Observation about TR guns.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OneRedBlock, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. OneRedBlock

    I finally used my TR alt outside of VR, and discovered that TR guns seem to kill alot faster and easier than NC guns.
    It feels easier to aim with them, and to get lovely kills.


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  3. thrikerr

  4. Wintermaulz

    of course they kill faster, and if you play TR for 2 months, then go back to NC, NC will kill faster. Amazing how that works eh?
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  5. OneRedBlock

    Gifs make me sad.
  6. Heero

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  7. OneRedBlock

    I know my stats say different, but it felt really easy to get those few kills. I didn't say I wasn't dieing alot.
  8. Clonecenter-resident

    It depends on which weapon you are talking about. It could be anywhere from "yes, that is a superior weapon" to "it fits your playstyle better" to "That weapon fits your skill level better"

    No one faction has guns that are just better across the board, some are better than others, and some are better at specific things than others, but you cannot generalize all of a factions weapons like you just did and have any sort of accuracy in your statement.
  9. OneRedBlock

    The starter LA / Engi carbine with the HMS (red-dot) scope.
  10. Littleman

    Some days, the TR weaponry melts face, most other days, I feel like I'm pissing into the wind. RATATATATATA "Just. F***ing. DIE!" RATATATATAT *I die.* *Table flip*

    When I'm using NC weaponry, I experience more of the former than the latter. Also, since I'm playing on Mattherson, the NC's spirit doesn't feel broken and the unity shattered, unlike with the TR for one big and few smaller reasons... it's quite ironic.