[Suggestion] nxo MAX garbage

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by 535397998, Sep 18, 2021.

  1. 535397998

    [IMG]nxo MAX垃圾[IMG]
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  2. 535397998

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  4. 535397998

  5. InexoraVC

    Uninstall and dont spam anymore
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  6. Shadowpikachu

    It's a mortar unit, use it at range or drop angles, some distance and you can put down maxes decently fast.
  7. YellowJacketXV

    This looks like you're typical "I don't know how to utilize X, therefore it's bad" posts.
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  8. Trebb

    I can almost feel the anger in this post lol. Yeah I've made a post or two that NSO max seems to die if C4 is detonated anywhere in the same hex, especially compared to the other Max units. Whenever I pull one for the Protection daily thing, the closest 10 infantry stop what they're doing, and equip the ol' C4 detonator while running right at me. You know that look, the weapon-less run, just looking for their Free Certs! They aren't wrong.

    That said, we have our strengths. Get some elevation, move around a lot. I'm a bit sad they nerfed our claws. I used to jump into crowded rooms and cause havoc by rapidly clawing people to death while causing tons of friendly fire :p

    *edit: Oh yeah, and we're STILL HITTING OUR OWN SHIELDS with grenades, fix this!!!
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  9. 535397998

    All players in mainland China Cheater

    One key two C4

    NXO must death
  10. Grossalaud

    The should just lower the C4 throw distance and it will be ok
  11. JibbaJabba


    NSO max wins against NC/TR/VS max
  12. 535397998

  13. JibbaJabba

    The NSO Hummingbird does suck.

    Burster is better, yes.

    NA-10 > Hummingbird.
  14. Exileant

    What it is:;) It is a very strong mid-range player and it capitalizes on sneak attacks. You might be running into issues with it because you are trying to play it like a Max, it is not a Max, it is a Hybrid. It is the same size as a standard suit, so it blends in very well especially in a huge group and it does not stomp around so people cannot hear you coming. And if I am not mistaken, since you are not firing a weapon, you do not show up on Radar when you toss grenades. Lean into that. It is not going to clear a room like a regular Max would with their dual guns, as was mentioned they are preemptive and retaliatory strike tools. Meaning, unless the room is clear of your friends, you cannot use it or you will find yourself Locked.... o_O ALL DAY....

    Confrontation Tactics: :D When attacked, I flee like I am hurt. If they only caught a glimpse of you, they usually think you are a heavy assault stuck mid-reload and press the attack. Once you get them to press, they are all yours. o_O The second their weapon vanishes, accelerate and keep running, until you hear 2 booms. For Infiltrators that want to try to use the huge knife? Go on ahead and and swap to melee and claw them to death. Just bear in mind not to take that bait when it comes to any other unit, because all they want you to do is start throwing Grenades or swinging at them, so you can slow down and they can C4 you. :p Bombing yourself takes care of close runners without C4; just make sure you get at least 2 hits without hurting yourself so you will not be caught looking hurt for the next guy who ALWAYS shows up to finish the job. Those do not even bother dodging half of the time because they think you are on a sliver of health. Finally, Unless you catch them not looking; against other Maxes, distance is your friend. ;) They are huge, you are not. You use explosives, most of them wear Explosive Protection Armor for C4. o_O KITE them...

    What not to do: The Seraph Shield is a distraction and emergency Engineer saver but it is useless unless you are running with no less that 2 dedicated Engineers, :eek: Ablation works wonders when that is happening, beyond that, since it it tied to your life, it is worthless for solo play. Aim at no higher than their knees until you are confident enough to land head and direct body shots. Hummingbirds do less damage so unless you are mainly going after vehicles, use the standard Printer against infantry. Finally, and this is key.... :confused: If you can help it, do not go off alone.... Your friends are your early warning system. Stick close to them, and they will often lead the enemy to you just for laughs, not just because they are hurt and scared.

    :D Once you learn the ins and outs of this animal, you will come to love it, eventually. I DO feel your pain about that C4 however. I REALLY do. But with.... a GREAT DEAL of practice and properly set up, you CAN actually survive being attacked by C4.... :p It is like Ice Skating uphill in a straight-jacket, but it is mildly possible.
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  15. Clone117

    Seraph shield is a pretty effective support tool for assisting friendlys attempting to break through defended doorways. Giving a friendly ha a tempory bubbleshield to shoot enemies from can be a huge help for pushing into rooms . And if u got a freindly engie and medic nearby. Even better.
  16. YellowJacketXV

    Honestly, NSO maxes always seem to live for a long time because of their small profile and long, lob-style (almost artillery like) attacks. They're a pain to hit with an archer. They're also the only MAX that isn't dependant upon an engineer buddy. It helps, it's great, but they can actually do something on their own.

    I like that they're different and essentially serve a different role because if I wanted to play a traditional MAX I'd just hop on a faction character of mine and have at.
  17. Exileant

    :confused: I do not know, my Regular Maxes tend to do just as well or even better at times when it comes to large groups when by itself. You can set them up to solo heal, and with the extra Defense against C4 often the time they take to throw a brick turns against them seeing as they have to throw both at you. ;) I would stop just short of them REQUIRING an Engineer. I learned the hard way that it is best to set yourself up for solo because help does not always come, even when it is standing beside you. The Defector is fun and can heal a bit faster, but nothing can really top being able to heal AND drink a Brick.... Defense wise. ESPECIALLY when you have help.

    :( Seraph is not a good breach tool for survival to me. The second you turn it on, a brick is thrown. So sure, you may save your team from dying to C4 IF you do not have to deactivate it due to the sudden and INSTANT loss of life thanks to 15 people firing at the door.... o_O But you were the one that caused them to throw it in the first place by confirming that you were a Defector in the first place, so to me it is not worth using other than as a distraction for your team flanking the enemy's position. Which would be fine, except that it also draws the attention of Aircraft.... Heaven help you if it is rocket barrage capable.... :D You just pooed if so,
  18. Drgnx

    the VS have Lord Raiden as a max, no wonder
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  19. Exileant

    ;) Hilariously, the Zealot Overdrive Engine even makes the unit look electrically charged when it is on. Hahaha!

    :mad: EXCELLENT! You will NEVER win....

  20. T.A.94

    Compared to you I am easily cabable to wrek Infantry as well as vehicles with said "garbage" unit.
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