Official Lancer Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Neovius

    You are saying that like the projectile speed is worth the low dps.

    Is that because it is easy to hit something? Well it is easier to hit with the other RL.
    Is that because you hit something right when you start shooting? Well you have to wait 4 seconds because of charging anyway.
    So what's the benefit of this fast projectile, that it is worth having for the low dps?
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  2. WetPatch

    Yeah im curious about his comment as well, he said the same about the Lasher.

    Its like there is some sort of magic way of using this gun that know one but himself has figured out how to use.

    A sniping av cannon with no bloody zoom and damage drop off. Brilliant.
  3. Copasetic

    Your target has no time to move out of the way and there's no chance of the projectile being wasted hitting anything else on its way to the target. A tank popping in and out of cover is invincible to just about every other launcher in the game, because the lock time and slow missile speed gives him more than enough time to pop out, shoot and get back into cover. You can't do that against a Lancer. You can't ignore it with smoke or flares. You can't evade the projectile so it hits the ground or a tree or some other piece of geometry. If the guy can see you he can hit you, full stop.

    If you can't see the advantage in that then forget about it and stick to the S1.

    But what they should do is let you hold the charge a bit longer, maybe 2 or 3 seconds before it burns itself out and fires automatically. Right now it's way too hard to get the timing right on a moving target which makes the Lancer's main advantage really hard to use. And the COF needs to go, it's totally ridiculous. Fix those things and I'll buy one for my VS toon.
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  4. axiom537

    And what is the Damage of a Phoenix @ 295m+? ZERO, you want to talk about damage drop off.
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  5. Lollerstakes

    As a TR, I feel like VS got the weakest launcher. Maybe you should remove the COF on it completely, and remove the short delay before firing. While you're at it, remove the Dalton's COF as well, it's a stupid concept to handicap good players.
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  6. Myka

    After some squad use of the Lancer last night, I've revised my opinion a bit.

    I still think it needs to be able to hold maximum charge.

    Accuracy adjustments are great, as is the new beam effect, but really, there should be NO CONE OF FIRE when aiming down sights.

    Range issues plus the damage dropoff combine to make this an irritatingly weak weapon, even with multiple simulataneous users. Remove the hard range cap, and start the damage dropoff at 500m, fizzling out to almost no damage @ 1000m. This is supposed to be a long ranged weapon for heaven's sake; damage drop off starting at 300 or so metres is downright insulting.

    I'd also like to see the silly half-second delay between trigger and fire removed. The Saron has this, and it makes it a pain in the **** to aim with. Puling the trigger should fire the shot, it's as simple as that. While I'm on this topic, please stop adding this delay to weapons - any weapon. It's outright horrible and only irritates players.

    Ammo counter holo still doesn't work.

    Other than that, I like it.
  7. Neovius

    Well you would have to either tickle him with single shots or pray for the tank to come out the moment the lancer is charged.

    Yeah, that would fix that tank peeking lottery.
    Also I would remove the damage drop off, or at least move the maximum damage border further away.
  8. Jkar

    After the patch the Lancer is at least somewhat usable but still bad overall. Personally I won't use it in it's current state although I really like the look of it.

    What is still bugged or I think is wrong with the Lancer:

    1. Still no charge up in hip fire and go to ADS to fire

    2. Still a cone of fire that let's you miss infantry at about 100m 50% of the time, either make it accurate and not one shot infantry or make it inaccurate and one shot, not both. Hitting anything moving that's infantry size with a 1x scope is a challenge at range already.

    3. Still charge bugged, even when charging up to level three it only used two charges and did level two damage on my short trial

    4. Charge up time still too long for the damage it deals, should probably be cut down to about 3 - 3.5 seconds or remove the charge up time entirely and make it a semi auto AV weapon with slightly higher damage per shot and short charge up time like the Saron HRB, this also would solve the problem of making it too good vs infantry because each shot does rather low damage in general

    5. Not being able to hold the charge or abort the shot, with the giant charge up time you constantly have to let go of the shot when your target is already out of sight or settle for a low damage shot that does next to nothing and only alerts everyone to your location (See 6.)

    6. Giant beacon to your location, guiding every ESF, tank and sniper within a 1km radius to you

    The Lancer has great potential if the above points are at least in part addressed, especially the charging mechanism and the cone of fire problems, but overall it's a very situational weapon and I wouldn't recommend anyone to get it in it's current state over a lock on launcher with dumb fire capabilities or even the default S1. Most of my encounters with tanks are either at long range or close quarters, for neither of those the Lancer is any use currently because of it's cone of fire, low zoom and long charge up time.
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  9. Argg

    Only used it in VR. It seems to be mainly a good weapon for kill stealing and annoying your fellow Vanu HA who do the heavy work of getting in most of the damage with the normal launchers, but I can't see buying one until the next triple cash day if at all.
  10. Fubbles

    All of the issues I have with this weapon have already been brought up in this thread. Thankfully a friend bought it so I haven't blown my certs/sc on this weapon yet and until some changes to to the charging time or damage are made (also being able to hipfire charge then ADS fire + being able to hold max charge) I wont be picking this up (also bug fixes regarding charging) . I was really looking forward to the lancer since I loved it so much in PS1 but I have been really let down so far, time will tell if it can be redeemed.

