Nyx/SOAS-20/Stalker 30% hipfire COF reduction with laser sight

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by grin, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. grin

    Testing the laser sight on my Nyx today I figured that the cof reduction was about 30%. This makes it much more viable for hipfiring at short range. I have been able to properly run and gun with this thing without having to ADS. Thorbinator's data analysis indicates that these 3 scout rifles are identical in properties and function. So this would mean that the SOAS-20 and Stalker would gain the same advantage from the laser sight.

    The laser sight on this has made it my primary weapon of choice as an actual infiltrator, not a sniper. I can now 3 body shot just about anyone at point blank to short range and use the reflex for medium ranges. The carbine variant of the scout rifles has almost exactly the same base hip COF. In my opinion it outclasses every other weapon in short and medium range, even the carbine variant.

    Here is a comparison of default to laser sight:
    This image gives the approximate range at which the laser hipfire cone will reliably hit someone in the chest.
    The red X indicates where I was standing when taking the first picture. I estimate this distance at about 3.5m.

  2. Fafnir

    Does turning off laser sight increase CoF back to normal?

    ...wait, 3 body shoots? With SOAS-20 I need to hit with like 15 bullets to kill anyone.
  3. gunshooter

    Edit: Re-reading the OP, he just got the names of them wrong. The HSR-1 is the semi auto TR rifle so I was confused.

    The semi autos are good, but their TTK is longer than the full auto scout rifles slightly. Certainly viable and you might prefer them, but they aren't better at short range.

    You can keep the laser sight off and still get the COF bonus. FYI it's the same 30% reduction on every weapon, so this is most definitely not "the best" hipfire weapon or anything. It's a usable one, but nowhere near as good as about 15 other weapons in the game.
  4. grin

    I realize that I wrote Stalker instead of Shadow and the HSR-1 instead of the SOAS20 in the title. This thread is about the 10 shot semi auto short range sniper. I was working off of the Planetside 2 wiki information which apparently has these misnamed. Sorry for any confusion.

    The 3 semi auto's should do 13.33333.... damage per shot giving you a 3 bodyshot kill or 2 headshots.

    I have been told that while you can switch the laser on and off, and the cof stays the same, the enemy can still see the laser in when its "off". This may be a bug on SOE's part. It may be intended that we can turn the laser off, and that should put the original COF back, but it does neither at the moment.
  5. Good_Kitty

    If you think cloaking sucks now. Wait until you try to hide with a ******* laser dot. It's not worth it. We need SHOTGUNS


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