October: A Month of Promise?

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  1. DatVanuMan

    I know that this was intended to be a harmless post, but it hurt nonetheless. Bro, I like these changes because I. LIKE. THEM. The Spiker is finally going to become the PS1 Spiker, the PPA just became a laser weapon with plasma properties (As in SO inaccurate, pretty amazing at close ranges), the Striker is getting some good changes to become more effective, and advice in the form of text is being implemented, which will SERIOUSLY help new players out. If you think these things are trivial, just say that, and don't think you're being wise stating that people are being "excited" over trivial things, because what you call trivial, I call pleasant.
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  3. novicez

    I'm more concerned on if they have any plans to extend the life span of this game, all the unscheduled roadmap features were suddenly removed.
  4. Sghignifiss

    Bro, I would agree with you (and you can't imagine how I would like to) IF the game didn't miss so much key features such as resource managing, continental lattice or the mission system. Honestly, I would be so happy to be excited about these changes, but I cannot, simply because I've been waiting for too long for something else they announced... I don't even remember WHEN they announced it.

    Anyway I can understand your point: you enjoy the fight. I've been enjoying it, too.
  5. DatVanuMan

    Glad to hear that, man. I'm sorry that you didn't get what you've been waiting for for so long. Don't worry; it's these small changes that start to say: Hey, we want to get busy, and things'll start coming out soon! The mission system, the resource managing, the continental lattice, all these things will arrive in due time:)
  6. Redwave

    Thank you! I told the dev in a thread so you guys are planning on buffing concussion and av grenades when they already are effective before giving buffs to the smoke and flash grenades? What the hell is you guys problem with the light assault class? You guys didn't create the light assault class to ignore it right?
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