Oct 16th patch Broke Planetside 2

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MisterBond, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. MisterBond

  2. McToast


    Most likely Planetside2.exe got blocked and moved by your antivirus software. At least that's what avast did to my .exe :).

    the Toast
  3. MisterBond

    This was it exactly, WTH avast?
  4. Pie Chasm

    He means that it contains code that makes most antivirus programs flag it as malware, so they usually block the installation.

    I remember reporting this issue MONTHS ago on the test server. Glad to see they have addressed it.. not at all.

    PS2 programming competence at its best. My antivirus has also blocked it as malware. I'm not sure which program you use, but you will have to add the program as an exception if you want to play.
  5. Edelhonk

    Avast blocked the installing process cause it found Win32:hoblig [Heur] trojan
  6. SLiCKRiCK

    I have the same problem (I use avast). Can someone post the steps how to fix?
  7. MisterBond

    Click the Security tab at the top

    Click File system in the right window

    Click Settings

    Goto Exclusions

    In the right window, click browse, browse to your Planetside 2 folder, click ok, then click ok again and close the last window
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  8. ronjahn

    Thanks MisterBond. That worked like a charm.

    SOE can we get an answer as to why Avast considers your update a virus?
  9. sagolsun

    It's not an issue of programming, it's the QA department slacking.

    Because Avast is built that way. Better to get a false positive (on a new version of malware for example) than to let a false negative slip past.
  10. Gwyn07

    I had this problem too with my Avast!! I freaked out, thinking Planetside2 was forever broken! Thanks for the tips guys! Now once this new update is installed back to battle! :)
  11. WNxPlatinum

    Same problem here, I just disabled Avast for the updated then turned it back on after. Sucks that SOE is giving us a Virus.
  12. Pie Chasm

    Unless you decompile it, you don't know that.
  13. sagolsun

    Decompiling is the easy part. Making sense of the output is another story.
  14. geekrider

    Thanks a lot mate!!:D