Odd VR bugs

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Sagabyte, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Sagabyte

    In VR today, I equipped a sight on my PDW and A-Tross just to test them out. I found that the guns acted like they had iron sights, making the scope look raised and awkward when ADSing.
    Kinda like this. It appears far up when I aim.

    Also, whenever I try to activate my ability, it simply beeps as if I made an action that was denied.

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  2. GlueHead

    It is like this in almost every weapon. ^_^
  3. Sagabyte

    Yeah I saw that happen with other weapons too.
  4. Mekeji

    Yeah this is a issue I have been having which is bad because I am getting up there in my cert count and I am about to buy a new weapon for my combat medic however I can't test the different ranges because the scopes aren't working.
  5. M4gn1

    I got the same problem...
  6. MajiinBuu

    I had that bug a while ago(when the MKV Suppressed was released), I didn't know it still happened!
    If you can aim well with sights like that than you are a god
  7. Mekeji

    If you can aim well without seeing you are cheating.

    Now if you are talking about the scopes you can still see with yeah especially if you are using a red dot. Cross hair not as much because you can just memorize where on the vertical line it hits. (You see the red dot and you see where the bullet is really going on the ground)
  8. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    To be honest, I am not entirely sure if this was intended or not so I suggest submitting in a support ticket so we can have our in game team investigate. They should be able to confirm if it's a bug.
  9. Sagabyte

    I'm fairly certain this wasn't intended.
  10. Mekeji

    I highly doubt this is intended. I will definitely go submit a ticket.
  11. M4gn1

    ^ you are kidding right?
    It's like buying a car and getting it with a pitch black window saying yeah we designed it like this.
  12. zarnek87

    This would be the dumbest intended thing in the SOE history :eek: What would be the purpose of this modification? Loosing clients?
  13. AndreDoc

    I'm having the same issue.
  14. Sagabyte

    Who would buy a car with a pitch black window?
  15. zarnek87

    Who would go to virtual test room with impossibillity to test any weapon which that person wouldnt have bought?
  16. M4gn1

    My point is you expect you get a scope that you can look through when you attach it just like when you buy a car and you get it(you normaly don't get the show model so you don't get the one you looked at) with pitch black windows instead of clear windows.
  17. Sagabyte

    I know :)

    I understand the point, I'm just kidding with ya. I still want a fix for this though.

    EDIT: Also, I noticed the real bug: Attachments don't register in VR. Try using extended mag, suppressor, and a HS-NV sight. It acts just like the stock PDW.
  18. Skooma Lord

    Ooooh. That makes sense because the Iron sights are lower on the weapon than a scope, so when you aim the game still thinks you have the Iron sights on and doesn't elevate the aiming point.
  19. SierraAR

    Yay we found the root problem. Now hopefully SOE will fix it.
  20. M4gn1

    They still have to read this though.. If someone from SOE could confirm that this is read that would be great.