Nvidia Driver 334.89 Issues

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TRick Shot, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. TRick Shot

    Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but updated to these latest drivers, and had two major issues for me.

    1. Sound from the HD Audio driver update now not working correctly. All sounds other than your own weapon firing and background music sound echo-reverb like. All fighting going on in a tunnel! (This is when not using my headphones, but using my stereo desktop speakers plugged into my monitor, and using the HDMI audio.)

    2. Periodically the screen blacks out, and my monitor has to re-scan for a signal. When it pops back up, Shadowplay is inhibited. I have to Alt+Tab to switch it back on.

    Rolled back to 332.21 and all back to normal.
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  2. Brainkrieg

    I updated yesterday, and played for 2 hours. Worked fine for me o_O
  3. Deguello

    After updating to the new nVidia driver, going into the map function can hang PS2. This happened twice to me yesterday.
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  4. Ketadine

    Yes, it sometimes hangs for no apparent reason for several minutes. I'll switch back to the old driver.
  5. Fearsum Endjinn

    I had constant hitching issues with the beta version of that driver (every 20s or so), just installed the whql version and its still there so rollback time...
  6. Vodski

    I had the same problem, just re-rolled the driver, hopefully it goes back to how it was.
  7. stanza

    updated yesterday same issue current using a 680 GTX. For me it black screened for a few seconds then it came back and I had a hit to my FPS too
  8. Botji

    Also having problems since 2(3?) versions ago(betas included) and also with a 680 GTX card.

    My problem is the game freezes for 10-20 seconds and when I tab out either Firefox has crashed(only happens when playing PS2) or the GFX drivers have crashed and recovered. Shadow play being disabled but can be activated again through the geforce menu.

    I have found this usually happens when I either check the map or when switching from 1st/3rd person view in vehicles. I think every single time has been when I have done either of the two so I think its more than a coincidence... was really hoping the new drivers would work but no.. they dont and I even removed the old drivers and made a sort of clean install of the driver just to test :(

    Guess I will have to roll back too.
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    I'm having the same problem
  10. Rayco

    Same problem here, going to have to rollback, ughhh. Glad I'm not the only one
  11. Eternal Enigma

    The GeForce 334.89 driver seems to cause an issue when loading the map in Planetside 2 among other things.

    Symptom: Upon loading the map or zooming while in the map a delay occurs and the GPU temporarily stops functioning (fans and all). The screen goes black for about three seconds before returning to normal. This issue occurs again and again. Additionally there's a lot of screen tearing. It looks a lot like what happens when a GPU is going bad.

    Rolling back to the previous driver (332.21) corrected this issue.
  12. WarVance

    I have been having a serious issue since updating to these drivers (Win7 x64, EVGA GTX 470). Never before have I seen this exact issue and I have been playing since beta. At certain times, seemingly after an hour or so, the game's graphics will freeze but the audio (including voice chat) will still work. Sometimes, the mouse cursor (in game cursor) will still show up and move around. No keyboard input matters, not even my dedicated Sleep key. A hard reset via my PC case is the only option. Once, I waited for a bit of time and the game resumed but usually, it stays frozen. Very distinct issue so I think it is a direct problem with the new drivers and PS2. Would love a fix.
  13. sicsoo

    i have win 7 64 and a gtz660, i play on high settings.
    after reading the release notes i was like "yeah, fps improvements with many games, i hope i can get like 3-4 fps with my gpu limit"

    installed drivers, checked all the settings, same as the older ones. vr training. 57 fps max. uninstalled, installed 331.82 again. 65 fps max.

    thanks nvidia.
  14. Yelser

    I have the same issue.
    Black screen for a few seconds, than my monitor has to re-scan for signal. Than i can play normally again.
    It happened to me for now like 10 times.
  15. cTnko

    I can confirm having the exact same issues, this is on 334.89 and GTX760 (Win 7 x64)
  16. Yelser

    Rerolled to the 332.21 driver, no issue's. Hope nvdia fixes or soe.
    (GTX 680 on Win 8 x64) here
  17. AltF4Fun

    Dont see how this is an Nvidia Issue. Everything else works perfectly. SOE has to take care that their game works with the new graphic drivers not the other way around....
  18. Alzir

    Same problem as OP here as well.
  19. ZoldiK

    agree with this new drivers i have fps drop for a few seconds, than normal again
  20. Yelser

    Same here, since the last patch i have frame drops too.

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