nvidia package details?

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  1. L1ttlebear

    So the deb's announced some sort of package deal involving $150 of ingame content for purchasing an nvidia graphics card. Anyone know the details on that? Is it all PS2 content? Is it SC? what is it?

    $50 per game
    PS2, WOT, and harkem
  3. Mastachief

    Details are on nvidia's site and its a coupon in the box of certain cards. Don't get your knickers too wet they're nothing special. $50 worth of cosmetics and a gun.

    "If they get a GeForce GTX 660 or higher, they'll get a World of Tanks 7500 Gold & 1 Month Premium (worth $50/€50), Planetside 2 - Premium Gear Up pack (worth $50/€50) that includes Infantry Camo, Weapon Camo, Vehicle Camo, Exclusive Gun, 7 Day Squad XP Boost, 7 Day Squad Resource Boost, 7 Day XP Boost, 7 Day Resource Boost equivalent to 5000 Station Cash, and a Hawken 7200 Meteor Credit (worth $50/€50)."

    To add a little grey to the area.

    This is actually a little tricky...

    European customers get the item bundles where North American customers get Station Cash."
  4. Lord Robert

    I was wondering about this too, as I play both WoT and PS2, and am considering a vid card upgrade this month. I think its $75 worth for a gtx650 and $150 worth for a gtx660+
  5. Vesanus

    I think peeps in the EU get that package deal, I think US guys just get raw Station Cash no?

    Edit: sorry didn't see that had already been said above.
  6. fish998

    Balls, bought a 660 2 months ago o_O
  7. L1ttlebear

    ok as an american this answers my question. Thanks guys! :)
  8. Nikushimi

    Its a marketing gimmick to sell off their surplus of 600 series chipsets. I would not suggest buying a 600 series card at this time. 700 series will start to launch in around two to four months depending on die flaws.