it would be redundant! Its basically impossible to hit air with the Pheonix, but you can snipe air with the 500m/s Lancer.

    The Lancer is basically uncounterable, if it is anywhere NEAR viable, you won't see anymore TR and NC vehicles during assaults on the VS, b/c with multiple HA's with Lancers, they can blow up any vehicle that dares comes within 500 meters of them without warning!

    stats on the lancer:
  3. Sheherazade

    There is a few big problems with the Lancer:

    1:You can't hold in the full charge. Once it's fully charged it fires automatically requiring you to actually stay on target more accurate than the lock on launchers.

    2: Even though you can't hold in a full charge and there is no explosion radius to speak of it can't even headshot oneshot a normal infantry - This is beyond believable. The thing needs 4 seconds to charge a vehicle damaging laserbeam yet an infantrist will just shake it off....
    If the lvl 1-2 charges dont kill thats fine...but a max charge has to kill infantry on the spot imo everything else is just stupid...after all its 4 SECONDS..... Most rocket launchers can instagib and infantry guns have a TTK of 0.5 to 0.6 seconds

    3: Can't switch between ADS and Hip on the fly while charging.

    4: "Hipfire" ridiculously inaccurate

    5: DPS lowest out of all launchers

    Now that I wouldn't be getting what I imagined by the Lancer was clear...but in its current form its outperformed even by the basic non lock on launcher.

    I know you're scared that this thing could turn into a sniper rifle that works against vehicles...but right now it will barely do any job unless used in extremely big numbers...which of course you would love SOE because that would mean lots of money...but for small group play this thing is sub par to all other launchers.
  4. Bobby Shaftoe

    Careful, you'll get banned mentioning that game.

    Anyway, they used a dubious disclaimer it's a 'Re-imagining' of the Lancer.

    Good work on the Phoenix though, I love getting instagibbed by invisible rockets, you somehow made it even more anti-fun than the PS1 version.
  5. Oreo202

    Go away. You don't know what you're talking about. It does PITIFUL damage.
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  6. Valeriu

    worthless. dumbfire is totally inaccurate, charge time makes it slow rate of fire, it does not track, no real reason to use this over the standard RL.
  7. MartianDiscoFish

    I have three major gripes with this weapon:
    1) It takes way too long to charge
    2) Scope doesn't give enough magnification, given it's crazy projectile speed
    3) It fires automatically after fully charged.
  8. TheUprising

    It does about as much damage as a Pheonix functionally, both take 2 shots to kill an ESF. 5 shots to kill a sundy, etc. You don't have to lock on, you don't have to sit like an idiot steering your missile, etc.
  9. Copasetic

    The model clips through nearby geometry during the reload animation, also during the running/walking animation. If you crouch in front of a low wall and move along the length of it with the camera sort of in the direction you're moving you'll see it. Alternatively just reload when crouched in front of said wall and move the camera about.

    This is with FOV set to 74.
  10. Charlychop

    if this is true id kindly ask for some feedback on SOE's side. i understand there have to be drawbacks to the lancer, but this is insane.
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  11. Oreo202

    Go use the lancer in actual combat. Have fun dying over and over again.
  12. Crysander

    Issue 1) Inaccurate projectile when charged.
    Fix : Make it fire a Plasma LANCE and not 3 orbs.

    Issue 2) Current time to fire/damage ratio is lackluster.
    Bug/Fix: Could be a bug with the three projectiles, could be remedied by removing the three projectiles/Needs to be slightly faster OR slightly more powerful.

    Issue 3) As someone stated before me charge time + reload seems to be off but maybe thats just a balance measure.
    Fix: Give it no reloads and have the ammo counter (when in 1st Person) show charge level and not shots remaining.

    Issue 4) Non-Linear charge time - It takes longer to charge from 1-2 than from 2-3 - Why is this?
    Fix: Maybe a way to make it seem more powerful rather than upping damage/lowering charge time would be to even out the time between each charge level and make it 1/3 - 2/3 - 1 rather than 1/6 - 1/2 - 1. Is the current time gap intended, if so, why?

