Official Lancer Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. FieldMarshall

    Give it more damage overall.

    The chargeup it too long. Remove it or make uncharged shots "viable"
    Larger mag
    More accuracy. I dont see why it cant be 100%
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  2. FieldMarshall

    I know rite. I 1shot infantry from behind cover with the Lancer all the time. Oh wait.
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  3. Neovius

    I dont't know... if they made the small shots viable (like 33/66//100% for various levels of charge) who would then use the charged shots?
  4. Vermana

    Lancer needs a minor buff. Higby is on crack with all the accuracy reductions going on with the SNIPING LAUNCHER.

    It's actually being buffed. Way to skew information, forums. At least he knows not to nerf the Sniper Launcher's only niche.

    The Phoenix is quite a bit better when used by someone with half a brain. You can just sit behind cover and shell forever, oneshotting infantry.
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  5. Mormomboy

  6. WetPatch

    Yup they changed it and its still crap.
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  7. Mormomboy

  8. Javelin

    It's inaccurate and extremely under-powered. Also, firing from the hip it takes like 5 shots to kill a single soldier at point blank range. That's completely unrealistic and ridiculous, I don't care what your reasoning for balancing it that way is.
  9. Doodles89

    Phoenix good at AI/AT, Striker good at AA/AT, Lancer good at making 70s disc party in the skies :D
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  10. Dawgpound12

    If I could only have the default launcher or the Lancer, I'd take the default launcher any day.
  11. GruntOne

  12. Clutchstep

    I tested it out in VR. The one big issue I have is the delay between letting go of your trigger and the actual firing of the weapon. I don't mean the charge delay either. You can charge to level 1 or 2, then when releasing there's another split second before it actually fires. It's already hard to use with the charging, this ads another unnecessary difficulty.

    The tracer is ridiculous. It really need to be toned down.

    The range seems to be too short. It's hard to get a good feel for this in VR though. But with how long it takes to charge, together with its short range and difficulty level, I can't see using this over one of the launchers I already have. They're all easier to use, more likely to land hits, and all do more damage.

    It's too bad, I was really looking forward to it. :(
  13. Doodles89

    ugh im starting to dislike Higby always saying the VS are the best and they need to L2P, while right now one can easily skim SOE, PSuniverse and reddit to see his faction, NC, clearly has the best or at worst mediocre in everything else. Even the reaver now has comparable maneuverability in the patch last month, with the airhammer which is AI/AA for people who still think reaver is the worst ESF, its' not anymore.
  14. DxAdder

    After trying all three of the new launchers I would have to say the Lancer was worst of all three.

    Charging takes too long and using anything less than three charges is a waste of time.

    Projectile speed vs air is too slow to make it of any use against an air unit actually moving.

    The lack of a 3x or 4x scope leaves you way to vulnerable to tanks.

    Overall the Hades or Nemesis are still a better choice.
  15. Doodles89

    currently the S1 and decimator is a straight upgrade. You do the highest damage, more than the lancer instantly, with a reload that takes as much time as it does JUST CHARGE the lancer. And if the tank is so far that accuracy and projectile speed help, the damage drop off is insane, just tickling the rear.
  16. Shockwave44

    Funny, I've seen NC and TR videos where they are having fun using their launchers but no VS ones.

    I wonder why.
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  17. SilentSalvo

    The tldr version is this: The Lancer involves a lot of risk for little or no reward.

    - The accuracy is still sorta random even after the hotfix.
    - The damage degradation forces me to a range where any other dumbfire would be more effective because unlike the Lancer it would actually get kills while not obviously giving away my position.
    - The charge mechanic isn't useful in its current state. I basically have a gun that fires when it feels like firing not when I need it to.
  18. Resmon

    Well I used last night and decided to think about it for a bit before posting.

    - Charge up time
    - Firing upon Full Charge
    - Damage for each Charge Level
    - Shot commitment ( No canceling the shot )
    - Zoom Level
    - Projectile Speed
    - Hip Fire Inaccuracy
    - Ammo Pool
    - No switching between hip and ADS while Charging
    - No Splash

    I'm fine with all of the above, what I really think it needs is:

    #1 - Longer range. Of the ESLs I really think this should be the extreme range one. Let it make good use of it's projectile speed and harass enemy armor way out there, it's Damage Degradation and it's minimal zoom will keep it in check from being outrageous.

    #2 - Curve the Damage Degradation. What I mean is, have it do it's it's full damage out to 50-60% of it's range and then start having it fall off to what ever the desired minimum desired damage is, damage dropping faster the closer it gets to max range.

    #3 - No CoF. If #1 gets implement a very minimal CoF would probably be okay, but currently with way damage degradation effects it, the capped range, and the basic damage output, the CoF just makes it frustrating to use. I could use it to chip away at enemy armor, harassing it with low damage from long range, making it have to seek cover to repair, generally just slowing it down, except that reliably landing a shot on even stationary vehicles at range is questionable.

    Edit: Just to be fair the things I like about it:

    I like the Charge Time and I like that it fires upon reaching Full Charge, this is one of the things that makes the Lancer interesting and a challenge ( in a good way ) to use, I have to plan my shots. I also like the shot commitment, I have to decide how far up the charge I'm willing to go at the risk of losing my target.

    I like the projectile speed ( obviously ), I like that it has no splash, it rewards taking the time to aim.

    I'm meh about the damage and the zoom, I think they make less of a difference to the Lancer then a lot of folks think and act as good downsides.
  19. Bindlestiff

    Having spent another hour or so in VR with it, it still stinks. Fine by me, SC gets kept for something worthwhile but it is a shame.
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  20. Spookydodger

    I don't know, it seems like having less damage but faster travel time would both make up for each other and also make it a distinct weapon. It's like the Saron HRB that is man-portable.