    I do think it needs at least 2x magnification for ADS as the whole point of this weapon is vehicle sniping but that might be too good if charging/damage buffs are made. I can't help but wonder how many people working on these weapons do main as VS though, seems like I am playing a different Planetside 2 then most.

    Hats off to your art team on the new launchers, I really like the design and animations of the Phoenix and Striker though I do think the Lancer could use some slight polish (reloading animation, scope blocking 1/2 the model).

    In regards to the new "standard for which future content is released" that Higby mentioned, I enjoy the aesthetics but will reserve judgement on the mechanics and balance until some issues have been sorted out with the new ESRLS. I am patient on balance and functionality, but not automatic scout rifle patient or empire specific heavy weapons patient on them anymore ( these new launchers are supposed to be the new gold standard after all).
  11. Madmojo

    Tried shooting at ESFs. The learning curve is far too high. Bullet travel times made it almost impossible to hit anything moving. Auto fires when charged so you HAVE to have it far ahead of the ESF a the perfect moment. The tracer is way over the top in terms of visibility. The damage needs to be at least doubled to make up for the difficulty of use. I bought it with certs buts its going back in the locker until it gets reworked.
  12. Argg

    It also has a bug on displaying the second and third charge bars sometimes.
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  13. Doodles89

    WHY does this thing at a FIVE second charge that auto fires at that moment do LESS damage than the default S1! How can I NOT kill a tank from the REAR with TWO FULL CHARGED rockets... ughhh
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  14. TeknoBug

    The more I use the Lancer, the less I even bother using the charge up- that feature needs to go and just boost the individual shots a little and make it automatic instead of semi automatic.
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  15. freeze

    here's my feedback + some footage form last night

  16. Mormomboy

    Ummm... A group of Strikers will watch airplains deploy flairs or turn a corner, tanks hide behind a rock, and turrets sitting pretty on their pedestal because we can't hit them. If they do not use those tactics they are indeed screwed.
    Pheonixes will hit anything flying and not moving too fast on the x axis.
    Well timed Lance groups will destroy anything relatively slow moving or stopped instantaniously. Almost 0 travel time means no dodging.

    All 3 have a way to deal with moving enemies Ts2 lock on ( no dumbfire, defeated by terribly high lead on targets/ turrets/ but deadly without flares or cover) Phoenix, can be adjusted mid flight (better for hitting around corners than the other, but apparently no way to tell when you are about to be out of range, or atleast not effectively) And the Lancer super acuracy and fire right and travel time (low damage 3 seperate "missiles" (definition of a missle according to google (An object that is forcibly propelled at a target) that must all hit to get that damage)
    All 3 of them have advantages and dissadvantages, but over all they are fairly balanced, would like a way to hit a max with striker, or infantry in general, Perhaps a fire mode that allows you single dumbfire mode, perhaps you must cert into that? Make it lock on to people so long as it has nearly 0 splash damage, ie it has to actually hit them to kill, one or two shots?
  17. turtlestation

    Same here, I've been plinking away at MBTs and Libs from long range and it's OK at that.

    I just don't understand it the insanely huge residual beam... if it's that big and stays there for that long, you'd expect the Lancer to be some sort of extremely effective weapon. I wonder if TR/NC are just laughing at me, seeing the huge *** residual laser beam when al it does is just tickle them.
  18. Eugenitor

    I'm not too worried about the "line floating in the air" thing. That'll be taken out just as soon as an outfit with a trolling streak realizes just what symbols you can paint in the air with straight lines.
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  19. YoXn

    Your view on things are very, very flawed!

    1st off. The TR Empire specific launcher known as the "Striker" has the lowest time to kill. A group of strikers would be greater then the overpowered group of annihilators; thus causing a no fly zone, or tank zone. I feel the TR empire has a very powerful launcher, maybe even OP launcher.

    2nd off. The NC has a bug with their rocker launcher "Phoenix" were it would dumb fire sometimes. I am all up for fixes with bugs, I feel they also have a unique and balanced launcher.

    Now finally. Our "Lancer" Oh, how many things I could say about this silly pistol like launcher. I feel it fills no Niche, it is truly disgusting. It cannot kill infantry (But SOE said they would not allow it to) So I guess that is fine. It does toothpick damage to tanks -- trade-off is that we get a fast missile speed. Problem is the 3 bullet fire is unpredictable an sometimes does not hit the target it needs to. You cannot dumb fire charge the gun, then ADS. Another stupid problem, in-which Higby promised we would be able to do. Among all the launchers TR > NC > S1 > Lancer
  20. willowstyle

    you know what?!

    give us our original lancer from ps1 and give TR their one with 1 unique lock, dont bother if it's the same as an annihilator!
    vanu dont have to pay for the annihilator/striker double fonction!

    TR have best max/mbt/esf.
    now they have the best launcher..

    i hate them and dev so much at this time..
    40% of TR and 30% of VS for 2 months dude!!!!