    Issue 5) Use against infantry. I know this may be intended but also might be an issue with the three orb dealy, damage seems poor but I'm not too fussy as the TR can't even use theirs as AI at all and I doubt I will be.

    Issue 6) Getting picky here but: Camo not displaying on 90% of the weapon? Is this intended?

    My Impressions:
    Using the weapon isn't terrible apart from the accuracy issues and I'm not asking for Decimator levels of damage here as the accuracy (or at least the accuracy we were hoping for) means you have to have some sacrifice. I'll be interested in seeing how it performs after the first bug fix on the ESRL. Sounds good, looks good. 6.5/10
  13. asmodraxus

    After playing around in VR, absolutely hate the thing

    Inaccurate at range
    Low damage uncharged
    Too long to charge and unable to hold charge thus making the level of accuracy needed to hit anything that much higher

    Not bothering to touch, might as well stick with my default S1 as it fails to be the "AV sniper" weapon it was advertised to be.

    Maybe it could be lethal in groups, but then so are annihilators etc.
  14. MartianDiscoFish

    Technically it takes 6 shots to kill an ESF, and 15 to kill a sundy.
  15. TheUprising

    Yeah the lasher sux I'm not going to lie, but the Lancer needs to stay UP, if its ever balanced, you can say goodbye to every TR and NC vehicle, b/c by design it is UNCOUNTERABLE.
  16. gigastar

    So TR gets a hard-counter against ESFs and VS gets what is effectively junk, and the NC get a glorified Decimator.

    I dont think you actually know what balance means.
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  17. BalogDerStout

    I've only toyed with it in VR, so I'll have to trial the weapon to get a more accurate idea, but overall the weapon is pretty lackluster. It's closest cousin is the Decimator, which trades velocity for hit-scan. The difference is that the Decimator does the maximum amount of damage of any launcher, doesn't need to charge and, if I recall from VR, has virtually no bullet drop.

    So you exchange, raw damage and speed for accuracy and surprise, which makes sense.

    I can see the potential of this weapon, especially in groups, but almost any weapon is deadly 'In groups' even the severly watered down Anni in it's current state still can pack a punch in groups of 8.

    The real problem is that the amount of damage you trade, plus the charge time, plus the fire delay, doesn't make up for the speed of bullet velocity. Which is really the only trade from the Deci. So while you *can* hit a Liberator or Prowler with the weapon, it's going to take the entire magazine and probably a minute or two to actually take it down.

    Engie's can already repair faster than a lone Anni can damage it because of the lock-on time/reload rate. I expect this to be no different.

    Likewise you won't be killing any ESFs with this unless you have friends, liberators and prowlers, don't bother. Unless you can get behind a prowler, but that's really difficult to do sometimes, and if I can get behind a prowler I can just drop tank mines anyway, likewise I'd be just as good with the default launcher or the Decimator.

    Against a flash I'd rather have the Anni.

    So, while the launcher is cute, it has nothing that it excels at, not even killing the OP SkillMAX that we really need a weapon to fight.

    Against every vehicle type a different launcher is superior.

    There are situations where the launcher has the potential to excel, but the problem is that those situations require a group effort, and while better than the Decimator, aren't better enough.

    While I don't think it will happen I'd love to be able to cert the weapon for: Extra Ammo, Faster Reload, Faster Recharge, and 2x/4x scopes.

    Like I said, still haven't tried this on the battle field but the overall verdict is, skip this. The only two launchers the HA needs are the G2A and the Decimator.
  18. Aquilae

    i think you guys released some buggy earlier build instead of the finished product. the lancer we got is nothing like the one we were shown. all the animations are missing, the damage is terrible, and it's inaccurate as hell
  19. Millsy

    I find the Vanu Weapons Dev Team effort lacking!
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  20. Grotpar

    Something seems wrong with the projectile, in the sense that the projectile you're seeing is actually not the one that hits the enemy.

    Like, I'll see the projectile flying towards an enemy vehicle, and somewhere midflight, I get a hit marker and then the visible projectile misses completely.

    It's mostly visible when shooting fast moving targets like ESFs or Liberators.
    Hitting a Lightning seemed to line up the two things.