[Suggestion] NumbNutz Reactor needs to do "something"

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  1. Liewec123

    so i've done a little bit of testing with the "Nimitz Reactor" for vanguard and it is soooo very underwhelming.

    essentially it is Nanite Auto Repair that heals for 100hp per second after 10 seconds
    (but only for 1/6th of the tanks health)

    compared to the current Nanite Auto Repair which heals for 75hp per second after 12 seconds
    (but will heal your entire health pool.)

    so it heals slightly faster and slightly sooner, but only for a fraction of your health.
    N.A.R is vastly superior.

    its current niche however is that if it doesn't take 1000 damage it will start the repair after 6 seconds,
    but that is so unrealistic and impractical, a single decimator shot alone takes the shield to 25 health,
    a single tank round knocks it down to about 10-20%,
    are we supposed to pull out after taking a single shot and then wait 16 seconds for the shield to repair?
    and then head back in to the fight and upon taking another shot we hide away for another 16 seconds?
    that is so impractical and pointless, noone pulls out of a fight after taking a single shot...
    (and if they did, they could repair the tank in 2-3 seconds themselves and not need to wait 16 secs for shield)

    so suggestions:
    firstly i'd suggest a CONSTANTLY regenerating shield,
    keep it replacing 1000 of the tanks health with a shield,
    but make the shield repair constantly,
    so even if the shield gets destroyed, it will immediately begin to regenerate.

    alternatively i'd suggest that the shield does not replace 1000 health,
    and simply works as an overshield, like the sunderer's deploy shield.
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  2. Hegeteus

    Having it just be an additional shield would probably be too strong.

    Having it regenerate constantly sounds a bit better. Perhaps the regeneration rate could be based on Vanguard's health? So that it reaches it's maximum stage when Vanguard is at it's last breath.
  3. DemonicTreerat

    Hmmm, almost word for word what I suggested. Turn it into what the origincal BFR shields were before the idiots whined - overall low volumn of health but quickly regenerates unless broken by sustained fire in which case it takes a certain amount of time (say 10 to 15 seconds) to begin reforming.
  4. Liewec123

    1k is nothing in this game pretty much 1 shot from AV sources, less than 2.
    I do like the idea of the regen getting stronger as you lose health :D