Oct. 14, 2020 - Nanite of the Living Dead VII

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    PC servers will come down Wednesday, October 14, 2020, at 6am PT (3pm CEST), for the game update below. Downtime is expected to last up to two hours.



    Nanite of the Living Dead VII: The Seeds Must Flow
    Your march across the icy tundra slows as you attempt to take stock of your surroundings. The cold wind howls, wrapping itself around your insulated armor. Just beyond the edges of your periphery, the shadows seem to shift... you could swear you're being followed. A reluctant glance cast over your shoulder reveals nothing; no combat or convoys, not even the glint of a patiently trained sniper scope. A chill runs down your spine and a feeling of unease washes over you. You shake it off. Turning back to continue your path, that's when it strikes you; that familiar feeling of sheer, undeniable terror. You stand paralyzed as its gaze pierces through you; hollowed, orange eyes peering into your soul... the Space Pumpkins have returned.

    From Oct. 14 - Nov. 1 a special Halloween event will be taking place in PlanetSide 2.

    Space Pumpkins and the elusive Galact-O-Lanterns are spawning throughout Auraxis. Smashing these pumpkins grant experience and a handful of Infernal Grenades (detailed further down.)


    Sanctuary has been redecorated for the holiday season, and the vendors of Sanctuary are donning attire befitting the season.


    Infernal Grenades are timed explosives that, upon detonation, ignite infantry and MAX units caught within the blast. Killing Space Pumpkins and winning Alerts will provide you with additional Infernal Grenades.


    Hallow Ribbons
    Kills with any of the following Halloween weapons will award Hallow Ribbons, providing bonus experience.
    • Ectoblaster
    • Slasher
    • Auraxium Slasher
    • LB00 Python
    • NS Candy Cannon 3000
    • Infernal Grenades

    Halloween Directive VII
    A new Halloween Directive complete with new rewards has been added.

    Tier 1
    Unlock event masks and facepaints by speaking to the following NPCs on Sanctuary.
    • Speak to FL-34 in the Data Exchange on Sanctuary
    • Speak to Foster in the Sanctuary Observation Deck
    • Speak to Nalla in the Expedition shop on Sanctuary
    • Find and speak to a sketchy looking guard on Sanctuary
    Tier 2-4
    • Slashing Pumpkins - Destroy Space Pumpkins, Galact-O-Lanterns kills are worth 10 kills toward this directive.
    • Masked Murder - Kill enemies while wearing a Halloween Mask.
    • Silver for Monsters - Use melee weapons to kill enemies who are wearing Halloween Masks or Facepaint.
    • Necromancer - Revive allies.
    • Witchy Ways - Earn heal/resupply/repair experience.
    • Hallowed Ground - Earn kills while near a Mining Drill, Bastion Fleet Carrier, or in The Shattered Warpgate area.
    • Tier 1 - Ichabod Crown, Infernal Grenade
    • Tier 2 - Ectoblaster, 100 Certs
    • Tier 3 - 450 A7, 100 ISO-4
    • Tier 4 - Title: Creepy, Halloween VII Banner, 500 ISO-4


    Holiday Cosmetics and Weapons
    Find special themed cosmetics in The Depot for a limited time.
    • Flamerider Tire Trails (Flash/Harasser) - Sport burning trails of fire on the wheels of your vehicle.
    • Green Wisp Tire Trails (Flash/Harasser/ANT/Sunderer) - Green floating spirits follow your vehicle around the battlefield.
    • Holiday Horns - A variety of spooky Halloween themed vehicle horns are available.
    • Holiday Helmets - Special costume helmets are available.
    • The Slasher - A cult classic melee weapon.
    • LB00 Python AP - A holiday-themed version of the Lightning’s Python AP main cannon.
    • NS Candy Cannon 3000 - Fires candy corn, the hardest substance on the planet.
    • Halloween Camos - Various Halloween-related camouflage has been made available.

    New Missions
    We've added a handful of new missions to the pool for all players. Two of these will appear in your list each day alongside other missions.

    Faction Missions
    • Pushing Back - As a Heavy Assault, kill enemies, damage vehicles, and absorb damage with your shield.
    • Guerilla Warfare - As a Light Assault, kill enemies, damage enemies while airborne, travel over distance.
    • Reconnaissance - As an Infiltrator, kill enemies, earn spot assists, hack objectives.
    • Sawbones - As a Combat Medic, kill enemies, earn heal experience, revive allies.
    • Damage Control - As an Engineer, kill enemies, earn repair experience, resupply allies.
    • Gaining Ground - Capture enemy bases, earn base capture experience.
    • Operational Flexibility - Complete 3 randomly chosen class-related objectives.
    Black Market Missions
    • NSX Weapon Eval - Get kills with an NSX weapon chosen randomly from the pool. If you don't own the selected weapon, you must trial or purchase it to earn progress.
    Esamir Electrical Storm
    We've made some significant adjustments to how the storm works on Esamir based on community feedback.
    • The storm no longer spawns while continent population is low.
    • If the storm is active when populations dwindle, the storm will return to The Shattered Warpgate area.
    • Large fights with a heavy imbalance favoring attackers will draw the ire of the storm first.
    • If no fights matching the conditions above are found, it will fall back to targeting the largest fights.
    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

    • Fixed an issue with Mentor Chat not working for those who have completed the Tier 3 Leadership directive.
    • You can now /leavechannel Mentor or /leavechannel Social if you do not wish to hear those chat channels. Using /joinchannel can be used to reverse this.
    • Cortium Bomb's explosive damage no longer goes through solid walls.
    • You should no longer be able to sit beneath the shield at Excavion. Again.
    • Fixed capture timer at Excavion to match most 3-point bases.
    • Certification costs now appear properly for campaign side-missions that populate the mission pool.
    • Fixed 7th Anniversary Horn particle effects.
    • Added spawn/despawn audio on Strange Plants.
    • Fixed an issue with Bio Analysis mission that would prevent completion.
    • NS-44 Showdown's iron sights have been fixed.
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