Odd Network Issue

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Qasar, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Qasar

    I've had this problem for the past couple of days. I'll log in and it's obvious I'm having network problems. People and vehicles floating everywhere. People stuck in animations. That kind of thing. I'll log out and back in, same thing. Reboot, reset the router, etc... No change. Ping and tracert both look clean to both Mattherson and Waterson where I play.

    While this is going on, I can stream Twitch and play Youtube videos, and other games, all at the same time. Zero issues. It's only PS2.

    Then, after quitting out of PS2 a few times then logging back in, suddenly all is good. And it'll be good for hours. But if I logout or crash, it's back to the same thing.

    It's like I'm given a bad connection through the login server and until it gives me a different one, I keep having to quit out and restart.
  2. Dudeman325420

    Getting the same issues here, whenever there is more than a platoons-worth of players around. I have to wonder, if the netcode can't handle more players than the shoebox games, then what makes this game any different?